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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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2046 days ago


Donations?? For Real?? Isn't that what got her in this mess? I left her a special message as well. I told her you weren't raped, you did this to yourself & those poor children. Millions of people are unemployed, they don't go out & have more kids. I too feel sorry for the other six. I hope these eight never make it home to her, but adopted to balanced families. I hope the other six get placed with responsible families as well. I can't believe she said they are healthy. 1lb 8oz? That can equal a lifetime of issues (or checks in her case). Truly a tragic story, I feel bad for her family, i know they are trying to do right by all the kids & not her. What a nut job. You know they will make a story out of this & she will profit. Any money she gets should go right into a trust fund that she can't touch

2046 days ago

Mamma Mia    

It is obvious why CJS is defending her,she is living off of the taxpayers as well..LOSERS!!!!!

2046 days ago


This was my little comment I left for her on her money scammer site:
"You are disgusting and I feel sorry for the children you brought into the world. Pathetic!! You should've realized that your "God" didn't want you to have children when you couldn't get pregnant naturally. It's all about NATURAL selection not SCIENTIFIC selection."

2046 days ago


What you all are forgetting is the child income credit she will get at tax time. 14 x 3-5 grad = $42,000 - $70,000 or a new surgery or more kids. It's not a clown car lady.

2046 days ago


They should cork her with concrete.

2046 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

Sorry (no...really I am sorry) but I caught the Dateline interview last night. Is it just me or is this fool lapping up the fame?? I could see during her interview that she was basking in her momentary celebrity.....absolutely sickening. As a Mom of two kids, I look at this woman and only see selfishness. She is only doing this to A. get attention (do I see a Munchausen (sp.) courtcase in her future??), and B. to live off tax payers and never have to contribute to society...just drain it. I had the overwhelming urge to smack her in the face! I just wish I could remember how many tiimes I uttered "idiot" during her inteview.

2046 days ago

NY Mom    

She gets food stamps and disability, and according to her own Mother doesn't contribute financially for the care of her first six kids. But she has money for cosmetic procedures? Her obsession with Angelina Jolie was apparent from the get go. She probably walked into the doctor's office with Angie's picture and said "Make me look like that". What's she gonna do now? Try and find her own "Brad Pitt"? Lotsa luck hon!

And now of course, the public is supposed to help her.

2046 days ago



Loved your message! Touche! She is a disgusting, selfish woman. I am sickened as a hard working California resident that my tax dollars will support this loser. I pray that CFS steps in and takes the kids away from the psycho. And then prosecutes her for fraud. Those poor kids and 8 babies. It was heartbreaking to see the little babies with feeding tubes down their throats.

2046 days ago


Personally, I don't think all 8 babies are going to survive long enough to even make it home. I too believe that she, the doctor and the state of California are very irresponsible and that someone should have stood up and just said "NO" to this stupid, spoiled B*TCH!

2046 days ago


If anycompany donates or a magazine pays her one cent WE ALL should boycot their products but let them know why we are! And if any books are written about her or movies not one of us should pay to see or read it!

2046 days ago


To Carrie # 41 - YOU ARE DEAD ON - GOOD FOR YOU !!!! TMZ love the story you wrote about her, now that sh*t is just funny and written so creatively. Also, TMZ thanks for apologizing for the Sam the Koala story, you really pissed me off yesterday with that one.

2046 days ago


DHS should step in. These kids will be neglected.

2046 days ago


you baked them babies you raise those babies.

2046 days ago


Is the Donation tax deductible? And will her "Publicist" help PSYCHO mom report the donations as income for tax purposes, or will she do a Murdoff and stash the money? Crazy AZZ heffer!

2046 days ago
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