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Cyber-Prudes Ganging Up on Sexiest Plane Alive

3/4/2009 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Southwest Airlines is in big, big trouble -- not just with the FAA, but with a band of angry cyber-geeks pissed about the half-naked bikini model on one of their airplanes.

sports illustrated plane
Ever since SW put Bar Refaeli's Sports Illustrated micro-bikini clad cover shot on a Boeing 737, people have been leaving tons of scathing comments on the Southwest Airlines customer blog page, describing the plane as "a Las Vegas Strip taxi cab" and "a flying porn ad."

But Southwest is standing by their Bar-fly, telling us: "We are proud to have partnered with Sports Illustrated on this promotion," adding that the response has been "about 70% positive, 25% negative and 5% neutral."


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Bash a Pap    

Conservatives will whine about anything!

2037 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Im surpised the National Organization of Witches (sorry, I mean Women) is not boycotting Southwest Airlines for its sexist use of a plane.

2037 days ago


I'd like to get IN that plane!

2037 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this. The swimming suit and the pose are tasteful. With the income they received from this, at least maybe South West will survive without a government bailout. Hopefully they will put a good looking guy on the other side for us ladies!

2037 days ago


Hey #4 and #5, SW did not kick that girl off the plane. She actually traveled as scheduled and the airline later apologized and offered her free tickets. It was a totally sensationalized story. As for SI One...awesome plane, and a brilliant way to tap into the NYC media market (since SWA is rumored to be servicing LGA soon).

2037 days ago


Looks like the people in 2A and 3A have the best seat on the plane

2037 days ago


or maybe I should have said they have the breast seat on the plane

2037 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

I've always had a grudge against stewardesses for different reasons. *you* can call then flight attendants, I won't. Anyhoo, we always fly Southwest and I remember the time one stew got on the PA system saying the captain would be with us shortly but he was in th bathroom screwing one of the other stews. Elegant.

2037 days ago


"proud" to be working with SI, aka CHA-CHING!!! i'm sure SW is hurting as much as pretty much every other business in our god-forsaken economy, so go for it!!!! it's a win-win for both companies, and we ALL gotta stick together and help each other out in these devestating financial times!!!! the righties have done ENOUGH to eff up our economy and country, dont let them prey on your anger and bitterness too. turn your back on the anger and hate of rush, sean, glen, ann, etc and embrace the rainbows, ponies, and sparkles instead----you're life will be TONS better!!!!!!!!!!!

2037 days ago


Who takes time out of their lives to offer Southwest a "neutral" response?

2037 days ago


sparkys nemesis

no way!!! i've always hated the laid-backness of SW. i'm all for fun and jokes, but there are some places i want professionalism---like 30,000 feet in the air where i have 0% control over whether my plance lands safely!!!

back in the day, when flying wasnt the hell it is now, i was on a flight that was waiting for a passenger from another connection(yes, airlines actually used to do those kinds of thing). the pilot was brilliant, he got on the speaker and told us we were waiting for this guy Bob (or whatever his name was). the pilot said, when he gets on the plane, everyone cheer wildly for Bob! it was HILARIOUS, and so smart of the pilot. bob's face as he literally came running onto the plane was priceless, and everyone was laughing and talking, etc. it was the best flight i'd ever been on, cuz after that people were talking to each other all over the plane, it was actually FUN!

2037 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

I like it. What's the name of the plane? Mile High Club?

2037 days ago

el polacko    

will somebody explain to the complainers that a girl in a bikini is NOT porn ?! sheesh.

2037 days ago


If they changed that bikini to a evening gown, people would still bitch. Will the whining ever end?

2037 days ago


There are far bigger issues in this world today. How about instead of wasting time on this, people focus their energy on real problems.
It is a girl in a bathing suite, so frickin what. I see girls in bathing suites all the time at the pool, are we going to tell them they can't do that any more too?
And as for the girl who was kicked off the plan for wearing in appropriate clothing, there is a difference. As a parent who might have been on that plan, there is a huge difference between a picture on the side of the plan and a hooker look a like inside the plane.

2037 days ago
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