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Michael Jackson -- Pretty? Young? Thing.

3/6/2009 9:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With baby Blanket no longer a baby, Michael Jackson dangled his gorgeous face and waved his human hand from the window of his London hotel on Thursday. "Hello, my pretties."

Make me wanna scream!


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My God!! Who is that Scary Looking white woman in the window??

2027 days ago


Personally this guys going to rake in the dough

2027 days ago


He wont be able to hit the notes, make the moves, or synch up with the band on this tour----let the Europeans waste their money on him the same way that France has crowned Jerry Lewis their King of Comedy. They just would be wise not to leave their own young children alone with the man before or after his shows there.

Once bitten with what he has for kids, it doesnt go away. The man is a monster parading around as Peter Pan and the Pied Piper. He was never the same after Diana Ross made him the Scarecrow in The Wiz-----this sucker thought Never Never Land and The Yellow Brick Road was real...its what can happen when you are beaten and see your mother and brothers and sisters get beaten in front of you by your Father throughout your childhood. Chris Brown chose violence, Michael chose Pedophila as their own ways to deal with knowing they are not loved nor are those they love loved by their Daddy.

Its simple math folks

2027 days ago

Stupid Rihanna    

Michael did you really think that you can fool people in thinking that you were always white with long permed hair, with a nose straighter than a real white man? Wait a minute do you have a dimple in your chin?

Still got love for you though

2027 days ago

The Skizzler    

Isn't that a shot from Macaulay Culkin's second story bedroom window, circa 1985?

2027 days ago

Jesus Saves With Geico    

Has he thrown his nose---I mean, thrown his hat into the ring to take custody of Octo-Mom's kids, yet?

2027 days ago


It took time to glue the nose back on. MK is a walking research program into what too much plastic in your body does. Probably the best cast of anyone donating their body to science BEFORE they die.

2027 days ago


What is it with Europeans this and Europeans that so what if he wants to do he's last concerts in london the way your all going on would you really care if he had come to America? Probably not and thats most likely why he has chose not to im from the U.K and to be honest i really wouldnt care were he done he's last concerts i just think the U.K is lucky that he has chose to do them here,time will tell if he's worth it or not.

2027 days ago


Im sorry TMZ! What I really meant to say was I am Madley in love with him! Michael even did me is the ass at the neverland ranch. Such fond memories that will truley be missed

2027 days ago


His nose reminds me of the I Love Lucy Show where Lucy puts the putty on her nose so that William Holden won't recognise her. It was sharp & pointy and she caught it on fire when she lit her cigarette.

2027 days ago


he should just die already.

2027 days ago

Bethany =)    

Pretty? Young? Thing. Hands down - the BEST title for a story EVER. Kudos to the TMZ Staffers! Holy crapoly I'm laughing my A$$ off!

2027 days ago


Let's compare:

Elvis at 50 was a drug addict, extremely obese, could barely move onstage, had cheated on every girlfriend he had after Priscilla, including Priscilla whom he beat (see Chris Brown). Elvis, even after his death where people still claim to see him in lines at McDonalds, will forever be loved by white Americans. The King of Rock?

Michael at 50 is adored by fans all of the world save America where unsubstntiated charges leveled at him by boys most Americans would rather see deported, who owns the Beatles, not to mention his own catalogue is spurned in America where platic surgery is whorshipped except if its on him. A country that also elevates Woody Allen, who married his daughter and Roman Palanski who raped a 13 year old and fled the country, still at large to this day?

Typical Hypocrites!

2027 days ago


PRETTY? --------NO!
SCAREY?----------------------------------------------------HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

2027 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

I saw this azz-wipe on T.V. last night...Man, did he look like SH!T warmed over...WTF!!!!!!!! I wouldn't spent 10 cents going to see this has been in concert, that goes for lip syncing Britt-Whitt also!!!!!

2027 days ago
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