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Jared Leto:

Smells Like Teen Spirit

2/16/2009 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's actor/30 Seconds to Mars member Jared Leto at NY Fashion Week on Sunday (left) -- and late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain back in 1993 (right).

Jared Leto and Kurt Cobain

One of them made amazing music.

We're just sayin'.


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Don't be so quick to judge. Jared Leto is an awesome actor, and and amazing singer. I love the bands music and I love him. Stop Hating!

2024 days ago


to those of you saying jared's band is better than nirvana - i think even jared is smart enough to laugh at that statement... got to hand it to him though - he is great looking.

2024 days ago


both are equally as good. I love 30 seconds' music, listen to it all the time. Also still listen to Nirvana's as well.

2024 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

Jared's talent is in acting. I think he tries to down play that alot. But you got to admit this guy was really good in all his movies so far! That music thing mmmmm.....? Still a fine piece of ass though!

2024 days ago


So, Jared's music must ROCK HARD because Nirvana had like 2 mildly cool songs and Cobain is a daughter deserting douche... :)

2024 days ago


how in the hell can anyone have so much respect for some loser that took the quick way out of life and killed themself. that is by far the easiest thing someone can do when they feel the slightlest bit of pressure. *click* "boom" wow that was hard.

kurt is the ultimate tool!

you kill yourself and no matter how much respect i had for you before you lose every last bit of it because you can't deal with life. on top of that he couldnt deal with being rich and famous and every girl wanting a piece of you. what a douche!

2024 days ago


Dude, Kurt wasn't a good guitar player, just sloppy. Same as Hendrix. Good song writer's but sloppy guitar players. They don't know music theory, just play whatever. And in both their cases it came out ok. I don't think they are iconic guitar players though. Both of these guys couldn't hold a candle to Randy Rhodes, Zack Wylde, or Dimebag Darrell, or Yngvie Malsteen. "I'm just saying". How stupid is that saying. Next time when you say "Were just sayin, wiggle your right hand and say it at the same time. I'm just saying LOL

2024 days ago


Jared's music compared to Kurt's is like comparing Sh*t to Pie! I'd rather have the pie any day. Besides, Jared is basically a one hit wonder..ewww what a big sell out he is! He should stick to his day job..acting! Jared is simply unoriginal that's why he's dressing like Kurt! There's no way in hell Jared could ever write/make better music then the late KURT COBAIN!

2024 days ago


Does this guy do anything?
He just seems to change his make up, hair color, and pose.
He should be some over the hill male model.

2024 days ago


he cant never be kurt cobain he should just be himself be original like kurt

2024 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

this guy couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, and his "band" sucks ass...this guyliner wearing poseur isn't talented enough to carry KC's mike stand.

2024 days ago


jared is ugly

2024 days ago

SoCal Razzles    


2024 days ago


Jared Leto is nothing but an arrogant JERK! He's a joke. And he's such a winey puss diva. He has NEVER won an oscar or an emmy. He is just an average actor. There are thousands of them in Hollywood. 30 STD's suck ass! Jared even wears sunglasses in the gym. He is a major douche bag! Celebrities hate him because he is SUCH A PUNK! His fan base continues only because of his echelon fan club. Jared Leto = The Suck!

2024 days ago


He is SO SO SO gay...

2023 days ago
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