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Ex Cowboys QB Poses for Cop Cam

2/27/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quincy CarterFormer Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter got a brand new uniform this morning -- a brand new orange jumpsuit.

Carter was just charged with drunk driving and misdemeanor marijuana possession stemming from a traffic stop in south Texas around 2AM.

Cops say Carter failed to use his turn signal -- and when they pulled him over the former NFL wash-out had bloodshot eyes and was slurring his speech. Carter was arrested and taken to Hidalgo County Jail.

Cops say the 31-year-old's blood alcohol level registered at 0.14 -- almost twice the legal limit in Texas.

Carter has since posted $1,000 bail and was released a few hours ago.

How 'bout 'dat Cowboy!

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2043 days ago


what a SUPER JACKASS. another delinquet cowboy in trouble with the law. this didn't happen back in the day when the owner and coach both had integrity and high expectations for the team. we miss you Tom Landry!

2043 days ago

hoochie mama    

Why do the PoPo wanna pick on the brothu ??? Don't they know who be 'da prezz?

2043 days ago

hoochie mama    

Quincy wasn't that bad a qb...he just couldn't keep the doobie out of his mouth..
Same ole, Same ole, with the 'Boy and Jerry's regime....
GEE I MISS JIMMY !!! Landry too, but his coaching style caught up with him, in the latter years of his coaching career.
Seems that Landry didn't want to go quietly, so Jerry did what he had to do, FIRE HIM....This is according to Brad Sham, LONGTIME voice of the Cowboys....I believe him...

2043 days ago

hoochie mama    

Carter wasn't a bad player, when he was with the 'boys, however he couldn't keep the doobie out of his mouth.
Landry was WAY PAST his prime, as a coach..the NFL caught up with him. It seems that landry didn't accept stepping down, when he was asked to do so. So Jerry had to do, what he had to do...FIRE HIM....and bring in Jimmy.
That was the best move Jones ever made...But Jerry likes to take FULL credit with the Cowboys winning 3 SUPER BOWLS in four years, (it was jimmy's teams)...and he likes to take credit for the personnel that Parcells built up, when he left. Too bad Romo doesn't have Staubach's and Aikman's FIRE/desire, when it comes to winning.

just my opinion...

2043 days ago


What a waste! He could have had the world. I even tried to give him the benefit... he just can't get it right. On another note, it was not "just outside Dallas." It was way in South Texas. It was near the border... gee... what was he doing near the border????? Good thing he wasn't stopped earlier, it may have been more than 2 oz of pot!!!! What a waste.....

2043 days ago


He gets the chance to play on a professional team like the Cowboys, yet he still acts like a common loser. There are plenty of responsible young guys out there who would trade places with him in an instant. Fame doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. More of these hot shot showoffs need to realize that.

2043 days ago


"Carter wasn't a bad player, when he was with the 'boys, however he couldn't keep the doobie out of his mouth. "

Are you possibly smoking the same thing ;-) He was horrible in his seasons with the Boys. Yeah, and as a Dallas expat, Hidalgo county is around oh......300miles from Dallas.

2043 days ago


It's funny how Dallas Cowboys name sells. Why not EX Arena Player, EX Jet, Ex Dolphins? Because all you dumb nuts believe everything the media spits out at you. Bunch of sheep!

2043 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Pro foot ball is s short career at best and TOO many players don`t do well AFTER football...they need to give them more after they stop playing.BUSTED down with medical and than drinkie so on don`t have to be that way.Teams should send thier EX-players back to colleges again and help rehab them(GOOD PR) for the teams and a better system.C-YA`s don`t build lifes from the leftovers.JAIL isn`t the way to fix the problem...they need help that they don`t get.EVERYONE loves to watch grown man kick the S out of each other on the feild so pay up for the fight card.

2043 days ago


he was stopped in mission tx which is about 500 miles from dallas tx so it's not right outside of dallas. www.krgv.com to see story

2043 days ago

Capt Jack    

Another one for the national felon league and its an Ex-Cowboy. Imagine that. Dummy!

2043 days ago


Jerry Jones needs to open his own prison to make bank off of all of his ex-player felons out there.

2043 days ago



2043 days ago

South Texas Girl (RGV)    

the reason he was in south texas (hidalgo county) was because he was suppose to be the starting QB for the dorados (arena football) but the deal fell through....damn what a waste because when he is not on drugs he is a good QB....

2043 days ago
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