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Britney's Media Circus and Faux Circus Collide

3/4/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

britney's lip sync: launch photos


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Fake? You're soaking in it!

Waste of money for all who went.

1995 days ago


You people that gave bad comments are rediculous!! I know as well as you know that it is not humanly possible to dance and put on an awesome show and sing at the same time. You would not be able to breathe. Quit hating on Britney! This was by far one of the best concerts I have seen!! For you that are going to her concert: You will see that it will be well worth going!!

1995 days ago


Britards; Holly Madison (Hugh Hefner's ex) has just replaced Jewel in Dancing with the Stars. Holly will even dance circles around Britney because she can't even dance good anymore. Maybe Britney should stop smoking 2 packs of cigs a day and she might be able to entertain *rolls eyes* better.

1995 days ago


I don't know, No. 66. I think it is ridiculous to pay over $100 to hear a pre recorded song. The show behind her did most of the work. Britney won't be able to do this forever. She is starting to look ridiculous.

1995 days ago


Look at picture 3 or 16. I thought women were supposed to have curves, you know, an hourglass figure. She goes straight up and down like a ruler. Yeah, she has lost weight, she's not the hippo she used to be, but she is still bloated and over the hill. You can try to hide things with all of the costume changes and pyrotechnics you want, she is still a deeply unattractive woman.

1995 days ago


Geez, Papa Spears has Britney wear jewely on her nipples but won't let her have phone calls. Lots wrong with THIS family.

1995 days ago


Why doesn't she actually try to impress someone and just sing.

1995 days ago

Buck Farack    

LOL! I cracked up hard, especially #4 where you can clearly see her snap! LOL LOL LOL!!!!

1995 days ago

uh oh    

Larry Rudolph, said himself, that Britney's two small children would be at that concert and in the audience. I cannot imagine why her family allowed this. Personally, I don't care what she does or what she wears, but for two young children to witness their own mom doing porn on stage is appalling. I'm really surpised there is not more attention being paid to this. It was clearly meant for an adult audience.

1995 days ago


I am so proud of britney I know what its like getting off drugs and getting your life back together I think britney is an inspiration and I think theres soo many people who are saying negative things about this girl because they are jealous the fact is the woman has more ballz then most men I have ever met if every day you went outside and you had milllions of people critizing you how long would it be before you didnt leave your house....shes amazing shes got a lot of strength i wish i was half as strong as her!!!

1995 days ago


She's still jiggling in some of the wrong places. Too bad she'll never be as hot as she was before she went crazy. Definitely not a role model for anyone.. Why can't she just disappear into a trailer park and stop trying these pathetic comebacks?

1995 days ago


He said when she was on GMA, the kids loved it. As I recall they were crying and wanted their father, and they removed them. So, who's right? Re the person who thinks she's gotten' her life back together. She has not, unless you think having an adult-minder 24/7 for the rest of your life is 'getting better'. This family needs to go back to Louisiana.0

1995 days ago

uh oh    

UPDATE: Thank God Kevin banned the kids from being there. At least one person in that family has some sense.

1995 days ago


Good to see her enjoying herself on stage again, even though the concert looks like her old schticks

1995 days ago


she is not the same anymore meaning to say she is not that young anymore to do that concert not really amazing to me she should just take care of her children and stay at home, she looks funny with that attire. i am not going to watch her concert especially now it is recession and i will spend my money wisely she has already gotten everything why will i spend my money for her no way.

1994 days ago
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