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Woman Rips OctoMom -- "Get a Job!"

2/23/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She just wanted gas, but at the ARCO station yesterday, Nadya Suleman got a tank-full of bitching out.

OctoMom: Click to watch
While she had a lackey fill 'er up, a woman started screaming at her, yelling "Get a life, get a job!" and "That's our tax money!" as OctoMom hid behind a Scooby Doo book. Jinkeys!


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so what if she gets money from out taxes...our taxes also go to the war for useless reason and nobody biatches bout that.
if u want to yell at her at least do it when she is alone not with her kids, those poor kids are not guilty and people are just going to traumatize them for yelling horrible things at their mother

2068 days ago

Sue Wong    

That woman yelling at Octomom and the paps filming it should all be bitch slapped.There's a child in the car. Do you want this woman dead by a lynch mob? You're no better, you bloody cowards!!

2068 days ago


All I can focus on in this segment is the handicapped placard. I HAD to get one after fighting not to for years. I have arthritis so severe that it keeps me from walking like a human being for several hours in the morning and AFTER WORKING ALL DAY (yes, I still work - WANT TO - even though it is a struggle) most nights I come home "walking" like a penquin that has **it himself ! If this woman could carry eight babies with a "bad back - THE most common and hard to prove disability factor" then she doesn't need this "one more slap in our faces" fraudulent aspects to her scam. She doesn't even have the gumption to even TRY to hide her lifestyle - she FLAUNTS it.

2068 days ago


US has protected Canada for the past 50 years? You couldn't even protect yourselves from some uneducated terrorists from plowing into your buildings. And you taught them how to drive the planes! Good luck keeping your homes and jobs. you are all going to desperately need it, because you are all such idiots. We will be enjoying our peaceful and prosperous lives.

2068 days ago


This disgraceful "woman" should be investigated on so many levels. She is never photographed running around doing errands with her children. Is the austic one receiving consistent early intervention therapy? The whole group is going to need therapy after growing up with her. What a sick, pathetic mess. She got what she wanted - no matter what she had to do for it. She is a wh*re to the core. Good work TMZ.

2068 days ago


Umm Whats up with the Handicapped parking placard hanging from her mirror??? Last I checked being mentally deranged didnt qualify one for Handicap Parking?

2068 days ago


It is very disheartening to read all these comments and see that most here can't spell, use capitalization or correct punctuation. The Canadians are right, we are the laughing stock of the world. :(

2068 days ago

Lateefah D.    

three words........


2068 days ago


Hey #14 she wanted her privacy invaded. She just didn't count on the country turning on her once they found out what the real deal was.

2068 days ago

Sue Wong    

You bloody americans complaining about paying for medical insurance and YET your ignorant asses voted in Bush time and again. Even now, you're still complaining. Find out just how much of your taxpayer dollars is going to welfare. Not as much as the war in Iraq and other "evil" things I bet. Spending money to better children's lives is a much better cause and some of you don't want kids or just one because you're too busy pursuing the great american dream of 3 houses, 5 cars and all the other superficial and materialistic things. Now it's backfiring on you and your broke asses are taking it out on one woman. Yeah, she's to blame for all your problems. Take a look in the mirror. Some people never had a house to lose, or a car or great healthcare so consider yourselves lucky and stop whining!!!!
P.S No use replying to me. Just pray to God California doesn't roll into the sea with all your broke asses!!

2068 days ago


OMFG, she deserves to get cussed out, bitch slapped & everything else. I have no sympathy at all for her or her children. She knew damn well what would happen to her & her children because of her need for fame or more govt assistance. That woman had every right to say what she wanted, just as does every California taxpayer. She wanted the limelight, now she's got it, DEAL WITH IT. She loves the attention so much, that she will use her children in any situation, to further her agenda. Yes, there are alot of people on welfare, illegals & immigrants are the majority, americans are the minority!! The fact that the state hasn't stepped in is no surprise. It's not like the state of california has money...right? We have plenty of money for IDIOTS, ILLEGALS & GOVT!! Wait, aren't they all one in the same? If she wants to be a looney & have litters of children, then let her figure it out. CUT HER OFF GOVT ASSISTANCE!!!! The more you give her, the more she'll have & then what, 14-20 fatherless children hanging in the balance of their mental mother & the state of california, welfare, CPS & such FAILURE!!!! Let's see here, we have an immigrant on govt assistance, student loans and disability with a back injury, although it couldn't of been that bad, seeing as she just carried 8 embryo's damn near to term. She get's a settlement (which welfare should have taken) and instead of helping her parents who are financially supporting the whole group, & catching up the house payment, she get's plastic surgery, IVF & still is not taking care of the first 8 she had. So all you sympathy suckers can kiss all california taxpayers asses!!! Why don't u all help her! Send this dumb bitch and her litter to Utah, I'm sure she'll fit right in with the rest of the cult members there. Hell, it's not like there won't be a shortage of babysitters right? It's her problem, let her deal with it. But if given the chance, I'd cuss her silly ass out as well. DO NOT LET UP ON THIS PIECE OF TRASH!!

2068 days ago


Again, I'm not sure why people are freaking out about this woman. There are tons of people on welfare that have multiple children they cannot afford/are not willing to take care of. What makes her so different? Maybe the media should profile more bad parents - just so the public could be irate about it & maybe something would actually be done to stop welfare/child abuse.

2068 days ago


What's with her "Handicapped" sticker in her car??????? Even if it's for her parents, she isn't supposed to be using it....It should be in the glove compartment while she's driving.

2068 days ago


whats with people going againts illegal workers...they do all the dirty work we wont do... and i agree with #110 you are so right and #116 you are so ignorant if you think that lady has all the right to yelled at her with her children present, those poor kids dont have to suffer the public humiliation for their mothers mistakes

2068 days ago


Be careful what you wish for for it will surely bite you in the ass
And what is with the pap who asked her how she feels about her "fans" and what they were sayng about her?
is he out of his mind?
what is he on?

2068 days ago
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