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OctoMom -- Womb Raider

2/12/2009 9:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, was spotted yesterday shopping for video games.

14 Wii controllers will run you $559.96.


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Womb Raider... OK now that cracked me up. Thanks TMZ!

2049 days ago

Ruben Barrientos    

she should be spending on her children i mean we live on a month to month basis and she is spending money on things like that

2034 days ago


okay everyone needs to put a cork in it,this mom is doing all she can,yes she had eight babies but she also didnt think she could get pregnant again,she tried two times with the same number of embros and it didn't work and the third time she only had eight embros entered in her,she didnt know this would happen,this was not her plan this was gods! so instead of putting her down and saying some of these hurtful things! support her,help with those kids,send money,diapers,blankets,stuff like that instead of being so lame as to put her down. think of it this way,what would you do if it was your family? and be truthful with yourself cause god knows you dont know what you would do cause this rarely happens in the first place. but stop judging her and sayins such rude things about her,just help her.

2071 days ago


While I would not wish ill will on this creep I am disgusted by something like her and the stupid look she has on her face, she has to understand ( She won't of course because that would be taking responsibility for SOMETHING. ) that people will follow her every move but this photo shows by the look on her face that she is possibly wondering why the photogs would follow her to a GameStop store, of course she is blatantly ignorant of the fact that people are upset and she of course doesn't care what you think, or how much money comes out of the taxpayers pockets OR that the hospital that is currently taking care of her children, ( Because it is required by law that they must NOT turn anyone away. ) so you can bet they might be writing her bills off or at least trying to have her apply for MORE public assistance which she doesn't deserve or should be rewarded for. As for people telling others to lay off of her, wake up, breathe the same air we are, because it is fouled up by the stench of utter BULL$HlT wafting off this skank.

2070 days ago


I made my comment days ago but since I did not know that I was supposed
to activate, it's just now being posted. Now I know.

2070 days ago


i think this woman is absolutely crazy.and i dont think she should get the following 3 things;, 2.attention, shes the retard that had them. another thing is, its not really all her fault and everyone's tearing her up for it. the person everyone should be targeting is the doctor with obviously not that much experience.i mean seriously whos the one who put 8 eggs inside her.shes just the one who popped them out.but, if she already had 6 kids why would she want more? could she even take care of her first 6? well now it doesnt matter because she has 14.and instead of sitting around taking care of them she needs to get off her butt and get a job because obviously shes not making effort towards them anyways.

2017 days ago

The Jackal    

Hey, Mrs. Christie, first grade teacher who commented 2/12......I will not even dignify the racist remark, that's just ignorant. Your statement, "God gave her those kids." is plain stupid. Actually, God made her unable to conceive, obviously the right choice. Science gave her those kids in all its wisdom. How is an immoral decision ordained by God?? She used her free will and that of an unethical "doctor" to override the will of God. Anyway, even if the folks who read this are atheists, You have to admit that this statement does not make sense in any arena be it Christian or otherwise.

2069 days ago


Yeah, they really need to stop talking about her and make her disappear from the spot light. I gaurantee you that she's loving the lime light and LOVES the attention. I wonder what would happen if we all just turned our backs and ignored her? *poof* gone. Also, I really hope those kids get some decent care, and probably won't at all unless they get adopted into other families. This woman is CLUELESS!

2069 days ago


you know what I think is funny? That she NEVER has ANY of her kids with her.... HMMMMM... can someone say NEGLECTFUL???

2067 days ago


no your wrong. God didn't give her those kids medical advancements gave her those kids. I personally wouldn't have a problem with her and her 14 kids if she had any kind of job. Not a food stamp collecting liar who doesn't work but can get her nails done and buy or rent video games.

2065 days ago

Gloria Dornin    

I see she can afford to get her nails done. WTF

2065 days ago


Why is she renting videos? When my kids were little and money was tight I went to the library to get videos for free. Shows that she still is irresponsible with her spending habits.

2064 days ago


First of all, we are in a heap of trouble if #16 is actually a 1st grade teacher, aka Mrs. Christie. If she actually believes that God gave this big-lipped, suck CA taxpayers dry, leach of a piece of garbage these kids, she should be right along side her caring for these kids. God had nothing to do with this. These are all test tube pups. Poor children, I feel sorry for them having such a disgraceful mother. I also feel sorry for her stressed out mother; although she is enabling her daughter by allowing her to stay with them and taking care of the other 6 children.

2064 days ago


Ok #454 CaringMom, if you are so caring, why don't YOU go send her money, diapers, food, attention, lipstick for those JUMBO lips and shut the heck up. GOD had not a thing to do with this. God would not encourage a person to have more children that they alone cannot care for, feed, house or pay to raise. The witch isn't even married AND if she isn't working, how is she getting the money to have her fake nails done?

2064 days ago

travis gil    

She is so hot

2064 days ago
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