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OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear

2/12/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painful than having eight babies cut out of you: Carrying them in your ridiculously distended belly. Ouch!

Octomom pregnant
This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids. Pass the Jessica Simpson mom jeans.

Octopussy may not have to pimp out her wombmates for dollars on her website anymore, as this "Alien" photo has just landed her a new gig ... the poster mom for anti in vitro fertilization.

About To Pop: Launch Photos


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ME NY    

Why doesnt Social Security Disability Suspend her payments? Apparently there was nothing wrong with her back. My poor Dad had to apply at 61 for Social Security Disability after a horrible stroke. They made me take him to the worse part of town to prove he was not faking. After working for over 45 years, I had to take him to that humiliating place while they poked and prodded him, to prove he had a stroke, that was AFTER we provided CAT scans and MRI's that showed almost half his brain was severly damaged.. So she gets paid for a bad back, and then gets pregnant and plastic surgery with the money. I am totally disgusted and outraged. My poor Dad died in May, but she will collect for the rest of her disgusting pathetic life, and we will pay for her to go to school, get her nails done and do the TV circuit.

2013 days ago


someone said these were photoshopped....

I don't think so! If they were they would have made her belly look like one of those perfectly smooth one color no stretchmark preggo bellys with the protruding navel. KWIM?

2013 days ago


Sorry but she should not have been allowed to have more children. She doesnt even look after the six she already has, they live with her parents and they take care of her. When she was asked how she would look after these new children, she made a comment about "god will provide for us". I hope the fertility clinic gets investigated.

2013 days ago



2013 days ago


#1 usually pregnant woman have a sorta glow. this chick is just ugly. she is nuts. this country is a joke. i can't believe they would allow her to get money for anything past the first 2 kids. hey with a little white make up and lipstick she could be a clown........ she already has a look. i hope a stack of enfamil falls on her.. everyone should write to state governmaent about this. obviously she is crazy....

2013 days ago


This same woman is collecting disability for back pain? She's obviously a con artist! I would boycott any baby product that supported her. I don't think she's got any business raising 14 kids, either. I hope social services is checking her out!

2013 days ago


She got to HORNY!!!1

2013 days ago


That is disgusting. The human body was not made to have so many kids at the same time!

2013 days ago

William Zieman    

1. ALL of her kids need to be taken away from her and given to people who have capacity to care for them. The kids need not only a stable home, but love and attention. These kids aren't just freaks of nature, they are human beings with needs, wants, desires and dreams that are currently in jeopardy of being squashed by Ocotmom's disasterous choices.

2. She will sue her doctor and the facility soon. Mark my word. She also should sue her plastic surgeon. Yikles, what a bothced job THAT is. She looks like a frog.

3. She will continue to get disability for herself, and SSI for her kids. They will live OFF THE TAXPAYERS for the rest of her life. She already knows how to milk the system, why would she change?

4. In 18 years from now her kids will be suing the government for not protecting them. They will also so the doctor who created them.

2013 days ago


AH yes, yet another irresponsible, selfish woman who has Munchausen by Proxy and not only has welfare, a two bedroom home, six kids shoved into this two bedroom home, now she has brought home eight more to stick into that tiny abode! She is obviously irrational, she showed no thought to the health and future of any of her children, and to say it's God's will?
She couldn't even get pregnant without IVF ONCE, maybe she wasn't meant to get pregnant in the first place.

There go more of your tax dollars! She's already admitted she's on welfare, and I can guarantee you she won't be going off any time soon.

2013 days ago


personally i dont mind people needing help to have kids .but what i do mind is the fact that this mother had already had 6 children before giving birth to the 8 infants . i have heard rumors that she was on public assistance i have even read that she did invitro isnt that exspensive?why the hell would she want more kids its apparent that she cant take care of the ones she has now i am of a mind that people shouldnt have kids unless they can take care and afford them kids cost lots .well it is to late for that now. look people i have read some really awful comments about this woman and many of you all want to take the babys and adopt them out . that would be wrong you would be sending a message that you blame the kids and they are the only innocants in this .i really dont know what kind of punishment the mother deserves but people leave the kids alone especially the original six she has stop telling them the mean and nasty remarks about their mom she is their mom and to many children their moms are their only world ,as unfair as things are stop blaming the kids

2013 days ago

ashley lopez    

I dk y u pplz r sayin dah disgustin is juss a pregant women givin birth to 8 babys so ya need to chillaz nd god bless u for ur 8 babies

2013 days ago


She looks beautiful! She is practically a saint for being able to incubate and carry all those babies and all with a smile on her face! I am in soooo much pain with just 1, I can't believe she got through it and they are all healthy! Besides the intense pain endo can have on you she must be a very very strong woman!

2013 days ago


Cindy A. - you are a nut just like her. Maybe you should be paying everything to support her 14 children. Or you should live with her to help raise them so that they all get the proper amount of attention need to raise a child. This way I don't see them on America's Most Wanted because they had to commit some horrible crime becuse thier Mommy wasn't there for them. Cindy A. - you are just as bad as she is and you make me sick.

2012 days ago

She collected $165,000 for a disabling back injury and she can carry THAT load? Sounds like fraud to me. Speaking of which, her website should be shut down altogether. California citizens are ALREADY donating their hard-earned money via taxes, how could she ask for yet more? This was not only a choice she made but an expensive one, and it's painfully clear that her reasons for doing this were more than a simple "love of children."
So she says it's because her parents didn't raise her with enough love, and that's what she's trying to make up for by doing this. Okay, if they were so horrible to her, why is she entrusting her mother to be the sole caregiver of the six children at home during these weeks she's staying in hotels and giving interviews?
There's no physical way 17 people can fit into her cramped three-bedroom home; it's a mess withOUT eight more babies!
This woman is repulsive.

2012 days ago
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