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Cops Called to Octomom's Neighborhood

2/24/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to the neighborhood of Nadya Suleman last night after one of her neighbors allegedly came outside brandishing a shotgun.

Cops tell TMZ they were called at around 5:45 PM, but the man brandishing the weapon -- meaning he wasn't pointing at anyone -- was no longer there. When cops returned later, they found the man and a brandishing report was filled out.

We're told it's under further investigation.

: OctoMom's neighbors told us the man in question was simply bringing the unloaded gun inside his house from his car. They also said everyone is sick of OctoMom's media attention, saying their kids can't play in the cul-de-sac anymore. These problems shouldn't last much longer ... because OctoMom's house is about to hit the auction block.


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lordy lordy--you can't spell at all!

1976 days ago


There are many on this site (not the mother), who do condone rudeness, violent or hate. Sadly, if adult are condoning and promoting this, only you are blame for raising rude and insensitive children. Responsible adults should address the emotional turmoil the children are experiencing witnessing the unrudly and insensitive behaviors of adults. By some of your reasons, as a society we need to publicly humilate everyone who decisions we don't agree with. What's next? Are you going to stand outside the prison and yell at the inmates? Perhaps, you will began conducting the parole board to get the names of parolees and begin following them around? What about the drug addicts? Are you going to the streets and follow them around too? Many are not supporting their families and are receiving disability checks. Where do the madness ends?

1976 days ago


I totally agree with #37 I hope the guys does get a dna test like he is saying and takes those kids away from her seeings that apperently she really isnt fit to have them nor does she have the means to take care of them and trying to stuff her 14 kids herself and her parents into a 3 bedroom house is wrong hell trying to stuff the 6 she already had and the 3 adults was too many in that small house the cps should have already stepped into the picture and hopefully do now

1976 days ago


This is taking it to the extremes! What is wrong with Americans? why can't they mind their own damn business? What has the stupid fool with the shotgun gained for his actions? Probably time spent in jail or prison.
I'll say it again, you all should leave Nadya alone. She has bigger problems on her plate and sooner or later she will begin to see that she made a BIG HUGE mistake in the decisions she made. Threatning to kill her and actually attempting it won't solve anything or make those children go away or fix the economy or put food on your tables or get you jobs and it definitely won't take away the fact that there are 8 babies in the hospital fighting for their lives.
The innocent ones are ALWAYS the ones to suffer.

1976 days ago


It sure is all excitement going on out there near octomom's house.

1976 days ago


What I would like to know is who is footing the bill for the 8 babies in an intensive care unit? Surely 'Mom' isn't paying so who is? Sounds like the tax payers are footing the bill for the 8 babies in the hospital. Absolutely ridiculous. How much is it costing every single tax payer every day for those kids to be in the hospital??? You know 'Mom' ain't paying a dime! This lady and her Father are not even from this country! They should go back to where they came from and let that Government foot the bill. The welfare system needs to be taken down to stop abuse like this! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

1976 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Strange days, indeed. A most peculiar mama.

1976 days ago


Have any of you watched one episode of Jon & Kate plus 8? It is absolutley sick!! One working parent near Lancaster , PA does not support a family of 10. They get trips to Walt Disney World, The Pittsburgh Zoo (specially accommodating them), ski trips in glorious chalets, etc, etc.etc. I am 100% positive this family did not pay for these trips on a single salary budget!!!! Start boycotting their show, let the ratings slip, let the show get cancelled and see how many trips this family of 10 goes on. Octomom has done nothing different that Jon & Kate have done!! And boy have they benefitted from their 2 sets of multiples!!!!!!!!!!

1976 days ago


If she does get shot, I hope TMZ gets sued. I mean come on, they follow her very move to the minute. If someone sick B@#rd wanted to kill her. Just watch the news reals from TMZ. Privacy ya right. You stalked her to lunch at McD's with her daughter whom they took pics of.

1976 days ago


She is not from our country! She needs to leave! Stop this abuse of the welfare system. The welfare system needs to be abolished and abusers of it like this women need to be deported or put in jail. Who is paying for those kids in the hospital? It ain't mommy! It is the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS who are getting screwed with taking care of her mistakes. She is not from our country. Her Father is from another country. He wouldn't even admit exactly where he was from on Oprah. Scandalous! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! We need to stop all these immigrants from taking over this country!

1976 days ago

ya right    

First of all, Jon and Kate are not on welfare. Secondly, they both work. Lastly, I believe the show pays for the trips.
Do some research before you start comparing these two families.

1976 days ago


I suspect that anyone who is defending Octo-creep is a welfare rat themself. I hope TMZ hounds her until the investigation of fraud is complete and all 14 of them are put in GOOD homes. BTW, that house hasn't had a mortgage payment in ten months. Part of her fiscal responsibility plan?

1976 days ago


To #3 -- I TOTALLY agree with your comment about her days are numbered!!

To #1 & 5 -- you bitches are IDIOTS -- "leave her alone"?? WTF????? Why WOULD people leave her alone when the public is paying to feed and clothe those babies -- AND -- that NASTY-LOOKIN' BITCH to get her nails "did"?????

1976 days ago


whats the difference between octomom and the immigrants (mexicans) we support daily?

1976 days ago


First off, learn how to spell neighborhood! Second, what's done is done. Let this family live in peace. How could she possibly have the opportunity to be a good mother with everyone in her business? All the negativity and unwanted attention is sure to send her into a deep depression if it continues.

1976 days ago
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