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Molly Ringwald: Pretty in Pregnancy

3/2/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former '80s teen movie queen, Molly Ringwald has traded "The Breakfast Club" for the morning sickness club.

The 41-year-old is pregnant with twins and due in August.


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I loved Molly Ringwald in the 80's. Love those John Hughes movies.

1999 days ago


Ah you people crack me up. Medical doctors ARE NOT going to be surfing TMZ, not unless they aren't very successful ones. The successful doctors I know don't have time to be on here, but nice try. Oh, and I have nothing to be envious about but you people on here are giving me a good laugh because you continue to prove how totally clueless you really are, and you attempt to portray people you aren't. Have fun!

1999 days ago


Um Jean, just because you were "lucky" enough to have a medical condition to allow you to be in a bikini a week after childbirth (like that is really a priority after having a baby) don't knock other people for gaining weight during pregnancy. And just because you can still fit into your uniform from the 80's like that is a great accomplishment, doesn't make you better than anyone else, just because you have a thyroid problem. get over yourself. You're still gonna get old and fugly and no one will want to hit that in another ten years anyways.

1999 days ago


I'm with you greeneyedlass, I'm glad Mr. MD is over in Germany. LIke I would want him to be my dr. Molly looks great, tho, if she's not due until August that is going to be a long uncomfortable summer for her. And at least she has the means to take care of them.

1999 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Hey are about as clever as a rat turd

1999 days ago

I said it    

As a female, I can say this, SHE IS UGLY.

1999 days ago


You guys have so much hate for people on here. Get a life. Jean thanks for clearing up your medical issue. I have thyroid problems too but unfortunately mine go the other way. I've gained weight, and before you guys jump down my throat, No I'm not fat. I think your big mistake Jean was admitting to fitting in a bikini the next weekend. I have 3 children now and didn't go to the beach until they were much older than a week.

1999 days ago

RIP Michael    

F'n TMZ, can you pick a less flattering photo of Molly???? This site is devoted to feeding some people's insatiable need to feel better about themselves by hating on others. It seems that is MUCH easier to do than focusing on bettering oneself. Leave Molly alone, I'd like to see all these haters pics plastered on TMZ for people to put in their two cents. Save your two cents for things that matter. Better yet, take action....this world has enough big mouths, it needs people to "walk the walk"!!!!!!

1999 days ago


Wow, she looks different! But congrats to her!

1999 days ago

Wild Abra    

Yes, it's becoming much more common for 40'somethings to have children later on....but the reality is that after the age of 35, having a child with genetic disorders significantly increases. I understand establishing one's self before settling down for children, but why run the extra risk of waiting til your 40's when it's much more likely to harm your child? I swear, it's either women have the kids entirely too young, or way past their prime. I'm not trying to sound like a douche or anything, but it's just the facts.

1999 days ago


Looks nothing like molly

1999 days ago


she looks horrible looks way older then 41 more like in her early 50's and what ever too her career how will she support that baby when shes out of work whatever happened to her she hasn't been thing since breakfast club

1999 days ago

Go Away    

She is a wonderful actress, who has lived in France, and traveled. All my best.

1999 days ago


if I had to wait until im 40 to have children forget it thats too old.

1999 days ago


This comment is for #63. Molly is not out of work. She is in that show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I believe it is on Lifetime or one of those networks. It has been pretty successful so far. I haven't watched it but it has been on for a couple of seasons. Anyway, I just had a baby in October and I gained 33 pounds. I certainly wasn't a beauty queen during my pregnancy and I still need to shed about 30 pounds. Yeah she looks a little puffy but I mean she is carrying twins and she is over 40. Give her a break! She didn't look like this before she was pregnant so I am sure after her babies arrive she will get back in shape and look great!

1999 days ago
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