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This is How

Prince Rolls...

2/23/2009 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seriously ... Prince's limo had customized rims with the Prince "symbol" in the center of each one.



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It is so sad that a symbol on a rim brings up religion.
Leave him alone! He may not do much these days. But he has created more amazing songs then most out there.
He is to be admired and respected for his talent, and not judged for his religion or rims.

2048 days ago


TMZ needs to watch their readers comments closer as there is a lot of abuse goin on here. You must be really sad or a sad person to be so negative towards others to make yourself feel better.

2048 days ago

Hansel Boyd    

If the whole world were Jehovah's witnesses there would be no war, no homelessness, no borders separating people, no financial crisis, no politics or terrorism. They are good examples on how to be a human being unlike other religions who like unreasoning animals kill over religion.

2040 days ago

virginia slim    

Water Lily, your post turned my stomach. You don't have "the Truth"! You are in a cult and so is Prince. He had plenty of time to join your rank and file before obliging his mother's death bed wish, God rest her soul. Oh, but you don't believe in that, do you? I have loved Prince since forever -including the raunchy days. How 'bout you ...or only now that he's a JW? BTW do the elders know you're online? Go study for the Watchtower tomorrow - You too Hansel Boyd - get your highlighters out you two!

2032 days ago


All who hate on Prince are just silly! I grew up with him and trust all who hate don't bother him! hehe! So suck on some real life when you get time. He knew there would be idots like you with the only talent to hate!

2030 days ago

Let the truth be known    

It's so interesting to see people on here post with ignorance. Catholics = Child moletsers, Scienologists = Tom Cruise Psychos, Protestant = agrue what the bible says and then change it, ect... we can go on and on and on... People are imperfect and therefore within a religion, such as the JW, there are people that do not conform to the way the bible tells us to be and therefore are usually the ones who give the religion a bad name. I'm sure not all catholics touch kids privates, so why brand them as in any other than just another religion? I see that many of you make comments using "familiar" terms to the JW but then begin to stray and insult the religion. Just remember what the bible says about APOSTATES and their willingness to joke, insult, make unlimited false statements aka lie, and sometimes seem convincing in their statements to cloud the thoughts of others so that they question their faith - Apostacy ( in ANY bible) says it's the unforgivable sin so eternal death awaits you and your pathetic feeble-minded attempts to cast stones at what you will never understand. Maybe you were "kicked out" for your unwillingess to undertand the bible's clear as black and white statements and therefore this is your only channel to express your ignorance..... BOO HOO....

2030 days ago

Let the truth be known    

Virginia Slim.. how appropriate.. SLIM because of your narrow mindedness.. Virginia Slim as in the cigarrettes? Ahhhh that must be one of the reasons you are disfellowshipped and now as rabid as a pit bull on crack when it comes to anything involving the JWs. HAHA so typical and pathetic with the outlook of " I must bash them at all costs and name calling such as "CULT" and make comments about eldsers and such so that i may appear aprised of the religion"... So typical of an unrepentant selfish pathetic individual as yourself. I'm sure you are numba one members at all of the apostate sites... Whats even funnier is that I myself am not a JW but i have family that is and I can see that they are not a cult but an organized religion. But NOOOOO you have to come on here and toss in your 2 cents without any basis.. Prince, whether he's a JW or not, is a music icon and no matter what he does, everything will fall under scrutiny. Just move along and clutch the pathetic antics of a self sorrowing character that has done wrong, refused to accept reason and therefore removed and now digging into the trenches so deep that even satan thinks you are a lost cause....

2029 days ago


Wow whats that an early 90's Lincoln... The rims are worth just about as much as the limo. Probably about 3 maybe 4,000. Pimpin' Ain't easy.. hahaha

2066 days ago


If you were Prince's that's how you'd roll. AS it is Prince's a GOD among men. Drool factor here.

2066 days ago


Does anyone really give a rats ass what that little egotistical weasel has. I mean really, who friggin' cares.

2066 days ago


Its pretty sad how people get misled regarding Prince and his Jehovah's Witness Religion. The religion teaches how all other religions are false and part of satans organization because of pagan symbols that represent the Church's. But Im sure the Watchtower organization will overlook Brother Prince and his symbolic messages that he has written all over his works. Who is teaching false worship now . Some serious sick leaders in Brooklyn New York. it comes now....bring it on .

2066 days ago

mary louise    

Prince, who???
Is this eccentric prima-dona still revelant...

2065 days ago


Ray Ray Z Prince is a not a preachy relgious person, now if you want a preachy preson go hit a Tom Cruise post. Prince is not a very vocal person in public,doesn't do interviews,doesn't yell in public your soul will go to hell if you don't follow his views, Leave the MAN alone.

2065 days ago


Ha! He's the teeny-tiniest celebrity on the planet. He should be using one of those little hybrids that normal people have to scrunch to get into.

2065 days ago

Danny Haszard    

I love Prince music,it's sad they he got recruited by the Watchtower cult the organization is corrupt and oppressive.

I was born into the Jehovah's Witnesses and stayed for 33 years,leaders are wolves in sheep's clothing.

2065 days ago
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