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Britney Takes Kids to a Happy Place

3/6/2009 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Sean Preston and Jayden James in her arms, reassembled mother of two Britney Spears spent Thursday at Disney World in Florida.

Britney Spears

Later on, Brit put on skimpy outfits, danced and sung lip-synched on the second stop of her Resurrection of Britney Tour in Atlanta.
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Britney was amazing last night in Atlanta!!! I've never seen so many excited people gathered in one place in my life. Britney is officially back, bitch.

2059 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

To the last poster #42, you hit the hammer right on the nail. Britney's sheep goes crazy when the truth about their beloved hillbilly harlot sl*t is exposed. She won't ever go back to the popularity she had in her 1999/2000 heyday. Many fans from the BOMT/OIDIA era went to listen to other groups and discovered real music like rock and roll, either that or rap or country or classical. She's getting older and looks like she's 50 at 27 (not good). You are right, most people have moved on and not everyone likes either her or her Jive labelmates The Backstreet Boys anymore. Some people are helplessly trapped in Bill Clinton's last two years as President. Her 24/7 control from her dad is going to driver her to off herself in the not too distant future. She still pops pills to keep thin, smokes like a freight train (which killed her singing voice). She and her family have iron clad deals with Satan and they're all going to burn in Hell. I don't forget that this baby whined her dad's control is worse than jail? She's not ever been to jail. Jail is the worst bottom for anyone and it's all eyes on you when you do get released from prison. Sad that Britney's sheep love her strutting and lip syncing. There is no happy ending for this comeback, she'll plot a way out of her tour like she did two times before.

2059 days ago

Big Bear    

What would Britney do if the machine playing the singing broke and she had to sing with her own voice?? The noise would scare small children.

2059 days ago


22. I think she needs to stop writhing and grinding on stage at her age and who would want to see a mother of two acting like that ...gross. And hate to be mean but was she on drugs when she was carrying those kids cause they sure look weird.
She beautiful but her kids...what happened!

Posted at 12:03PM on Mar 6th 2009 by give it up

Careful, your envy is showing. She is still a young woman in her 20's with an amazing body, she can pull it off. Madonna and Cher, on the other hand, make me cringe. Also, there is nothing odd looking about her children., they are adorable. How lonely you must be.

2059 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ok, have been reading the reviews - can't wait to see her performance on 3/26. Just a little over a year ago, people were betting on when she would end up dead. She's come a LONG way - even if the c-ship is still in place, she could have just sat on her a** and not done anything like some other fat person who rears his ugly head every now and then. She is PERFORMING - so get over it people. On the other hand, instead of her ex and the boys' dad being on hand for support (I mean TO support) his ex and his childrens' mother (no, not Shar), he is at the casino gambling away that extra $5,000 a month he gets just to let her have the kids near her. He should be in the audience showing support - he does have a vested interest in this.

2058 days ago


Why Should K-fed go to her concert? Hasn't he suffered ENOUGH? (just listening to her say y'all a trillion times a day would make someone go over the edge)

2058 days ago


She totally sucked! Unless you enjoy watching someone walking around on stage like she's sleepwalking and on downers, and lipsynching. Britney used to be exciting to watch now it looks like she's trying not to yawn. I kept wanting to shoot off a cannon or something to see if she was really awake. Costumes also didn't fit her correctly. Looked like she thinks she's a size 2 but really should be in an 8. Maybe she never turns around in the mirror before going on stage. who knows?
As far as the kids go??? As long as someone else is taking care of them and all she has to bring to the table is fun when she feels like it then all should go well. But I doubt it, poor things.
Save your money folks, boring.

2058 days ago



2058 days ago

This is devastating.....    

I am so happy to see her happy & spending time with her children. I feel bad for her though because some people say such means things about her during her break down & even now. SHe has abreakdown & is not with the kids so people judge her for not being a good mother then she gets her act together & spends time with her kids & people still give her crap & say she uses them for friggen photo-ops..Seriously come on. Those comments are ridiculous & she can NEVER win which is sad. I do not think she is a bad mother nor did i ever think she was a bad mother. I think have 2 children so close together & having a divorce caused her to have a break down & she became lonely & allowed the wrong people into her life. She did not have a break down on purpose & it was never said she harmed her children. Yeah they saw things they should not have seen but she never physically harmed them. I also know that she chose this career but having camera's in her face 24/7 could not have been easy!! People do not judge the every day american when they have a breakdown because believe it or not other people have gone through what she has gone through & some people even 10 times worse but it was not video taped & they were not followed with camera's in their faces 24/7 so things were not said. Just because she had a friggen break down doesnot mean she is a bad parent, things like that happen all the time & now that she is trying she still gets crap. Lay off. Give the girl a friggen break!! ALso, who cares if she lip syncs i have heard her really sing & she really can sing You people who say she can't are just jelous! I would rather pay to see some one lip sync but put on one hell of a show rather then just stand their and sing live how boring is that yeah they are showing off their real talent but just standing there and walking around is so boring & not worth the money. No one ever sounds perfect live that is a fact. SHe may have lip synced for her circus thus far but a lot of other things were going on like the dancing, lights & the circus acts to make it worth the money & the fact that she only sang like one song live not such a big deal. I think she will get back to her old dancing ways & the tour goes on she just has not done it is so long she is working her way back in to it, working out the kinks & getting back into it. Take a while. She is a little rusty that will pass with time. I think she looks fantastic! I give her so much credit what she went through is not easy, anything but easy & getting back out their like she has is not something i could do especially this soon so my hat goes off to her & her family for the progress that has been made. People say the tour was to early she probably needed to get back out there rather then think about all that went on those past few years & i think this is like therapy for her she enjoys it & loves it & it is good for her. I think it helps that she still has so many people behind her. I wish her nothing but the best for health & success with her tour & i wish i was going. Her children are adorable to & they do not like spaced out like they are on drugs or like she did drugs while pregnant with them. People are stupid!

2058 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Boy 10:39, your blind ability to buy what the Spears Machine is shoveling is amazing! Sucker!

2058 days ago


that smile is as processed as Cheez Whiz and she still has crazy eyes. This is all just a charade, people. Her father, manager, employees, etc, are just glossing over the very real and scary fact that she is mentally unstable, due in large part to her thrust into the spotlight before she was even old enough to drive a car. Who wouldn't want to cash in on the money train that is Britney Spears? She is probably under a lot of pressure and duress right now. You know she is thinking "god if I can just get through this tour, I can go back to what I love...looking retarded around LA and drinking Starbucks." not that there's anything wrong with that....cause i sure like to look retarded sometimes lol. but i wish that people would not be so adamant that "britney is back" and "she's awesome" and all that other nonsense. sounds like there are a lot of ostriches out there. you're probably all the same people who think the financial crisis is just a figment of everyone's imagination. let's focus on facts here: she is not well. FULL STOP. it does not only take a few months of workouts and dance rehearsals to make someone fully recover from a mental breakdown, like the one britney had. maybe if we all leave her alone and let her move somewhere that has no paparazzi and record sale quotas, she would ACTUALLY get better.

eh, i give up trying to understand why people think the way they do.

2058 days ago


A typical Britney fan: (wow....Britney is doing great...we luv u !!!!!!!!!can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!) A realistic normal person that a Britney fan calls a hater: (Gee, Britney isn't even dancing anymore, she's just walking around and lip syncing. It has gotten old and boring).

2058 days ago


For one thing, you can tell she is always herself, because she takes horrible candid photos.. unless you guys are just putting the bad ones up... I give her credit for not being fake, because she certainly doesn't hide anything or care really..

2057 days ago


glad to see her back to her glory days

2059 days ago


Cute!!! Glad to see things are going well for her!!! Keep it up Brit!

2059 days ago
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