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Suge Knight -- Broken Man

2/16/2009 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge KnightSo Suge Knight got the you-know-what beat out of him this morning. Scottsdale cops now tell us Suge fractured several bones in his face -- the result of a beating at the W Hotel early this morning, allegedly at the hands of Akon's business manager.

The suspect -- Robert Carnes, Jr. -- is being held for felony aggravated assault.

As far as we know, Suge has been released from the hospital.

UPDATE: Akon's publicist released the following statement about Robert Carnes Jr., the guy accused of beating Suge's ass: "He is not Akon's business manager, David Bolno is. He is with Akon's camp."

UPDATE: TMZ has also learned Akon was the host of the party at the W last night -- a 944 Magazine All-Star Weekend wrap-up celebration. We're told the incident happened "after the conclusion of the party."


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The One    

First of all, I was at the W for the party. If it was a party hosted by Akon you couldn't tell because he didn't show up until about 1:55 am (the party was suppose to be over at 2 am) with his "crew" (at least 10 more people). There were more "star quality" people there without crews. As for Suge, he came around 12:45 am with a light skinned chick and a little asian chick that looked like she weighed about 65 pounds. It was obvious he wasn't on any "ganster crap". But hey once you earn the reputation it sticks. When will "grown men" (I guess this is what you call Akon) realize that you don't have to travel with a crew. It's usually the crew that starts the mess. I mean there were gang members there that wasn't rolling that deep.

It's easy to get beat down by three punks that have to hit you from your blindside when you tell them you aren't even on that mess tonight. What happened to fighting one and one and someone just taking the beating? Punks don't fight fair.

Besides that stupidity the party was GREAT!!!

2072 days ago

Len hillegass    

ha ha

2075 days ago


What a has-been! Deserves what he gets. He's just another idiot that thinks the gangsta crap is the way to be and will last forever...well remember Disco, 80's hair and every other dumbas* thing that comes out of music. In a few years he will be on the same tour as Vanilla Ice & Hammer! Your a freak of nature Suge. By the way...what kinda stupid F*** name is suge anyway?

2075 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Crossover unfin/point double melt males into females TOO CRAZY gaydar...alas thier gama project satllites/sound project with scan same SOP.Get off my side eye line...I don`t watchie holeyoodz mini warfareSS

2075 days ago


Can't think of a nicer person for this to happen to. Come on TMZ, surely somebody out there got some pictures!!!

2075 days ago


Instant karma took it's sweet time but now it's gonna strike like a banshee.....

2075 days ago


That might've been a stupid move.................
That dude will probably end up dead in the coming up months......
What happend to the last guy who beat him up.....

But really..................
Hasnt there been a bunch of deaths of people linked to Suge?

He has lost all of his power
and maybe he'll end up like 2Pac...

Things just keep getting worse for him...........

i am sooooooooooo not talking crap............

i value my life ;)

2075 days ago


OMG I love how he keeps getting his ass kicked every 5 minutes! Everyone in the entertainment world feared him for years and it turns out he's a complete sissy lol

2075 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

I guess Suge is a real badass when dealing with the likes of Vanilla Ice. But when it comes to others, maybe not so much. Big, fat, dumb, wannabe tough guy. And before any of you say, "Duh, I'd like to see you say that to his face, duh", why wouldn't I want to? He obviously has a propensity for getting his ass kicked, so I don't see too much to fear. Ha ha. Fat china-chinned pansy.

2075 days ago


hahahaha... jackass...

2075 days ago


Welcome to Scottsdale. That's how we do it. Gangsters are not welcome and will be dealt with one way or another.

2075 days ago


RAOFLMFAO, F**K SUGE his aZ* deserves it. Wanted to get Pac shot did ya. I hope you get it worse next time you Bit*h AZ* Mother Fu**er. And when you die I'm gonna take a trip to your grave just to piss on it.

2075 days ago


dont know Suge, but he would be a big $$$$$$$ maker on a celebrity boxing match......

2075 days ago


He shoulda been bobbin' and weavin'.

2075 days ago


Thats what he gets!! You wanna send hits on biggie and pac. then expect "karma"!!
payback's a dog!! and the dog just bit you in the ass!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!

2075 days ago
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