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Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington

3/5/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rockin' a three-piece suit, Brad Pitt hit the U.S. Capitol for his hot date with Nancy Pelosi today.

The 45-year-old superstar is in D.C. meeting with members of Congress to discuss Angelina, his movies charity efforts in New Orleans.


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Party 'till you die!    

And I wonder how many people are bitching about the location of N.O. and why people rebuild there? Tell that to ALL of the idiots who live in the big shaker box of California. Of the Midwest tornado zone. Or the also hurricane prone East Coast. Or the volcanic zones of the Pacific Northwest. Or the........

2021 days ago


why do we care about Brad Pitt and his agenda? Either you are in movies or you are a public servant. You can't swing it both ways. No one takes you seriously. Look at Fred Thompson. If he is in washington, he doesn't need to wear such a Hollywood get-up. He looks out of place. Take off your shades.

2021 days ago


My friend used to work at the United Nations. One time Brad Pitt was there, talking with dignataries and acting like he was an important person. He had a small crowd around him. A high ranking UN official came over to my friend and asked who the guy was and my friend told him it was Brad Pitt, the famous movie actor. The UN official said," Well, he's an idiot and he doesn't know what he is talking about."

2021 days ago


Wow...and we can't get single pay advocates in what is probably the most imporant decision made by this admisrtaion?! Any celebs out there that don't want people to die becouse they cant affor a docters visit? This makes me sick.

2021 days ago


check out the bulge.

2021 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Alot of Republican's loved and worshipped Ronald Reagan and he was an actor and celebrity. I guess you are right, anyone who would think that an actor should be involved in politics is NUTS!!! Reagan didn't know what he was doing either...

2021 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Is Kelly drunk or just illiterate??

2021 days ago



2021 days ago


bulge...Hes Hot!

2021 days ago


he's sooooooo hot

2021 days ago


how does congress and the president have time to talk with all these celebrities? okay, pitt has a charity, why does he have to see pelosi and the government about new orleans? there are plenty of shows, reports about new orleans . if he says he is giving xx amount to the city, won't the government lower the amount? she probably just wanted to meet him. same thing with clooney, obama and dafur. doesn't the government have agencies that know what is going on in dafur, anybody watch the news? I know clooney knows alot about the country, but, I figure there has to be alot more people out there. and with the state of the government, can we divert the attention? shouldn't he be addressing the united nations.

2021 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Brads is a creap and a two faced lier he is the Pitt's and he belongs in the Pitt's of hell for being such a user of people just to get attention on himself. he makes me sick!!!!

2021 days ago

Left broken wing    

First and foremost, if you live by the ocean and the area where you live has the tendancy to be DESTROYED by hurricanes, I have some advice.....MOVE SOMEWHERE SAFE.

Second: Tax payer's money should not go to rebuilding these areas that are only going to get DESTROYED AGAIN!!!! Get the heck away from an area where natural disasters occur regularly!

Lastly, Brad Pitt made a boat load of money in tinsel town but he's still trailer park mentality and if his pants were any tighter around the crotch, his tiny package would poke right through. Just sayin'

One more thing, if these billionaire stars with their multiple 10 million dollar properties, each pitched in a million or two, they wouldn't have to annoy us with their "charity work" which they merely do for publicity. Seriously, a million dollars for someone like Brad Pitt is like $1,000 to the middle class.

2021 days ago

Left broken wing    

I live in the midwest and if there was ever a natural disaster that destroyed my town, I would be so outa here!!!!
New Orleans has repeatedly been destroyed by hurricanes! Can't these people take a hint???
Wow, it's like hitting yourself on the head over and over and over and over and over.......

2021 days ago

Left broken wing    

The thought of Nancy & Brad ......
......I can't decide who is more disgusting!

2021 days ago
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