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Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington

3/5/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rockin' a three-piece suit, Brad Pitt hit the U.S. Capitol for his hot date with Nancy Pelosi today.

The 45-year-old superstar is in D.C. meeting with members of Congress to discuss Angelina, his movies charity efforts in New Orleans.


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Michael Madsen    

Here's my assessment of America based on the previous 49 comments... you've obviously lost your will to live.

2035 days ago


Have you noticed how much Hollywood is showing up in Washiington? I cannot and will not support these people who use their fame to support "their" causes. They need to concentratrate on their acting!!! I will not go to another movie of Anglea, Brad, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johnanson...We made them famous and sometimes we do not agree with what they are representing to the public. Angela and Brad have not had one of their children here in the United States as far as I know. Yet we here in the United States support their movies. What is up with that? I say we need to quit supporting them!!! Making them wealthy while most of us Americans are suffering because of the economy!!

2035 days ago


Wow, dressed age appropriately, whats the occasion? Nice to see him without his gay little pashminas and pimp hats.

2035 days ago


Nolamomma - Remember the pictures on National TV, about 200 or more school buses just sitting there. Don't blame the Federal Govt. or President Bush, maybe you should look at your ELECTED officals. They did nothing to help get the people out. You got federal funds years ago for the levy, but your ELECTED officals did nothing. Look at Florida, Kansas and other states that were devastated they are not crying for more Federal help. New Orleans response after katrina when help came, was to SHOOT AT THEM. Really nice people in your neck of the woods. I hear half are still living in Govt trailers, helping themselves RIGHT!

2035 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

For those bitching about what a bad influence Hollywood has on Democrats and the Obama administration I have two words for you - RONALD REAGAN!!!
I guess Sinatra, Heston, famous psychics, etc...all helped make him an idiot too, RIGHT??

2035 days ago


#51 is right.

2035 days ago


WOW he looks so good. I have thought for so long that he has went down the drain but man... look at the bulge!!!

2035 days ago


Pitt is trying to imitate Sean Penn because Penn won the Oscar and Pitt really wanted it. So now this phony is ramping up his activist image.

2035 days ago


Pelosi is a loser! she wrote the stimulus bill that we'll all be paying for many years to come. Now he's going to washington to ask for more money for New Orleans. Hey Brad, just send New Orleans a check....Obama has already doubled our nation dept with pork and earmarks.

2035 days ago


..Look at his "package". WOW. Nice bulge bradley!

2035 days ago


Gagal -

Yes, I remember the pictures. And I also remember what I saw with my own eyes.

And speaking of ELECTED officials - Bush was the ELECTED official who cleared brush while this city drowned.

A few people acted like idiots in the wake of the storm. Yes, I'll admit that. Was it everyone in the city? Not by a long shot.
As for your allegation that half of the people are still in trailers, that's patently untrue.
Also, as for why we're asking for federal money, most of the damage to New Orleans was a result of bad levee construction by a FEDERAL agency. The government didn't GIVE us money to build the levees, THEY built the levees. Levees not up to code. Levees that failed.

You do realize that we are actual citizens of the US, right? We pay taxes and fight in the army and vote and everything. We're not looking for handouts or pity. We just want what we deserve. What is right.

2035 days ago



2035 days ago


OMG!!! He has a great heart and a beautiful face. This is one black woman who would love to" do" Brad and after he could adopt me, Hotness never looked so GOOD!

2035 days ago

Jane Doe    

The dumbass is building homes out of 2x4's and plywood, while using concrete pillars.

He should be building the entire home out of concrete and steel. Not only will it withstand hurricanes, floods and fire, but it is also more energy efficient.

2035 days ago


The public is sick and damned tired of celebrities trying to influence policy. JUST WAIT TILL THE NEXT ELECTION!

2035 days ago
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