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Our Apologies to Sam, Australia

2/11/2009 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We officially apologize for poking fun at Sam, the koala rescued from the fires in the Australian wilderness. Sam was photographed drinking bottled water and we made a joke....and it was out of line.

Sam The Koala
Turns out lil' Sam suffered burned paws and was taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter -- nothing funny about that. But since she's been at the shelter, Sam has drawn the attention of a male koala named Bob. The two are now said to be inseparable.

We made a joke about Sam drinking bottled water and then going to pilates and eating sushi. Bad joke, bad us.

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Yes the picture is cute, the sadddest thing is that this picture represents a larger one. That being all the wildlife that has been affected either through injury or the loss of their natural habitat in the some of the worst fires that Australia has seen. To apologise should be more than words..... your true feelings of sorrow for your actions would be better shown through a donation to the RSPCA, who have worked relentlessly to help save and accomodate the wildlife that survived.

2036 days ago


oh wow you apologize to a koala?

2074 days ago


shame on u buttpirates

2074 days ago


This is so disrespectful of TMZ, I live in Australia and these fires have touched everyone in the country. How dare you try and make a joke out of the worst natural disaster our country has ever seen. Sam the koala was one of the lucky animals to survive these fires. It’s estimated that a million animals will have been lost along with over 200 lives. How can anyone believe that they are making a joke out of this poor koala after all it has been through? And in your video apology it is so disrespectful of you to laugh at the fact Sam has found a male koala called bob. Bob knew that Sam was in distress and is trying to comfort her. Its good to know that the majority of Americans aren't like the people at tmz and don't find a need to laugh and make a joke out of this tragedy that we are currently experiencing.

2074 days ago


TMZ you are nasty, nasty like the ones who leave nasty messages as you
Australia is a great country
we stick together when there is a tragedy that is the Australian way and we are proud of it

2074 days ago

Adrian from Australia    

A very good friend of mine just told me that TMZ staff a fueling the bush fire incident by posting American and Australian comments just to keep this going. If you thought they were laughing about the apology, the dollars are rolling in and they in turn as you Aussies "pissing them selves laughing and planning how the are going to spend their bonus'".

So keep going and they will be trading their Boxters into bright red Italian sports cars costing around USD $1 million.

It is up to you guys which way you want to go.

M fromLA

2074 days ago

Gregory Opera    

WTF was the point of this apology?

Not five seconds after your "apology", you turned around and made fun of the whole situation in your video section!

Find the video here if you've not yet seen it:

Grow up you sick A@#H*&%$!

Don't bother with another apology, 'cause you'll probably just make fun of the whole siuation AGAIN!

I'll even posted the link for you:

Make a donation and keep your mouth shut!

2072 days ago


i'm glad you guys apologized, but it would do a lot more good if you guys would donate money to the koala sanctuaries and fire departments of australia so that it would actually make a difference. perhaps you should also offer free plugs so that your viewers could donate to these causes.

i appreciate tabloid journalism as much as the next person, but i think there comes a point where you have to use your power of the media for a good cause instead of just making light of very serious situations.

2072 days ago


Why are u all so impressed? They received thousands of ppl complaining all over the net, I would be impressed if the multi-mil company made a donation, like other respectable companies & celebs have.. The estimation is funds will never b donated 2 actually recover all lost costs.. But every dollar helps.. So follow suit

2072 days ago


Just watched the "apology" video. F you, TMZ. Grow a soul and get some funnier writers while your at it. How many of you there in the office? 10? And the best you could do is, "omg, I just got one- the Koala does pilates!! Genius!

2072 days ago

Adrian from Australia    

We will never forget the day, the weather was fine it was the 7th of February 2009. The fire storms impacted on many family's lives, with the loss of siblings husbands and wives, but Maryvale, Kingslake and the other little towns of similar size, like the Phoenix, from the ashes they will rise.

The loss of human life will continue to mount, but soon there will be new growth and we will hear the laughter of children as they gradually lose their fear, but what of TMZ, does it really count.

Do they care about how we feel, do they care about our loss or any of the the latter, the rest of the world knows, if it does not effect the US what does it matter.

I pray to God, Jesus and Mary to bless the our fire fighters for they had trained, for those who were lost and those who remain, for this is our sunburnt country, we live with its unforgiving fires, droughts and flooding rains.

We are Australians, we understand your sorrow and we share your pain for we are many and we have come from all the lands on earth and we share a dream and we sing in once voice I am you are, we are Australians.

2071 days ago


You folks really ought to put your money where your mouth is- literally. Pony up some cash to the Australian Red Cross, as they could really use help, as opposed to ass-hattery. 7500 homes have been lost, countless head of livestock, only the dieties of your choice know how many wild animals have perished, and worst of all, hundreds of human lives have been lost. So, how about it? TMZ can afford to donate some cash, can't you?

2069 days ago


Go f@ck yourself TMZ i hope that some fires start in america and burn your paws off then i can come piss in your mouth!

2065 days ago


Definition of Irony: When adding comments to your disgusting article, we are warned that "inappropriate comments may be removed". Apply these rules to your own staff TMZ.

My American wife and I who live in Australia can only hope that some day a fire comes through the TMZ offices at such speed that you have no hope of escaping. It would be great to get some photo's of you afterwards in order for us to make some funny comments.

Thanks to all of the "true" Americans that have sent good wishes, donations and firefighters.

I hate TMZ.

2062 days ago


poor koala!!!

2082 days ago
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