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OctoMom Withdraws Some of Your Money

2/19/2009 11:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With one of her 14 cute kids as collateral, OctoMom Nadya Suleman checked on her hard earned federally subsidized money at an L.A. area sperm bank on Wednesday.

Nadya Suleman

In the last few weeks, Octopussy's interest rates have hit rock bottom.Cash Wads: Launch Photos


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Nadya stated herself that she received food stamps, disability for her childrens speech impediments, with subsequent resolustion (I had a child that had years of speech therapy and I didn't know you could do this, it's not like their speech impairment is interferring with their 3-6 year old ability to land a job!), and NO she does NOT have a completed master's degree. She is a professional student. She only worked for a short while and then recieved years of disability that amounted to approximately $20K per year when all was said and done. Of that her parents claim they had no knowledge of her receiving any monetary compensation over the years. However she could afford the expensive plastic surgery and fertilization treatments.

This woman is NOT being honest with the public and yes she does have a responsibility to do so because she is not only relying on public assistance in the past (despite her denial to see her government assistance as such), but she continues public support via contributions and assistance in addition to millions of dollars worth of free medical care for her family.

How many families have lost their homes and entire life savings; retirement, hard earned college savings for their children, any future plans, due to health care costs despite already having insurance coverage? I know several hard working people that have had this misfortune happen to them. I am more than appalled at this young woman's gall to flaunt her selfishness and lack of caring in the face of others suffering and sacrifice. While other family's have no choice to contract a potentially life threatening and life altering disease that is financially devastating despite having insurance, because co-pay and other neccassary procedures are often not covered people with no choice go broke or suffer and die! Meanwhile this selfish woman decides that she wants to have a bizillion children that she is illequipped and cannot afford emotionally, financially, or in any other capacity but expects the entire world to cater to her chosen desires. This is wrong and self serving. Yes, we, I have a right to be concerned and mad. Especially now with the state that our economy is in and how thinly stretched our limited resources are in the health care field.

I am appalled by the actions and decisions of Nadya Suleman. If her parents do not make a stand against her selfish behavior then they deserve whatever their daughter has in store for them. I have pity on them, but not if they continue to tolerate her selfish behaviors.

1998 days ago


Do you idiots not have anything better to do than bad mouth someone who wants multiple kids atleast her kids are being taken care of. what about the parents who only have 1 or 2 kids and most of the time their not being taken care of.I dont see you saying anything about them. just leave her alone and let her live her life how she wants.If your that bored that you have nothing better to do than bad mouth someone for the way they choose to live get a damn job and worry about your own family

1994 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

I'm just glad I'm not one of those idiots giving that con-artist any money. She's laughting all the way to the bank.

1991 days ago

ms law    

why is everyone all upset at this women for having these babies? sure it may not be the thing that most americans would have done but it is what she have chose to do. i keep hearing people complaning about their money suporting these babies, what about the other million or so kids that YOUR money is suporting why not pick on them too. i dont care if their is one or fourteen kids on walfare in one home the money that comes out of your paycheck will not change because these babies were born. so whats all this business about YOUR money. YOUR gouverment takes it so apparently its no longer your money to do with as you wish. had these kids not been born would you have more money in your pocket. really people.and about her having no husband. come on just because you have a husband today dont mean that you will have one tomorrow, or next week or even next yaer, because here in the good ole us a man or women can leave their family whenever they please. we dont value family much here. And what about the folks who have the twenty kids when is someone gonna realize that they too have mental problems.(duggers) Why not talk about them too, or is it cute cause their a couple. sure their situation my be different but anything over two kids is ungodly! right! so if you are gonna dog this wonen and think she should live by your views, then lets not stop at her lets get anyone with over limit of kids to be called sane. leave that wonem and those kids alone. and what about men with lots of kids lets find out who they are and grab the tourches and pick forks and get them too. face it you have no control over whay the goverment does with your taxes so stop sitting aroung thinking "boy if she had not had those babies i would have more money in my paycheck" theirare many more then fourteen kids added to the walfare system everyday. and some how the birth of these babies is gonna break the bank for you and cause you to do worse then you already were. NOT

1987 days ago


Some one needs to beat the uterus out of this woman!!

1967 days ago


first, stupid woman

2017 days ago


Stop giving her publicity

2017 days ago


Sorry, but it really does seem like you are hounding this woman into the ground. How 'bout letting up?

2017 days ago

Groundhog Face    

Octomom was seen stealing body parts from a grave. Im not kidding...times are tough she is now grave robbing. check her out at

2017 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Dah crew sucks it`s own gump.

2017 days ago



2017 days ago


Where are those money from if she doesn't work?

2017 days ago


I hate this money sucking worthless bitch!!!!!

2017 days ago

U Suck    

How about you leave her alone! She has not used any of our money cuz she was never on welfare. She takes care of her children just like every other red blooded American. How about doing a spread on Little miss trailer park who has 6 six with 6 different baby daddies, who hasn't had a job since she graduated high school and is on every government help program known to man. On top of that she till keeps having babies. But no one says anything to them. I think she deserves a little bit of credit and more respect from the world.

2017 days ago


Hey TMZ you need to stop taken pics of this women and her children, if something happens to those kids i believe TMZ should be held responsiable. We all know how many fn freaks are out there, leave the kids out of this crap!!!!

2017 days ago
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