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Woman Rips OctoMom -- "Get a Job!"

2/23/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She just wanted gas, but at the ARCO station yesterday, Nadya Suleman got a tank-full of bitching out.

OctoMom: Click to watch
While she had a lackey fill 'er up, a woman started screaming at her, yelling "Get a life, get a job!" and "That's our tax money!" as OctoMom hid behind a Scooby Doo book. Jinkeys!


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You know if you all want her kids taken away because ultimately welfare will be paying for them, then you need to check out the other people already on welfare that aren't being put in the spotlight, but have 10 kids because the welfare check got bigger with each one! That's not to say that I agree with what she has done, because I don't.

2076 days ago


I have a few comments about this.

First, to #44, true the Catholic Church tells us not to us birth control devices, instead they tell us to use "Planned Parenthood" if you will. The reason for this is because in the Bible, sex is to only be used to have children, not for pleasure. The Church would not tell a woman, especially an unmarried woman, to go out and have InVitro so that she can have a litter of children with no way to support them.

As to the handicapped parking pass, I don't know about California, but, in Florida, the only time you are supposed to display the pass is when you actually park your car in a handicapped space. What is her disability? I heard it was an injury to her back. Well, then if her back was injured so badly the last thing she would want to do is become pregnant, especially pregnant with 8 babies! I have 3 bulging discs in my lower back, and it kills me to walk around in a store, but, I don't collect disability or have a handicapped placard.

I feel so sorry for these children. Their mother seems to only care about herself. You all know that the main reason she did this was due to her thinking that all of these people would give her a house, van, college scholarships and money. And for her to go out and buy MAC make-up, have mani-pedi's, etc. She should be spending her taxpayer dollars to care for her children!

2076 days ago


May I suggest that if you have not had your nails, hair or lips done in 10 years, you are a mess. Food stamps does not pay for nails and lip gloss. And just because you have children, you should not let yourself go. Your man maybe looking at the responsbilbe mother who put on the lip gloss and have nice hands.

2076 days ago


Canadians who work pay for their own health insurance. And we aren't stupid enough to throw the entire country into an the biggest economic disaster in history. We don't have terrorists attacking us. America is a joke to the rest of the world. Deal with it, haters.

2076 days ago


Thanks TMZ for staying on top of the octomom. Keep it up until the kids are removed, and/or she is no longer getting taxpayer money.

2076 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Canada is a joke. The Minnesota National Guard could conquer it in a weekend. The Canadian military is a glorified police force.

Without protection from the US, over the last 50 years, Canadians would now be fluent in Russian and saluting a hammer and sickle flag.

2076 days ago


I agree, if you can' afford to get your nails done, or buy some stinking make up, go to school and get an education, so you can get a better job. If these things are luxuries, you are a loser. Is it me, or does it seem like only pathetic white trash bitch on TMZ?

2076 days ago


HOW OFTEN DOES SHE GAS UP???????????????????
She should be too busy with kids to keep burning up fuel. She just tanked up last thursday or friday.

2076 days ago


After reading all these hater post i have come to the realization that there are just a bunch of jealous player hater women, moms out there.... tisk tisk.. if you believe in God, higher power, or what ever it is, how do think you are looked at by him/her. you will have to answer some day for all your hatetrid. you in your perfect little life, perfect little world, you who have never done wrong.. ha ha ha. that is a big laugh.

2076 days ago


#68 that is a stupid and catty thing to say. Most REAL mothers CHOOSE to spend their extra money on their kids and silly things like savings for COLLEGE EDUCATION than get their nails n hair done. If your man only cares about what your hair and nails look got bigger problems in your relationship. How sad.

2076 days ago


The octawhore should die along with her litter of bastard children.

2076 days ago


And this is coming from a space cadet calling himself "Lord Xenu"--- LOL--- Say hi to Tom Cruise for me, babe.

2076 days ago


To whoever said something about OctoMom getting a man. I don't know many men who will willingly go into a relationship with a woman that has 14 kids, unless she's mega rich!

2076 days ago


Yeah, Cece, it's so frigging sad getting a manicure. Lets all sob our hearts out about how terribly, terribly sad it is to care about your appearance. Go take a shower, you dirty azz twit.

2076 days ago


Stay on her TMZ! She will continue to flaunt her ill-gotten gains and certainly there is at least one state agency watching every move she makes.
Just don't give her a dime for photos. Ever.

2076 days ago
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