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Kim & Reggie: Designated Driving Gone Wrong

3/8/2009 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Letting Kim Kardashian drive your $200,000 Ferrari is either true love or truly stupid.

Reggie and Kim: Click to watch!
That's what Reggie Bush did outside My House (the club), and Kim's skill behind the wheel was debatable, at best.

The car alarm sounded when Kim got in the driver's seat. Warning sign? We're just sayin'.


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I'm all celebs driving there own cars but hasn't reggie and kim ever thought about buying themselves like a nice ford or chevy or some sort of in expensive car second whats reggie doing driving any were in the first place what if he drives and gets into a wreck some were and can't play any more nd third whats with kim dating only black guys whats wrong with her dating a just a normal banker, casher who's white

2057 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

He should be in the gym training so he can actually earn that money and not out at clubs getting sh## faced.

2057 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

I don't understand why Reggie Bush would date this human toilet seat bitch. She's fugly in the extreme, she's stuck up & arrogant, she thinks she's a princess (when, in fact, she looks like an ugly mud skank) and is generally a total & complete bitch to EVERYONE. According to how she acted in her porno film, she's not even a very good lay. I guess he wants to piss in her face; not to many chicks would allow it. That must be the reason...

2057 days ago


hey you all but thats reggies car not kimmys. i know when i drive my boyfriends car i never know where the buttons for somethings are. duh!!! get a life. DONT BELIEVE ALL YOU READ - HEAR- OR- SEE

2057 days ago


17. xxx
Talentless I totally agree with and why this family has a reality show is beyond me. Guess some are entertained watching three nimrods bitch and moan for 30 minutes. Even in her movie Kim was lacking talent, surprised those that have sexual relations with her aren't charged with necrophilia. Why she didn't want to take it all of for Playboy is laughable considering what she did on that tape. Ladies probably have a direct line to the F.B.I. for all the idiotic things they do that they later regret and expect it to be fixed as if they actually have reputations worthy of rectifying.

2056 days ago


Dumb and Dumbest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry but Reggie can do soooooooooooooooooooooo much better Kim Hodashian is just so not RELEVANT!!!!!!!! Don't run from your teammates Reggie run from her

2056 days ago


he is stupid she has been with every one in the game shes a hoe with a fack ass come on get real he's young and stupid and has to much money then he no what to do with

2056 days ago


I love reggie Bush and he is to talented and fine to be dating a hooker like kim. After what Ray-j did to her in the video I didn't think that she was ever going to get another man not one with any creditability anyway. I guess if super head can get a man than so can she. Just go's to prove that hookers need love too. She got love and money! You did good for yourself but my little brother would like to know how much you charge an hour. The only hookers that he sees on tv are usually going to jail.
another little comment from lil ninja 600
to responed to my comments hit me on myspace

2053 days ago


allright everyone, if you won the lottery like today what kind of car would you buy, everybody get off the gas stop being jealous, everytime a celebrity is seen out inb public in an exspensive car everyone wants to find something wrong with that person.

2041 days ago

Top 10 Things Ryan Seacrest Said to Angelina Jolie    

Dear Reggie,

As I look at this picture and others of you with this Armenian waste dump, it is VERY clear that you are not happy. At 24 or 25 years old, you are young. Your hormones are raging and you are at a point in your life, where because of your looks, fame, and money, you can pretty much get any woman that you damn well please. I know that you watched the Kim and Ray-J sex tape. I also know that like most of your friends, you got off on it too! You admired the fact that a non-Black woman could be so loose, so easy, so very nasty and disgusting. And when the skank went so far as to get pissed on, this was just icing on the cake for you! So, when Kim pursued YOU, you were flattered. You probably thought, "I can't believe that she actually called ME!" (Little did you know this is the same calling card that she uses for ALL BLACK ATHLETES AND MUSICIANS, but in time, I will get to that). God knows that you watched that tape a million times AND jacked off to it more times than you can probably remember! And being a young man, I could understand the fascination. You FINALLY had the chance to not only sex this skank, but to also be publicly seen with the "Armenian wh0re that was in that Ray J sex tape." You KNEW that your family would NOT approve of this common wh0re (especially with her many diseases and all!), but what would your friends think? You figured they would be jealous because you were lucky enough to bang the diseased, tranny, Armenian wh0re!

Yeah. When you first met this tramp, you figured that being seen with her was something to be proud of. Over time, you NOW see that there is nothing funny about being with this trash. You SEE the snickers and evident laughter. You READ these blogs. You HEAR the utter disgust of your teammates. You are HURT that your family hates everything about this skank. You CRINGE at the opinions of 99.9% of the people on these blogs, who represent MOST of America. You have FINALLY come to realize that after sexing Kim, perhaps you should have kicked her out of your bed, peed on her, and tossed her a dime (her usual rate) on her way out of your house forever. You NOW SEE that you ARE a laughingstock....and it DOES NOT feel comfortable. It DOES NOT feel good...AT ALL! You want to slink away and hide. People are NOW calling YOU names for being linked with Kim. They are calling YOU "nasty," "skank," and "trashy." You want out. You want out NOW! But whenever the skank feels you pulling away, she cries and whines.... and she IS a freak in bed, stay. You continue to go to a place that MOST BLACK ATHLETES AND MUSICIANS HAVE BEEN, thinking "Can I ever get away from this sl*t?" "Is Ray J's weiner bigger than MINE?" "Kim screamed A LOT louder when Ray J was banging her than when I ever did!" "How wide are her butt plugs?" "Why does she ALWAYS smell like piss?"

But Reggie, there are GORGEOUS, CLASSY, RESPECTABLE, EDUCATED, BLACK women out there with high morals, do not have sex tapes and do not come from slimy and trashy families. Reggie, although you do not believe it, you CAN do better than this gutter tripe! End this now. End this now. End this now. End this now. End this now. The look on your face SAYS IT ALL. Real happiness DOES NOT look like this. You are miserable and it SHOWS. Break things off with this trash TODAY! After all, she will NOT miss you. In no time at all, in fact before you can say, "New Orleans Saints," Kim will be on her back for some other Black athlete or musician, OR getting pooped on in "Superstar, Part 2."

Betty Shabazz

2001 days ago
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