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Barack Obama -- No I Won't!

2/25/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaWe've been calling the White House for the last day, trying to get a reaction from the Prez on our story about the lavish parties Northern Trust threw in L.A. last week. We finally got a statement back -- "No comment."

Remember, this is a bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money and blew a wad of cash paying Sheryl Crow, Chicago, and Earth, Wind & Fire. And then there were the dinners, the Tiffany gift bags, the fabulous cocktail parties -- all from the bank that laid off 450 workers in December.

Obama was under fire for a mortgage he got from Northern Trust back in 2005. Obama got a 5.625% rate, which was lower than the going rate of about 6%. The Federal Election Commission recently ruled no laws were violated and the rate was in line with other mortgages.

But "no comment." Really?


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Obama has better things to do than give Harvey Levin a little statement for his website. LOL C'mon TMZ, get real!

2005 days ago

Vale Tudo    

Yeah. Didn't he have Earth, Wind and Fire for a recent event at the Whitehouse? I wonder how much he/we paid for that one. A treasury secretary who doesn't pay his taxes? 3-4 prospective cab members with tax issues. Barrack concentrate on what you can control.

2005 days ago


TMZ...why WOULD he comment to a "gossip" website?!!! This website (and your show) report gossip, spread trash ARE NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY. You might accidentally report something relevant, but come on!!! He has more important things to do than talk to you, you'll only twist his words anyway.

2005 days ago


That's some serious "Change' he can't comment on! 'Hope' the Dow doesn't tank any further

2005 days ago

Just saying..    

This the the bank that financed Obamas $1,300,000 Chicago home at an below market interest rate and sweet heart terms Nice gift of a billion or so.for the great deal maybe?

2005 days ago


I would love it if TMZ would look into the two week vacation to Italy that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democratic Senators took this past month on the taxpayer dollar. They even flew on the jet that was purchased with taxpayer dollars.
Help me understand??????

2005 days ago


Well- Its funy how I have been noticing more and more regular news broadcast citing tmz as a source for there material ie octomom at make up store. SOOOO with that said - isnt our country one of whom anyone with will and effort can become whatever they want to be..journalist - sleezeball- its our freewilly - go tmz

2005 days ago


Y'all need to let this non-story go.

Yeah... Northern Trust used it's own profits to fund this event to increase business... profits that are kept separate from the govt. purchase of their stock... which they are actually loaning to people & putting back into the economy. Never mind the millions they pay the government every month. Because they can pay it back, since they've actually turned a profit every year since they were started in the 1800s. Let's all join the mob to lynch them. We don't need no stinkin' bank that is actually doing well, now do we?

The 450 layoffs are spread across 2009... mostly in the group hit hard by the securities meltdown: an entire financial industry ruined. Better that 450 have to go because a unit is tanked than bring down a profitable company, no?

Isn't there a drunk celeb you should be hounding?

2005 days ago


You seem to be under the impression that TMZ is considered a Pulitzer-caliber political news outlet in Washington. Like "the Prez" is going to ever get back to you. (WTF are you doing trying to get a direct quote from The Prez on this anyway? Treasury ain't good enough for you? You got to have a direct quote from the man himself? Saying what, exactly? You da rag?)

2005 days ago


I love how liberals make excuses for the man who is doing the same thing, if not worse, than Bush. If it were Bush they wouldnt' wait to jump all over him for everything.

Obama's sending troops to Afghanastan, HIS Iraq... His stimulus plan costs tax payers more than it helps... it hasn't stimulated that many new jobs to make a dent in unemployment, it hasn't effected the housing situation as more houses are going into foreclosure this month... it hasn't stimulated that many new jobs... it's only left us with a larger deficit that we already had.

And as for the DOW... This time last year (under Bush) we were near 14,000. Now we are nearing 6000. Everytime things look like they're going up, Obama holds a press conference and the DOW Plummets.

if this were bush, they'd be calling for his resignation by now. but because it's the first black president... he knows what's best.

the blatant and idiotic double standard is more than Ironic... it's pathetic.

2005 days ago


even though obama was not my candidate (i wanted to vote for a really good independent, but we were lacking in those and i didnt like ron paul either), to be honestly fair, i don't know why obama would comment back to tmz of all people. i actually like tmz myself, BUT...i wonder if he'd say 'no comment' to other news source? like if barbara walters asked, what would he say?? i am NOT excusing his behavior!!! i want an answer too! maybe people should mail this story into their local newspapers & broadcasts. they DO want to hear from you.

2005 days ago

Lord Xenu    

My God, thats the creepiest photo every (those pregnant OctoMom comes close).

Where the heck are his eyes? Theres two black holes and nothing else? He looks like a black Skeletor !

Its like staring into the pit of H, E, double toothpicks.

2005 days ago


Obama was a bit busy yesterday, TMZ. I know, the world revolves around TMZ, and "the Prez" really shoulda given you props, he hasn't talked at all about any Wall Street excesses, etc.

2005 days ago


SO much sarcasm!!! I have a feeling any question posed by this tabloid will receive a "no comment"..... Why did you think that the leader of the free world would dignify your publication with response? Why would we the people want him too? And all I have to say to those who are now miserable b/c we finally have a REAL leader; Now you know how the other half has felt these past 8 years as we were being led by a moronic idiot with the inability to pronounce words with more than one syllable....

Get over it..... I have yet to hear a substantive argument to most of President Obama's agenda; most are merely thinly veiled comments on his race and background.....

2005 days ago


He's too busy hanging with George Clooney.

2005 days ago
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