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Lindsay Lohan -- Spirit of the Night

2/16/2009 1:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled an all-nighter in NYC, but we're pretty sure she wasn't hitting the books for her alcohol ed class.

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Lindsay rolled up to Chace Crawford's pad at 6 AM. She was quick to point out there's nothing between her and Chace because he has a GF. So does Lindsay, at least 3 days out of the week, when she hasn't gone nuclear on Sam.


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Zach Swan    

There's only one reason (other than employment) that a person would be up at 6 a.m.: they've been railing some blow. There's only one reason that a person would be out and about at 6 a.m.: they're high on blow and looking for a booty call. Your move, Samantha...

2040 days ago


Zach Swan - Another reason to be up that early is that your catching a morning flight back to Los Angeles.

2040 days ago

honest t    

She is not a lesbian, she is bi sexual.
You can't just wear a strap on for a bi sexual woman and expect her to never want to be with a man.
Just like a man can't give a bi sexual woman tuna fish or some cat food and expect her to be satisfied.
A good rule of thumb is don't expect a bi sexual to be completely satisfied with one person unless that person is a hermaphrodite.
It’s like Brad bringing Angelina some day old sushi and saying let’s have a three some.

2040 days ago


I like how they dont tell you what time she is leaving....classic tmz. Also, it may be Chase's building but who said she was visiting him? You know there are other people that live there, not just him.

What time did she leave tmz?

2040 days ago


I get up at 5 every morning, not to go to work but because I wake up at that time.. and I don't do drugs. I don't think she looks very good though.. probably catching a plane.. but she does look high.

2040 days ago


One more thing. Did it ever occur to anyone that Chace may be gay? I mean he does live with his co-star Ed Westwick, and Im pretty sure they are making enough money to at least get their own places. Besides how dumb do you think Lindsay is? Do you think that she would make it public even if she was cheating (which she isnt).

2040 days ago


Linday, Don't you know that when you break up with someone, You should wait awhile before you go out whoreing..Show a little respect girl..

2040 days ago

rainy jane    

aww come on. lindsay is bisexual, and has sam,
do u really think that chace would lower himslef, 2 get a booty from her.
he could do alot better than that.
please chace was just being a nice guy,
even though we all know she's a little nutz right now.
and if i ever saw linsday i would say
" go and get something to eat u look like calista flockheart skeleton"

2040 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Lindsay "HO" Lohan is just another botty call.

2040 days ago


Wow how surprising, Sleezy Lohan out for a 6 am booty call, either that or a coke run or both. I'm guessing it's both.

2040 days ago


Wow!! She is sure hanging around a lot. I guess she isn't much in demand to be in the movies anymore. Eh??

2039 days ago


Aaah, this is stupid.
First, Linday stated SHE has a GF, not that Chace has one, as far as everybody knows, Chace is "enjoying being single at the moment".
Second, as some smart people here has said before me, she wouldn´t take a friend if she was going to attend a booty call, ok? and of course, she wouldn´t say she has a GF multiple times, and I guess she was that early there because she was about to take a morning flight back to LA.
And... weren´t Chace and Ed Westwick sharing apartment? So, it can possibly be she dropped by to say goodbye to both of them, and as far as I know Ed does have a GF, Lindsay has a GF, Chace is on his own but "having fun" (he said so!) so...
Sorry to detroy your bubble, TMZ. :)

And as far as I know, Chace is just one of Lindsay Lohan´s adquantainces... (or however that word is spelled)

2039 days ago


I'm sorry, but you can't be up to any good if you're stopping by a friend's place at 6am. Just saying...

2039 days ago


So glad Samantha finally dumped your skanky ass. Why aren't you on your blog telling everyone that you haven't been dumped? Truth hurts Hun.

2039 days ago
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