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Chris Brown -- Accused Felon's Night Out

3/6/2009 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A few felony charges did not stop Chris Brown from hitting the town after his court appearance for allegedly beating Rihanna to a pulp.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
TMZ caught Brown leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills around 3:45 AM. Brown spent much of the evening at the hotel bar with bodyguards.

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I HATE RIHANNA LOVES CHRIS SOOO MUCH. I'LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHRIS BROWN CD. IT'S NO EXCUSE FOR PUNCHING COVERGIRL SPOKESMODEL, GUCCI MODEL, SUPER-STAR SINGER IN THE FACE. HE DESTROYED HER GRAMMY NIGHT AND HER BIRTHDAY BASH. He MUST serve **JAIL TIME** at least for a month. Chris has a mental sickness and I know this is not the first time he has hit this young lady. Rihanna also needs mental help for accepting and forgiving the first hit and staying with this mentally distrubed young man. After, he gets help maybe in a couple of years the public will want to hear him. The damge is done and unfortunately he ruin his own career by nott controlling his inner raged.

2059 days ago


I say drop him off in the middle of St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados on a Thursday night and just forget about charging him. He'll get a real island cut ass and he won't have the balls to raise his hand and touch his own head after that, much less touch Rihanna again.

2059 days ago


man why don't eveRy1 leave him alone..poor guy...if Rihanna foRgave him cant eveRyone else...CHRIS BROWN i stil love u and everything about you...i support u 110%...and wish u all the best cause ima tRue fan...godbless u and Rihanna...takecaRe...

2059 days ago


@pixelz that was a beautiful comment..finally somene with some reasonable sence cmments here.

2059 days ago



The only BS is coming FROM YOU sweetheart. your obviously are not in my religion....and I have explained to you many times that God will forgive IF you ask for it..and yes I called you a devil called chris plenty of names in your passed post so dont get offended when someone does the same to you..

And your contradicting yourself by saying if he does it again..becuz obviously if he does it again..HE NEEDS HELP not jail time..and you said in your post that if somone you knew did what chris did you would want them to do jail time instead of seeking help..well when he gets out of jail, if not treated he WILL DO IT AGAIN and when that happens then what? more jail time?..your logic is so off the wall.

I really find it hard to belive if people were calling you out your name judging you (YES I said judging) without even letting you tell YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY or giving you your day in court to plead your case.. that you would just be ok with it...

And last.. I NEVER Wished ill on you V, I simly stated a well know fact of karma, what comes around goes around....if you got offended by that take it up with whoever created Karma (sence you've stated you dont belive in God)

2059 days ago

Chadae From Jamaica    

i feel so sorry for Chris I really want him to get help and get back on track with things and work things out with Rihanna i love u Chris but still u and rihanna looks so cute together

2059 days ago


I'm sooo glad TMZ and others are showing up this guy for what he is, because Rihanna certainly wasn't and doesn't want to. Thank you TMZ for that infamous photo you posted a while back. You took a lot of flack but everything's ok now. If the police did what so many sufferers of this type of abuse wanted, that is nothing, we would not know what a lowlife this guy is. Thank God too that the judicial system is still administered by people with some idea of right and wrong.

2059 days ago


288. She ruined his career? Was he in hospital with a punched up face causing him to cancel concerts two concerts or is he out and about showing his face in bars, joyriding on jetskis and updating his facebook with criticism of the woman he beat?

Pixelz 292, why do you think his mother was weeping? Do you think she had a flashback to the time he treated her, his own mother, so scruffily in the hotel with his borish behaviour breaking the wares causing the police to remove them? He has no damned manners. Hopefully you haven't raised your son to embarass you that way. What is it with you women and your sons anyway...raise these punks and then are seen by the courthouse crying. Seen it lots of times.

2059 days ago


Pixelz 292, would you be admonishing your son for beating a woman or would you wonder what part your daughter played in a man beating her? Good, I thought so. Nobody is getting off on his shame because he doesn't appear to have any; he's he's out and about enjoying himself... There was a point during the beating that that boy became psychotic with his blows, as evidenced by her injuries. Of course things are out in the public, they signed up for it when they became public figures.

2059 days ago


@betty dont know chris brown never met chris therfor you dont know if he feels shame or not. again with the judging.*smh*

as for them being public figures...thats no excuse to be all up in there biz...certain things should be kept private..such as this. leave chris the hell alone and worry about you own lives..the world would be such a better place if people worried about THER OWN PROBEMS instead of celebs...

2059 days ago


IN TEXAS WE HAVE TO BE 21 TO DRINK ---DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2059 days ago


I am shocked at how judgemental people are on here, you must be a bunch of angels because this young man makes a terrible mistake and you all want to hang him. Are you serious? There are teenagers stabbing and shooting each other on the streets and they go to jail and come and get a second chance, some of them go on to live very productive lives helping other people. What an ugly world we live in where people sit there playing The Almighty throwing a boy-man to the wolves. Ok lets just hang every single person who commits a crime, the queues going to be mighty long and I am sure most of you will be in that queue.

2059 days ago


Jazz, how do we know what someone may be thinking? Their actions. Did you see him on the jet ski? Did you see the note posted on Facebook which was retracted when he received much flack? And aren't you up in the biz too by your presence on this site?

2059 days ago


I agree with J.
Evereyone's acting like he killed or raped someone.
Just because he's Chris Brown doesn't mean he doesn't make mistakes.
I'm sure everyone knows or is with someone who has hit them before,
I know that's not a good thing to be beating someone but still, give Chris a break.
He's not the only one. He's young and he's got talent. Plus, he witnessed an abusive relationship his mom had before.
The media is just making it worse, just leave him and Rihanna alone. Go talk about R Kelly or something, KBYE.

2059 days ago


He can seek God in jail. Other people go to jail for having a spliff/marijuana and at the time they're not hurting anyone. We have here a victim beaten very badly by Brown 'allegedly' and he should not get jail time? Give me a freaking break. The details are gruesome, disturbing and paint a disgusting image of what took place. He needs to pay for his psychotic behaviour and get help - counselling not some 2 week anger management class!

2059 days ago
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