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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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im wondering how she has time 4 interviews when she has 14 kids 2 take care of. and could u imagine her in a porn all the flab n stretchmarks it would be like looking at a 90 yr old womans body. NASTY

2052 days ago


Lord Zenu...Are you serious? You honestly think Welfare Queens don't live all over the country and are STILL having kids? Maybe they don't have 8 at one time...but trust me...they have plenty. She isn't doing anything that they aren't doing. She also isn't doing anything illegal...that's the fault of the system unfortunately. Grow up. Kalifornia? Please. Yes, it's 75 degrees here year around. Get over your angry sunshine envy. Take a look around. Every low income area in every city and state across this country is filled with Welfare Queens...and let's not forget the Kings. Funny how the man doesn't get criticized even half as much as the woman even though without him none of this train wreck would be possible. Here's an idea, stop making celebrities out of people like John & Kate + 8 or those crazy McDuggars. Trust me, if only the citizens of Kalifornia were watching those shows...they wouldn't have enough viewership to keep them on. So who then is watching all that socialistic slime, Lord? You and the rest of middle America maybe? I think so.

2050 days ago


I think Dr. Phill has really missed the bot on this one. He is now chasing media trash like octomom.He is turning into a fiasco too.First the Spears mess now octomom. Please just give up already and put a show on that we want to see.
Octomom is not wothy of any human relationship she uses people from her own Mother to now her Dad who had to go back to work to help with the kids too.California itoo should certainly be horse whipped for continuing to support this nut rather than doing the right thing and taking the children until she can get her act together she can get a job to at the very least support herself.and stop the lino riding, media chasin,a star is born mentality.
NO MORE WATCHING DR.PHILL ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2047 days ago

Come and listen to a story    

Of course she got do not think she would appear for the pure joy of it, do you?

2068 days ago


yeah and she does not get food stamps or disability either.

2068 days ago


okies why is she going from welfare to a multi million dollar house? California is broke laying off hundreds or workers, and i want to know who the hell is paying this nuts hospital bill??? where is she from and why is she here in our country, and why are we having to support her kids, i am working my ass off to support the ONE i do have! i say we pack her ass up and send her back to where she came from, and let her own country support her ass!

2068 days ago


Blow hard Phil ought to have fun with this on his show. He must be hard up if he's taping in to the likes of her.

2068 days ago

Bash a Pap    

So basically TMZ... you LIED and said she was there to buy the house. You LIED and said that it was certain that she was meeting the real estate agent. This woman may be nuts... but your LYING about her makes you look even worse.

2068 days ago


Michael Kamrava, M.D. Beverly Hills, CA. is her enabler. She should lose her kids, he should lose his license.

2068 days ago


Shouldn't she be spending time with her kids? And who's babysitting while her and her mother ride around in limo?

2068 days ago

Lord Xenu    

The State of California should confiscate every dollar paid to her until she pays back the several million dollars it will likely take to care for her and her 14 children (all of whom should be taken away and given to responsible parents until she can demonstrate the ability to take care of them without leeching off taxpayers). Its one thing to lose a job, fall on hard times and get some TEMPORARY help, but to live the life of a Welfare Queen is another matter entirely.

Thank God I dont live in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Kalifornia.

2068 days ago


I hope he layed into her just like that turkey baster did!!

2068 days ago

Manda Jane    

What about the mothers who work for a living and getting laid off, losing their houses? The families that are barely getting by? Where are their houses, just because they arent popping babies out like a PEZ dispenser and asking people to pay for them, they dont get the recognition.There are worse things going on in the United States, then this nut.. She needs to get a job and raise her own damn children like everyone else, taxpayers didnt ask for her to have these babies. Take the babies, all 14, away from her.

2068 days ago


At least TMZ will keep tabs on her.. while Californians pay for her daycare while she "works".

2068 days ago


I am so fkn mad right now, mad enough to leave 2 posts! WTF? Dr. Phil..why didn't you interview her in her OWN home!?? I mean if you truly wanted to "get to know the REAL her" you should have had to sit in the FILTHY house that her 14 kids are going to be FORCED to live in. Even if she loses this home, the next will be equally filthy in a matter of weeks, and the kids wont have a choice in the matter. Are you too good to see how the skank REALLY lives? or are you merely trying to interview her in a place that looks all clean and nice to "improve" her MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA status? Well if its the latter, let me assure you that neither you nor ANYONE else is going to help her image, she is a leech on society and has worked the system with her continued IVF treatments and lack of income other than WELFARE!! I am wosre sickeneed by learning that while she shelled out over 100k for IVF her very own 6 children were living in a home that was in risk of immediate forclosure and they could have been forced out into the street at ANY time...but she chose to spend 100k on herelf and her attempt to deliver a litter of humans rather than care for the 6 she already had! WTF?!! I am pissed at you Dr. Phil and I am boycotting your show. I will NOT waste my time condoning this waste of flesh and oxygen, and I am in disbelief that you would!

2068 days ago
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