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Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids

3/9/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown - NickelodeonEveryone's wondering why in the world accused woman beater Chris Brown is still up for two Kids' Choice Awards. We finally have an answer -- Nickelodeon is blaming the kids.

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown "was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

In other words -- kids rule! Who needs adults stepping in to teach young minds why Mr. Brown might not be the best role model?

Remember, kids also want cake for breakfast, unlimited allowance and the keys to Dad's new Porsche.


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It's called kids choice for a reason let the kids decide.And be role models for your own kids

2019 days ago


WE WILL NOT LET IT GO! SO YOU CAN GO TO HELL WITH YOUR "No one is perfect" BS!!!!!! He committed a crime so he sufffer the actions! I am sick of little groupies psychos like you thinking your demi god celeb can do what the hell ever and get a tap on the wrist! You're PATHETIC! Trini Girl you are sad! Age is NO EXCUSE! There are 12 year olds serving time for what they did and he's no different! But typical little groupie wackos like you don't give a damn! They can shoot their own parents and cheere about it! All you care about is shaking your ass to their music! PUT HIS ASS IN PRISON!!!!!!!

2019 days ago


We are all free to give our opinion TIAHZII and if you want to be agressive in your response, then it says a lot about you. I have children older than the two of them. I don't own any of their music and I never will, their music simply does not appeal to me, so I am definitely not a groupie. Seems like you need anger management yourself. This is no way to behave, I am sure that you have not lived a perfect life and you made mistakes so don't throw stones.

2019 days ago


Chris Brown can beat a woman without reprimand, but Michael Phelps can't hit a bong without his professional world collapsing?

Man, this country's priorities are out of fscking wack.

2019 days ago


You Trini are a sad person who has issues! YES WE DO NED TO BE ANGRY ABOUT THIS YOU SAD ASS GROUPIE!!!! He attacked Rihanna and threatend to kill her! Sounds to me like you have a violent son that you make excuses for! It's sad to see that if Chris Brown was regular average joe, you would demand he gets jail time for being violent on his girlfirend, but as long as he is a superstar, your ass gives him a tap on the wrist! KICK HIS ASS OUT OF THE NICKELODEON AWARDS BALLOT!!!!! This shows the greed of the Nickelodeon corporation's attempt to make a buck while hiding behind children! Blcak your girlfriends eye and get an award while his groupies make the saddest ass exsues on his behalf! We will NOT let this go! We will talk about this DAY IN AnD DAY OUT until justics is served!!!!

2018 days ago


Wow Tiahzii! Calm down. Get some help. Sounds like you are the one with all the issues. I think I've spent enough time on this. Time to move on, I have children to take care of and thank God none of them speak the way you do, it would certainly be cause for concern.

2018 days ago


GO TIAHZZI!!! There are many like Tiahzzi who are sick of celebs getting viewed as god and above the law! Folks like Trinigirl is down playing this because she knows the more it is talked about chances are the harsher his sentence might be! You calm down Trini, this won't be hushed down!

2018 days ago


honestly...nickelodeon is schoice awards are up to the nowadays are really smart for their age so if they still believe that chris brown deserves his awards then give them to him...for one he is human and everyone is capable of making huge mistakes....not only that his personal life has nothing to do with his music career...we as a nation like to put so much pressure on celebrities as if they are the ones we are supposed to get quidance from....our guidance should come from our parents and our spirituality.....celebrities are humans too......

2018 days ago


We have to forget about their status and remember that they are also human beings. They are young and it's not too late for them to learn. I divorced my husband for the very same reasons. The last time he beat me the police found him with a knife to my throat. Yes I divorced him, but I knew that he had a lot of issues and they started with his childhood. I didn't condemn him after the divorce, I told him that he needed help and he should get it because I knew that he didn't want to be that way. He got help and he has remarried for about 11 years and he has never raised his hands at his second wife. He is now a completely different person because he got the help he needed.

There are all kinds of abuse including verbal abuse and sometimes verbal abuse is more painful than physical abuse. Some people are being very abusive in their comments here and then they condemn Chris Brown. Yes I understand that you must be upset, but two wrongs never make right. This shouldn't be about trying to end someone's career, this should be about recognizing there is a problem and getting two people the help that they need, then the other young people who are looking on will learn from it. Even if Chris Brown goes to jail, he will still come out the same person he is if he doesn't get help. Rihanna also has to recognize that you have to set boundaries. If she loves him, then she should insist that he gets help and support and encourage him if he does.

Get them the help that they need..

2017 days ago


This amazes me! Where were all of you "Fire his ass!" fanatics when Eminem was beating his wife? or when Heather Mills said Sir Paul kicked her ass? Do you actually think Chris Brown is the first celebrity to go through this? You will be hard pressed to find a person who got fired for domestic violence unless it was criminal case that resulted in inprisonment. Violence is wrong, DV is dead wrong but there is a double standard........

Hopefully Brown gets counseling - It was the wrong thing for Rhianna to do to reconcile so quickly dude needs help! If he hit her like this in public this has definitely happened before and it will happen again. It takes a certain kind of person who will put his hands on you in public. It is simple though, Do you think that just because he hit her all ot the love went oozing out of her lip? When a parent spanks their kid or swat them across the butt do you think they stop loving their parents?

Nope, Unfortunately this is a hard lesson for them both to learn. Chris should lay low, but him losing his job should not have any bearing on this and entertainment is his job

2017 days ago

Lover girl Erin    

I do agree with the person who said that it is the kids choice if Chris wins. I mean, it is called "Kids Choice Awards" Why should the adults step in now? Him beating on Rihanna, is his personal business! Why should that affect his career????

I wish Chris would come out with another song sometime soon! Because I miss him. (Crying face)

2016 days ago



2012 days ago
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