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Sells the Clothes

He Got Pummeled In

2/18/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For all the nonexistent people out there wanting a keepsake from the Danny Bonaduce/Jonny Fairplay fight at the Fox Reality Awards back in 2007... this is the moment you've long been waiting for.

Fairplay is getting rid of the jacket he was wearing when Danny Bonaduce de-toothed him -- by hawking it on eBay. Jonny's listing says: "It was my favorite hoodie but I look at it now of course with bad memories."

Why it took him 16 months to sell it, we don't know... but we're guessing rent is due.


No Avatar


Hell yeaz his rent was due.....LMAO

2072 days ago


That guy is a tool. Im sure it was completely about the money. Fairplay rule? no he's the one you point out to your children as an example of what NOT to do in life. You say he is doing this to get a chunk of press??? Hardly all he is getting is a short blurb on TMZ, does anyone really actually care about him, No. While I cannot comment on why everyone else is here reading these articles, I can say for myself, Its cause I cant pass up the opportunity at watching a train wreck!!! Fairplay is that train wreck and I get a kick out of watching the carnage. Plain and simple its funny and pathetic.

2072 days ago


Danny BonaDOUCHE will do anything for attention

2072 days ago

Carrys F.    

He should just give birth to 8 kids. His chances of making money off that are better.

2072 days ago

Carrys F.    

On his Myspace page (people still USE that website?????? I thought everyone facebooked, but never mind) he has a big note "for all fairplay and bonaduce fans a must have for sale." That's hilarious. How many of them out there are there????? Six, seven????

2072 days ago

Carrys F.    

Wow!! I wonder what that little piece of history will be worth someday!! I need to get my hands on that.

2072 days ago

Carrys F.    

Is he seriously trying to extend his 15 minutes or would the pawn shop not give him any money for that??? I am just glad to see that he has to pawn his clothes to make a few dollars. He certainly tried to make money of his lies and people kept falling all over themselves to get his story. He seems like a total ass to me. But, I'd rather see this tool shlopping his wares that read about Speidi. I suppose their due for a fake birth soon or something though . . .

2072 days ago


The fighting will not see by the whole for those and around them. Stars stay on their clothes for the TV shows on them. They dont need for they're trying to be mistken on those relaty shows. Like the fighting if that is done by themselves.

2072 days ago


Who's Pimping Who? From what I see on ebay the proceeds from the auction go to Ethan Zohn's charity "Grassroots Soccer." theres a novel idea, using celebrity to raise money for charity.

2072 days ago


At least the guy is trying to make a living and not asking the Government /tax payer to keep him up. This is called free market, it is what Obama and democrats HATE!

2072 days ago


I wouldn't want any tacky Audigier stuff new. Why would I want a used hoodie from a reality hasbeen?

2072 days ago


Danny Bonaduce should auction of his next hit to Fairplay on Ebay.. Now that I would pay for.. I absolutely loathe Johnny Fairplay and what idiot would even buy this jacket? It is probably full of Body lice and God knows what else!

2072 days ago

Carrys F.    

Hey noandyouranidiot - he says SOME of the proceeds will go to charity. He doesn't say how much. ONE DOLLAR is some of the proceeds. Besides, he's someone who's believable and will actually do what it is that he says?????? He's a known liar and ass and probably needs the money to get a haircut. I mean, he can't even get arrested nowadays. He's yesterday's news - like the stuff I use under my bird's cage, man.

2072 days ago


Jonny Fairplay is a loser and nobody wants your junk.

2072 days ago


Is this even true? I can't find it anywhere on ebay or online. Also, alot of people are asking if this this is news? Hello, you're reading T M Z .com people! It's gossip, not news. Well, celebrity news anyway. News or not though, I still read it everyday.

2072 days ago
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