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Samuel L. Blown Away By Badass Lady Friend

3/7/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even the most bad ass dude in Hollywood took a step back yesterday when his friend Anna Horsford -- the mom in "Friday" -- sounded off about the kind of violent punishment that woman-beaters deserve.

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!


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and oh, a star teling people domestic violence is wrong is not gonna stop people from doing it, so it would be very useless and a waste of time for samuel l. jackson to even utter those words.

2022 days ago



2022 days ago

Triple Play    

Samuel Loser jackson is a puss. It's usually the guys that play tough guys in films that are punks He is a tough guy wannabe. He has no respect for anyone especially women. Loser Pig

2022 days ago


Sam Jackson is WAAAAAAAY too cool and WAAAAAAAy too smart for the douche-like tmz photographer and his stupid hypothetical questions....the photographer got handled just right.....That being said...anyone who beats on anyone--be it man or woman--or animal for that matter, is SICK!

2022 days ago

Bash a Pap    

She is a great and funny lady! And she is so very right...

2022 days ago


She's the lead actress from the NBC Show "Amen!" And thank God she has the guts to speak-up, where Samuel L. Jackson was afraid to!!!

2022 days ago

Triple Play    

After watching the video clip there is no mistake Jackson is an idiot and a sexist pig. He needs more than one jolt in the electric chair Fool that he is

2022 days ago


That is Anna Maria Horsford, she is an actress in alot of movies, she played on amen, the Wayans Bros Show, and she also played a battered mother in the Gridiron Gang. I see why she has strong feelings about the subject.

2022 days ago


11. Samuel L is a racist pig. The way he was laughing was him showing his true colors

Posted at 2:06PM on Mar 7th 2009 by EJ
Why does wondering why a White reporter gives a care about a Black man hitting a Black woman make him racist? It's just like when Christian Siriano was asked about the situation. Why would anyone care what he thinks? I believe Blacks are not speaking out because they refuse to allow Whites to use this as an opportunity to paint Black men as being violent. Given how nasty and racist Whites have shown themselves to be, especially since Obama took office, I don't believe any Black person is going to speak out against their own kind to the White media. They're going to keep their feelings to themselves. What Brown did was wrong but it's stupid to expect Black people to help crucity him publicly. Whites stick together, so why shouldn't Blacks?

2022 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I wonder what the car ride back to wherever was like (if they drove together)? I bet there was He laughed, she gave him the serious side eye, and then fireworks?

2022 days ago


She ROCKS!!!

2022 days ago

Jason Black    

Lady Friend??? That's the veteran actress Anna Maria Horsford, you freakin' amateurs!

2022 days ago

Jesus Saves With Geico    

He said, "There is no supposition in the real you even care about Rhianna?"

Translation: "Why are you asking me these dumbass hypothetical questions when it's all just speculation? You don't really care about Rhianna---stop trying to play me."

Yes, he had a chip on his shoulder, but that doesn't invalidate his point.

2022 days ago


She is the actress from the series AMEN. She looks good. She must be in her sixties.

2022 days ago


I totally agree with Anna Horsford. A man does not beat a woman 'till she's nearly unconscious. Chris must learn respect and perhaps attend Anger Management therapy and also seek professional medical assistance for his intolerable behavior. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and should not be permitted to get away with his abusive behavior. He did it once, it will occur again and again. BTW, if he has any endorsement contracts, CANCEL them. Chris is a bad image for any company who would even think about hiring him.

2022 days ago
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