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Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

3/9/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown - NickelodeonEveryone's wondering why in the world accused woman beater Chris Brown is still up for two Kids' Choice Awards. We finally have an answer -- Nickelodeon is blaming the kids.

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

In other words -- kids rule! Who needs adults stepping in to teach young minds why Mr. Brown might not be the best role model?

Remember, kids also want cake for breakfast, unlimited allowance and the keys to Dad's new Porsche.


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@92. He's being given an award for his music right? not for if he's the best boyfirend. So they should keep him in the category. He's got his personal life yes, but that doesn't change his voice or his ability.

Posted at 11:37PM on Mar 9th 2009 by Ommsie





2022 days ago


Someone suggested kicking out someone for getting pregnant at 16 also. PLEASE give me a break! VIOLENCE in this world leaves people traumatized and dead, it's a very very serious problem. There does seem to be enough evidence and admission on his part to show that this did happen. He should not be qualified to win awards from this channel! Also... what about Rhianna? It's sad but apparently she did slap him first. Should that be a good role model and ignored also? Not blaming her at ALL for what happened to her. But what is violence? What is true? I dont know. I want more information but if there was enough evidence and admission on her part that she was violent towards him as well, I would suspend her from being able to win temporarily as well. Maybe she never actually injured him, but slapping someone is wrong, too. And what about reading someone's private text message on their cell phone? Opening someone's US mail is illegal - reading a private message is also unethical... I would not bar her from this because of that, just wanted to mention it while we're on the subject of role models... YES ADULTS should take a stand and show that violence prevents you from participating in life as we know it. It's just totally unacceptable, period.

2022 days ago


Okay all of you who say "everyone makes mistakes" and he should be forgiven...let him beat you to the point of death and see what you have to say then. He's done it before, he'll do it again.

2022 days ago


You people are so stupid! They are two young adults that got in a fight in which was initiated by Rihanna!!
It she what beat sooo badly wouldn’t she still have the bruises? The takes a while for a black eye to heal, and a week or two is not enough time. If you look at her how she is completely healed. She knows the true about what happen and her part in it. Chris is a young man what a promising future ahead of him. Why would you want to ruin with the stupidly spouting from you mouths???
Now, you really want to get technical about it…she should have been arrested as well for her part in the FIGHT!!! It is not okay for women hit men either. And I am sure this was not the first time she has hit him…Normally he would walk away. Unfortunately for her she took it too far and he had had enough.
Now I suggest that everyone back off of them because that love each other… and it is there business.
The domestic violence laws meant for a situation such as this one. It was for men or women that truly beat or kill their partner. Chris and Rihanna got in a fight with each other.
Tell me something …I am sure Chris made a statement and they took picture of him after in turned himself in. Why wasn’t that information leaked to the media? Because you don’t really what to know the truth! All of you fools just want to jump on the bandwagon …letting the media string you alone like puppets. To me the stories just did not add up…
Please people think about it… women you find your man is messing around on you…now tell me you would not hit him in the heat of an argument after reading a text from another chick??!!!???
If you said no you are lying to yourself….

2022 days ago




You people need to let this go, Chris Brown is human just like you. I really do not think that this young man's career should end over this. Why is it that when Africian Americans do something it's looked down by whites as if the crime has never been committed. You people need to get it together; first of all why are you acting like this 19 year child should be this great role model for your child/children you as the parent must be it. Ask yourself are you a perfect person, are you a perfect parent? No is the correct answer stop condeming and get your own home in order. Chris is a wonderful artist just like Brittney Spears whom abused her children by indangering their lives when she was acting like a psychiatric patient but did any of you WHITE people feel this way towards her HELLLLLLL NOOOOOO........ Remember abuse is abuse.

2022 days ago

That Don Guy    

I think too many people are going overboard about this.
First of all, "A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago" - I for one would like to know which "kids" were involved in a nominating process that left Shaun White out of "Favorite Male Athlete" year after year. (Kids can't even vote on what's considered the "big award", the Wannabe Award, so how that's determined is a mystery, although if Hugh Jackman wins, you heard it here first.)
Second, they keep saying "if kids vote for him" - the voting website doesn't check to see how old somebody is, and I have seen a number of adults already claim that they have voted "for their kids".
Third, keep in mind that one of the producers of this show is also the producer of the Teen Choice Awards, which has a disclaimer at the end that says the production company can choose any of the four top vote-getters in a category as the winner.
Fourth, even if Brown does win, there are always some awards that aren't announced on the show - they try to announce some during the commercials, but usually some awards are "announced" only on the web. They got through last year's show without mention Jamie Lynn Spears's name once; they can do the same this year with Brown.

2022 days ago


The idiots on here defending Chris Brown and Rhianna are absolute FOOLS!! No wonder this country is in the shape it is in. What Nick could do is pull this thug's aZZ, and tell ALL THE KIDS WHY! It would be dam* good lesson, and might save somebody's life! You're stupid, stupid, stupid!

2022 days ago


I do not understand this guy. I do admit I liked him as a singer. Then all this happens, and he comes out with a comment 2 weeks later saying that we should not listen to everything. I do not get how he could be chillin in Miami, playing basketball having his girl back. I think she has issues to cause she sings about all this songs about women empowerment and she is not doing anything with it. She is staying with a man no no boy that beats her for what? to get hit again. I used to like them both as a singer, but I know there personnel life should not affect how I think of them as an artist. But I think myself along with many other people feel like what are they thinking? Immaturity is present and he needs to be really punished so it will scare him straight.

2022 days ago


Even if this case about Chris Brown wasn't true, Kid's Choice should still kick him out. His image is pretty much ruined and having him be a "role model" to kids is sending the wrong message. IT IS NOT OKAY. Kick him out!

2022 days ago


I noticed a lot of people said "Well she hit him first so she deserved it..." in various forms....


She deserved to be beaten unconscious for slapping him???

What alternate reality do you live in? Suggestion: Get away from the person who's beating YOU and making you think that's true...

Now it's true, she shouldn't have hit him...but come on...that's a bit...excessive.

2021 days ago


Chris Brown and Rihanna are both young people, actually Chris is younger. I am from the Caribbean and the mother of four and I hope that none of my children ever finds themselves in this kind of situation. As parents we should try to help the two of them, obviously they both need it. Rihanna has been through counselling and she is still with Chris Brown, obviously that is where she wants to be. It is unfortunate how things turned out but it is not a hopeless situation, people can change with the right kind of support and encouragement.. The public and the media are being very harsh instead of getting to the root of the problem and coming up with solutions that will help these two young people. Forget the celebrity status and deal with them as two individuals. There are thousands of women and men that suffer this kind of abuse everyday and they are silent sufferers because in most cases nobody knows and therefore they do not seek help.

Nobody knows what happened and neither of the two are publicly saying anything. Many people think that Rihanna should leave, even Oprah is sending the same message. Rihanna knows this and she is still with him, maybe there is something that we don't know about, I don't know and you don't know, none of us were there. I am not condoning what took place, but I am only saying we shouldn't condemn any of the two. What will it prove if Chris Brown's career goes down? I am not a fan of Rihanna or Chris Brown's music, but I think that it is unfair for us to try to bury Chris Brown because of this. Get him some help, get Rihanna some help, I think they've both been penalised enough. I support Nickolodeon for not dropping any of them, that will just add insult to injury. Get the two of them the help they need so we could avoid this happening again.

2021 days ago


This is worse than the time they had a live performance of that Promiscuous song....or the time Britney didn't have a bra on and her nipples were there for all the 'kids' to see......the Kids Choice Awards are not for KIDS....whoever's in charge over there is not making appropriate decisions...

2021 days ago


I think Chris should respectfully bow out.

2021 days ago


The whole premise of the Kid's Choice Awards from the beginning is that kids get the opportunity to choose who they want to win the awards in each category. If you take away the kid's choice to vote for who they want, then you are negating the entire purpose of the awards show.

It is quite unfortunate that this incident happened at all. I don't think either person should have put their hands on one another.....Chris definitely should not have beaten her and she should have never started hitting him. It's quite easy to say what should or should not have happened, however, when you were not directly involved in the situation. The thing is to teach children to learn from this very unfortunate mistake and how to move foward.

2021 days ago


I say keep him in, we have all made mistakes because NO ONE on this earth is perfect, NOT EVEN THE POPE OF ROME!!!! I think he should have a public service announcement on NICK to let kids know that his behavior should not be allow or displayed!!! He is a young human being man, his fans still love him, he will STILL go platinum and sell out shows so WTF

2021 days ago
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