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Former OctoPublicist: Threats Were "Horrible!"

2/17/2009 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know the nature of some of the death threats Nadya Suleman's former publicist dealt with before quitting -- and they're brutal.

Joann Killeen: Click to watch
Joann Killeen was on "Larry King Live" last night and explained, in shocking detail, some of the messages they both received, including ones saying "My client's uterus should be ripped out" and "I should be paralyzed."

Even more shocking -- Killeen says some people left return addresses.


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Tony in Largo    

Let me see, the Mother has 8 babies and those differing from her views threaten her Publicist with death. I wonder who the bad persons are here. These nitwits who are retrograde school dropouts and apparently have no life of their own, sit around spewing venom because a woman loves life. One is so stupid, because there's no other way to describe it,that he can't figure out how Doctors are able to retrieve several Ovi (eggs to them) from one woman. Maybe if he had hung around school, instead of cutting classes to smoke dope with his friends, he'd have a better job, he would've had a higher education, he'd understand how they do it and because he might've been making more money, he wouldn't be worrying about how these babies are going to be supported !! Yeah, because supporting these babies is going to bankrupt the economy. Oh, by the way dunderhead, there's an upside to having babies from your perspective, i.e. they will eventually contribute to your Social Security, so you can retire when you're 65. Meanwhile, God help us, you'll have a couple of kids of your own.

2042 days ago


as long as people want to rant then add this. How many dumb welfare families existed BEFORE this nutcase Suliman ?
Too many. Why isn't anyone complaining about that ? they have all sorts of numbers.... 10 kids, 12 kids, and more... and they sit on their butts and collect welfare. We all know what I'm talking about. There are tons of these dumb parasites.

I think Suliman is horribly dumb and needs mental help, but people who are excessively hostile to her need mental help too. She's not a murderer, She's a retard and I feel sorry for all of her kids.
Why doesn't anyone get all worked up and pissed off about all the men who desert their wives/girlfriennds and kids ? or desert their pregnant wives/girlfriends ? Or Kill their pregnant wives/girlfriends ? Do you know the leading cause of death with pregnant women is homicide ?????
Happens all the time. That's different than Suliman, I know-----but if you want to to complain about people regarding "families", she's NOT the only jack-ass on the planet. But the way people go on about her you'd think she was............

2042 days ago


If there have been so many death threats why haven't there been any arrests reported? Not one single one! Do tell Ms. Killeen, why haven't the police arrested anyone for these horrible threats you have been receiving? If it is so dangerous why is Nadya out getting her nails done and talking to the paps so freely...I mean, geez, since she is so scared she really shouldn't be talking to anyone following her around right? This whole story is so freaky and so is this lady, one lie after another. I feel so sorry for these kids, but I will not send one dime to this lady. I guess that old saying rings true careful what you wish for...

2042 days ago

Real People    

Octo plus 6 got an agent. Thats why she quit. No money in it for her now.
any agent taking her on is a fool. The public is outraged by her having 14 kids and not able to support herself let alone the kids.. Being married or not married in this situation wouldnt make a difference. Two people couldnt take care of 14 kids under eight together. The Jolie-Pitts have the financial means to support their brood. They also have several Nannies 24/7 to help. This whole situation is sick. Octo is clearly Mental.It will be impossible for her to care for 14 children and give them the Love and attention each one will need. You would think she would have stopped the litter after 3 autistic children. That alone is more than one person could handle with the care they would need. These children need to be taken away and put in loving homes with people who could care for them.

2042 days ago


Obama just stole 1 trillion dollars from us and ceo's of the bailouts are making 23 million a year. Wow we need to destroy this women. Remember watch and pay attention to octo-mom not what your government is doing.

2042 days ago


You people disgust me!! How can you say things like that?? No one should have their uterus ripped out or be threatened because they decided to have a senseless amount of children. You are not humane people at all!!! I hope to God that you are not a parent. I would hate to imagine how your children will grow up. Do you teach them to act this way and think these thoughts?? She has every right to want lots of children for as long as she feels, but the doctor shouldn’t have allowed this. He has a degree in human health and HE shouldn't have allowed this to go on. I don't believe that it is fair for the 14 children to be in this situation. If she can't afford to have them, this shouldn’t have happened. I don’t think that anyone should be punished or threatened for that matter. I feel that it was very selfish for Nadya to have all of these children, especially if 3 or however many of the children have special needs. How can she spend quality time with each of these children and help them learn and develop everyday skills that young children should have? I know she said that she will use the help of family, friends and her community but that still isn’t the same.

2042 days ago
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