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Not a Dry Eye in the House -- redirect

2/23/2009 12:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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by chitown hottie

Over the last 30 years over 50 actors have died before their last roles and won nothing. Ledger won because he gave the best performance of the year. Oscar buzz started for his performance when the trailer came out which was BEFORE he died,

2030 days ago


"Not a dry eye in the house?
I didnt see anyone crying- and quite frankly- they looked bored as hell."

Are you blind ? Jolie and Pitt and Brody and Hathaway were all shown to be tearing up. They all knew Ledger.

2030 days ago


First off all of you sorry peeps that dog him and call him names, have RESPECT, he is dead for Christ's sake!!! He died by ACCIDENT, yes it was an overdose, but an accident no less. Any person that has ever fooled around with drugs knows, it can happen to the best of us, no matter how much you try and be careful. I almost died one night from mixing prescription drugs and I was prescribed them legally. Just the wrong combination with the wrong person on the wrong night can lead to your demise.
In my opinion he definitely deserved to win. He made The Dark Knight one of the best movies of 2008. He owned his role as the Joker and cemented his place in Oscar history. My only regret is that he is no longer with us. I enjoyed almost all of his movies. What makes me sad is knowing this is the end of Heath Ledger. I know he has one more movie coming out but we will see less and less of him as time goes by.
R.I.P. HEATH. We will always remember you, I will always miss you. I hope you find peace and solitude in the afterlife and that you are watching down on your family from above with all the love a father, son, brother can have. Your family has handled everything with dignity and respect, I know you are very proud. Take care and I hope to meet you sometime.

2030 days ago


His life was a mystery -his death even more so.
I am not saying the man comitted suicide however one of his last interviews and pictures had depression and suicidal "Feelings" all over the place. His prophetic statements such as "I am not afraid of death anymore.." or
"I will carry on through my daughter..." or " The dark Knight Will be the best film I will ever make." all of these comments in one interview.

Then we have the issue of his life insurance only 6 months before he dies?
He also created a clip known as "Black Eyed Dog" which featured the song by the artist Nick Drake and Heath then killing himself at the end of the clip. Heath created the clip. It was removed from the media ASAP once it began heading this way ( to America). Then we have the portrait of Heath "Three Faces of Heath". He sat for that portrait two months before his death.

I invite anyone to pull up that photo and really look at it. To me personally, It does not depict a happy soul. The eyes say it all.

The flags were there but who paid attention?? Regardless - I am glad he died in his sleep.

The Dark Knight - dull story line - great effects !

It was interesting to see Heath's take on what and how a psychopathic killer would be. There was no glitz or glamour added to his character -not in makeup-clothing - nothing and this is where heath's ability as an actor shined. In fact -this seems to be his signature. He doesn't need all the garabage to make his characters believable.He could be a beach bum -priest-soldier-cowboy-knight -police officer - all of these things and more and he was always believable. For a moment, He made the concept of falling in love with anyone -same sex or not - enchanting. In the scene where he was grasping Gyllenhaul and kissing him in the alley - he could have been kissing a geurilla and it still would have been enticing. He made the concept of unconditional passion very real.

2030 days ago


"157. Please.........its not going to bring him back and doesnt change the fact that he died of a drug overdose. Dance with fire and you're gonna get burned. Move on people - the world keeps turning.

Posted at 6:34PM on Mar 1st 2009 by iwanttoholdyourbigtits"

What a stupid post. He died from doing docter prescribed pills and as the M.E confirmed he did not take too many of one type of pill, what happened was the different types of pills caused a fatal mixture in his body.

Move on ? Just because you continue to love someone's work in their craft does not mean you have not moved on. Get over yourself. Don't be jealous that nobody will remember you after you die.

2027 days ago
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