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Cops Called to Octomom's Neighborhood

2/24/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to the neighborhood of Nadya Suleman last night after one of her neighbors allegedly came outside brandishing a shotgun.

Cops tell TMZ they were called at around 5:45 PM, but the man brandishing the weapon -- meaning he wasn't pointing at anyone -- was no longer there. When cops returned later, they found the man and a brandishing report was filled out.

We're told it's under further investigation.

: OctoMom's neighbors told us the man in question was simply bringing the unloaded gun inside his house from his car. They also said everyone is sick of OctoMom's media attention, saying their kids can't play in the cul-de-sac anymore. These problems shouldn't last much longer ... because OctoMom's house is about to hit the auction block.


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This is just getting too bizarre, folks. Stop with the hate already.

You've got the wrong target if you're angry about government assistance programs. She's not spending her days on crack watching soaps. She's been working an outside job for many years (really up to 2008), paying taxes, and working on an advanced degree so she can get the kind of job that would indeed have supported all 7 of her planned children. (Do the math.) Nobody expected octuplets from the last IVF. I wish more women thought like she did - planning to be able to take care of their children themselves rather than relying on a partner. What if she were married and her husband died, got sick, or ran off? Would you still be ragging her? Marriage is never a guarantee.

She had several failed pregnancies before trying IVF - it worked well so she started saving her money and working overtime. When she got the settlement for the work-related injury - she decided to use that to continue her plans. She started IVF at age 25, is now 33. Llike many people, she kept building her family while she still could. That's all. No crime there.

I also can certainly understand why she didn't want to abort any of her children and why she wanted to use up the remaining frozen embryos - not everybody is comfortable with donating or disposing of embryos (or with abortion). She took the chance and let Mother Nature (or God) decide.

She went to the media, just as every parent of multiples advised her to do, because they all say nobody can handle so many babies at once without a lot of help: volunteers and free donations (including houses and vans). She's working on a degree in psychology, and psych students are always psychoanalyzing themselves and everybody in their vicinity - her only mistake was speculating about where her desire for a large family came from on national tv rather than in class. I've heard plenty of the same from people working on large families - they want to keep trying until they get "a boy" or "a girl", or they loved growing up in a big family, or didn't grow up with brothers and sisters and missed it etc. etc. Nothing new there. That doesn't make her certifiable.

She also didn't realize how ignorant people are about government programs and higher education. Yes, folks, it is indeed proper to use student grant money for any living expenses for yourself and your family. I was on a grant for 3 years in grad school myself, while working on my Ph.D. - got a paycheck every month, it went for rent and groceries and clothing etc. as well as books and tuition. Grad students with familes to support used it for their kids as well, and also got perks such as subsidized housing and daycare. The whole idea of a grant is to let you stay in school and focus on your studies, without spending too much time on outside work.

And yes, she was not on welfare. I've never heard anybody refer to food stamps and disability as "welfare". Welfare is the program that gives you a check every month for general expenses, the eligibility requirements are quite different from food stamps and disability. She wasn't eligible for welfare. But I've known grad students who were single parents on the real welfare program- it was an excellent investment by society, they pay back in taxes much more than they used from the program. But many grad students with children (like many people with low-paying jobs) are indeed on food stamps - a very carefully targeted program to make sure that basic food is always available for everybody. Her children's disability payments are programs available to everybody who meets the eligibility requirements, and we have no reason to believe she didn't meet those requirements or that she hasn't been using the funds properly to give her children the extra help they need. And her own disability payments were a short-term settlement for a work-related injury (they stopped by 2008). There are no restrictions on the use of such settlement funds.

Yes, she has a problem with her parents. Obviously her mother didn't want to deal with a big family even when younger and so Nadya's kids must be quite a strain, especially since Nadya had to spend a couple of months in the hospital prior to the octuplets' birth. She must have been really panicking at the prospect of 8 more babies at once! But that's a family problem that they have to resolve as a family, bearing in mind that obviously Nadya did not intend to be living with her parents forever, but only while going to school. We have no idea why her parents are in financial trouble - might have nothing to do with her kids. The big mistake everybody made was talking to the media about all this - the parents especially have been out of line doing that. Imagine your own family conflicts out there in public like that!

But all the hatred posted here and elsewhere is certainly making life dangerous for all of them. The real nut cases w

2031 days ago

Don't Get It    

It should be spelled Neighborhood, not Nieghborhood. Please looks silly!

2031 days ago


Kate from Jon & Kate does NOT work. And again, I don't think a single salary income near Lancaster, PA could afford that lifestyle. And no they are not on any sort of assistance (that we know of) but they could not live that life without the ASSISTANCE of their tv show. Just my thoughts on multiple kids and profitting from tv shows. My family can't take all of those trips and we only have 2 kids and we both work.

2031 days ago


Leave the Mexicans out of this. I work and pay my taxes.Americans stereo type everything. I came here nad did all the paperwork to become legal.I don't take any welfare and pay my fair share. Think about all the money taken out of Mexicans checks and they don't get it back on Taxes. Social security,same way. They don't collect it. Now the President is giving it away.

2031 days ago

Write to Proctor & Gamble!    

To #58

You've raised a lot of questions... like:

1. WHERE did she work (up to 2008?) I've heard about her Nanny working 12 hours a day to help her. BTW, where did she get the money to pay for a Nanny? From Grandpa?

2. If she "planned" for this pregnancy, why didn't she "plan" on paying the hospital??? Or the mortgage so she would have a roof over the babie's heads? Why didn't she "plan" on the help she would need to take care of those babies? "Planned" pregnancy???? I think not! Just lunacy.

2. If she is going to spend 45 mins a day on each child like she said (which would only cover the diaper changes), where is she going to get the time to go to school and study? And if student loans are going to "subsidize" her... then she has no need for welfare, outside help, or her family's money. (This would have been included in her "planned" pregnancy).

3. Who is going to take care of the children while she's pursuing her degree? Or will she have an online degree?

4. After getting her settlement, why didn't she pay the mortgage or give some financial help to her Mother? Doesn't sound like she's fiscally responsible and hasn't been for a long time.

5. Family problems??? You betcha! If you had a daughter living with you that you were supporting (with her six kids) and she didn't tell you about her disability income NOR gave any of it to help support the household, I'd be pissed too! How selfish is that?

6. Nadya's Mom has all the right in the world to talk about what her daughter is doing. It was her daughter that got Grandma in financial trouble anyway. Nadya's mother has put ALL of her retirement money into supporting the household without any financial support from Nadya. Grandpa has been paying for the private schooling one of the children gets. I think they have a right to say whatever they want about their daughter since Nadya brought them into it in the first place!

Finally, if I didn't know better, I'd say your comments are actually Nadya talking.

2031 days ago


Two words...spell check. Nieghborhood...NOT!!! Neighborhood...YES! Oh, and about the story itself, this is a non-story. Over, done with, the kids are born, the story is out, the next thing that should happen is an ethics review of the doc for letting this happen. And not a single taxpayer buck should go to this woman to help raise these kids. She obviously had enough dough to pay for the IVF procedure in the first place (PRICEY!!!), then the onus is on her to provide for these children on her own and as a responsible parent. Had these been a natural, freak-of-mother-nature event, then things would be viewed much more sympathetically. However, since this woman made this choice to have so many kids, then it should all be on her to make sure they are cared for properly ON HER OWN and WITH HER OWN MONEY!!!

Nuff said...

2031 days ago


Only an idiot would turn this into a racial issue.

2031 days ago



2031 days ago

What the heck?    

You sound jealous and ridiculous Melissa! I think the Octuplets Mom was wrong for having more children in her situation and I am so sick of hearing Jon and Kate brought up because of her. Jon and Kate were a married couple and they did not have embryos implanted and they certainly never had children to have a TV show. They were approached a year after the sextuplets were born by TLC to do a special show and they did and people were curious to see this family with the 6 babies and it has grown from there. Jon was an IT guy and Kate a nurse. I don't know how any mom would work with that many babies and without help. If TLC is paying them for their show and there kids get to do all those wonderful trips like Disney World etc, I am happy for them. I am sick of the Jon and Kate haters....don't watch it. They don't get aid. They get comp'd trips and such and I don't know anyone that would turn down a free trip for their children. Quit the whining Melissa! You are obviously an adult, now act like one.

2031 days ago

Sue Wong    


2031 days ago

Lord Xenu    

OctoMom's parents on the verge of foreclosure? They forked over most of their social security checks (to supplement government handouts) to pay for their daughter to loaf around, get her nails done, buy expensive cosmetics and getting plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie.

In a way I feel sorry for them, but at the same time, they appear to be parents who never said one simple word to OctoMom - "NO !!!!!!!" Instead of enjoying their golden years in their home they are burdened by their psycho daughter. Too many kids today are spoiled rotten.

And as for the shotgun thing, I suspected that was blown out of proportion. Probably just an attempt by Octomom to gain sympathy. The woman has no shame.

2031 days ago


woman and little girls all over the world get pregnant to live off welfare because it is the easy way out...she is insane to expect everyone else to pay her bills...paypal website...everything I hear about her gets more and more disgusting. People like her are a waste of oxygen. Either have kids and work to support them or don't have kids at all. Abusing the system to the MAXIMUM!

2031 days ago


crazy bitch wants our pity

2031 days ago


Reality check, people. Although many feel that the mother should not receive benefits, well, she is. Even if she is abusing the system, social agencies are committed to the welfare of the child. If the children were removed from the home, state care would be even more pricey. Therefore, wishing and thinking about the removal of her children or her being removed from public assistance programs are futile. Therefore, the only options are for you to hate the mother or the children for the next 18 years (when they becomes adults) or move on and find someone else to hate. Otherwise you will continue repeating your useless and unrealistic opinions over and over again.

2031 days ago


she is brilliant

2031 days ago
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