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Cops Called to Octomom's Neighborhood

2/24/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to the neighborhood of Nadya Suleman last night after one of her neighbors allegedly came outside brandishing a shotgun.

Cops tell TMZ they were called at around 5:45 PM, but the man brandishing the weapon -- meaning he wasn't pointing at anyone -- was no longer there. When cops returned later, they found the man and a brandishing report was filled out.

We're told it's under further investigation.

: OctoMom's neighbors told us the man in question was simply bringing the unloaded gun inside his house from his car. They also said everyone is sick of OctoMom's media attention, saying their kids can't play in the cul-de-sac anymore. These problems shouldn't last much longer ... because OctoMom's house is about to hit the auction block.


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J Woolman .I shall make two obsrvations. A} Your education was apparently wasted on you. B} You are very windy in your defence of this Leech. Is it because you have had Government, AKA, educational assisstance for anextensive period of time. ? I have noted others on this post , who are equally windy,& defensive {sensitive} toward her. Common denominator. Govt. Assisstance. Don't wast your time, rationalizing Public assisstance to the taxpayer. We are very well aware of how the Welfare System works. ...........

2032 days ago


How will moving help? The same crap will go on there! Man, she is really vying for a new house to be given to her ain't she.

2032 days ago

Superfly Caroline    

Oh shut up you tree hugging Nimrod. I would bash her in the face with a coconut if I had the opportunity!

2032 days ago


To Wilma, there are many pictures of Nadya in high school or even from a few years ago that clearly show she has had some plastic surgery. Especially the lips. There is also a video of her prom or something like that on the internet that you can see how different she looks now compared to then. Her nose is different and the lips much larger so you don't have to be a plastic surgeon to be able to tell the change in her looks. You can do a google to see the pictures.

2032 days ago


by show of all of these ignorant comments, I am TOTALLY ashamed of our society. How sad is it that there are so few intelligent and mature people out there. This woman has done NOTHING to you.... taxpayers are upset because THEY are supporting her and her kids?! Are you freaking serious? You all are paying into welfare regardless of wether or not this woman chose to have these kids. It's not as if your paychecks are smaller because of this woman alone. You all are just looking for excuses to post mindless BS. Not one of us knows the whole story. I doubt that she really truly wanted 14 kids... no mother is that insane! She didn't expect all of the embryos to stick. If you really want to be PO'ed at someone, take it out on the Dr. who implanted the embryos. She could have certainly donated her embryos or "adopted" them out to infertile couples, seeing that she already had 6 children... I agree, her decision was very irresponsible. However, I don't feel that ANY of you, or the paparazzi, have the right to follow this woman and harrass her. This "I'm a taxpayer and I'm mad" bull crap is ridiculous, and just shows your lack of intelligence. You want to be mad about where your tax dollars are going?!?! OK, then how about you start with the FEDERAL PRISONS... they are eating more of your money than "octomom" is. You "taxpayers" are paying for MURDERERS, RAPISTS, CHILD MOLESTERS, etc... to eat and live. You should focus your "anger" in more productive places.

2032 days ago



You said it all SO WELL. You are a rational thinking, tolerant, mature, intelligent person. You are the kind of person I am proud to share a society with. For the rest of you.... find something more constructive to do with your time, and direct your hatred at someone deserving of it.

2032 days ago


#61 could not have possibly said it any better.

2032 days ago



She is 33 for crying out loud!!! She would not have had a need to have a 20k facelift. You read too many gossip magazines and spend too much time on the internet reading BS.

:: walking away, shaking my head in shame :: wow. IGNORANT people really annoy me.

2032 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Hippo...your a HYPOCRITE YOUR DAMN SELF!! You must not have graduated top of your class if you think my spelling and punctuation was off....whoa!! I'm definitely not Octomom. I just live here in lil' old Tennessee. As for sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong...well seems you do the same huh? I feel as though people who HATE this woman should just leave her alone. What enjoyment are you getting out of blasting this woman you have never met? I just find it totally absurd that people would threaten to harm a woman who has 14 kids. She made some mistakes in her life, but I'm POSITIVE you have your own skeletons to hide! Keep bitchin' HIPPO. If you knew how to spell HYPOCRITE you wouldn't have spelled it like HIPPOCRITE hahahahaha dumbass loser your probably on more welfare than octomom yourself

2032 days ago


Loveydovey You are more concerned about Octo being blasted than the welfare & rights of her children who she has premeditatively been brought into her unstable & impecunious life. It really dousn't matter how someone spells or their grammar. It is the insight , intelligence & ability to rationalize that counts..& how they function as a human being..As a human being, with honesty, ethis, morality.

2032 days ago


Loveydovey, I will wait in eager expectation of your spelling audit. Although my finger may slip, my keyboard malfunction, unlike yourself, my brain is engaged.

2032 days ago


She needs to be spayed, ASAP.

2032 days ago


I agree with Florida mom. I too am a fan on Jon and Kate. And you can not compare a crazy wacked out women who can not take care of all those kids by herself to Jon and Kate. They did not do it for fame. They do use thier show to better thier children. Who wouldnt?
This lady needs some help. Ask yourseld...If i was not working...and single. Can I MENTALLY take care of all those kids?! No one could. And she did this to herself that proves that she has some problems. But people should not be threatening her no matter how clueless she is!

2032 days ago

ya right    

regarding update----if the neighbor was only bringing the gun into his house than i think that it is hilarious that Octomom said she feared for her life cuz of that neighbor and his gun and she needs to find another place to live ASAP because of him (interview on radaronline)---she is nuts!!! but i think we all agree on that

2032 days ago

You Can Do Better    

K..#1 & #5 are you officially stating your intent to pay for Octomoms horrilble judgement? The bills will be sent to you if you give the nod....c'mon it's just a nod..

2032 days ago
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