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Rihanna and Chris Brown


Feel the Love

3/10/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has all the details about the secret late-night recording sessions between Rihanna and Chris Brown -- and they were jam-packed with emotion and serious drama, with some playful touching -- seriously.

The whole thing came together when they decided to reconcile shortly after the attack. Sources tell us music producer Polow Da Don convinced both Chris and Rihanna to get in the studio and record a love song stat, stressing that timing was important because the heightened emotions would translate powerfully into the music.

Both Rihanna and Chris agreed and snuck in a couple of "late night" sessions that we're told were "very, very emotional ... the feeling in the room was pure love." Clearly, love hurts.

As for how they got along, they were "playfully touching each other."

We're told the song was originally written for Rihanna before the fight, but after the beat down the producer believed the track -- which ironically focuses on overcoming difficult challenges as a couple -- would be the perfect duet.


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As a survivor of an abusive relationship, let me tell you, it is not that easy to leave the relationship for good. My ex-boyfriend left me battered and bruised numerous times, and I just kept on going back to him. Unless you have been in this type of relationship you have no idea how difficult it is. The abuser will mess with your emotions and make you feel as if it IS your fault he attacked you, and then you end up giving HIM the sympathy. I would always use the "he had a really rough childhood, he doesn't mean it and wants help" excuse to justify what he did. I am an intelligent person and up until then I thought I had a good head on my why could I be so stupid as to keep returning to him? The same reason almost EVERY other woman in an abusive relationship returns. I was delusional, paralyzed with fear, and naive.
Rihanna is not thinking clearly right now, but she eventually will. Chris Brown deserves all the negative comments and deserves to be locked up, but please, only give Rihanna support right now.

2052 days ago


Chris is only looking out for himself. He's only doing all this TRYING to reestablish his career.. but thanks to him Rihanna's career is going down the drain! i felt sorry for her at first but her stupidity to get back with Chris, especially knowing how many young girls look up to her, ive lost complete rspect for her.

2052 days ago

katie love    

I think the fact that Rihanna has taken him back is just as disgusting as Chris Brown beating her. She is setting just as much of a bad example as he is. They both should know better. I wont buy any of their music anymore and am deleting it from my iPod. What kind of example is she setting to her young fans by taking him back? She is basically saying that it was okay that he did that.

2052 days ago

zarriah boone    

Rihanna is crazy. Ok maybe in so called love with chris. but didnt she see what tina turner went through

2052 days ago


Right. Instead of getting counseling they BOTH need, they're counseled to 'make more money'.

2052 days ago


I knew that was going to happen!!!!!

I have to go get 5 bucks from my sister!!!!

2052 days ago

J-Lo Lvf1    

For #141 Then mind your own business!!! you just mad cause the truth hurts!!! Everything started cause of Chris:

1. How did the girl have his #?? Answer (Chris)

2. He was slapped first because: A. He was cheating B. Does not know how to be a player or C. Cause his not a real man to stand up for his mistake. Answer ( All of the above)

You should not say anything because even if Rihanna slapped him he should of been a man enough and realize he made a mistake, if he would of never got that text, none of this would of happened. If he knew he wasn't gonna be faithful to Rihanna, then he should of never been with her!! and he had no right to hit her, he could of just stop the car and made her get off, If he was your man and he was cheating on you, I know for a fact you would of slapped or or hit him.. I went through it so I know how it feels when someone does that to you and your really hurt, but I thank god I left that ass H*%e cause he is not worth it. Like we say "There are more fishes in the sea" She could find a better man! I hope she look for a real man not an abussive child!!!!!!!

2052 days ago


Why wont they just DISAPPEAR???

2052 days ago


One of the sorriest things here is that Chris Brown has everything to gain. He could sincerely feel love for Rihanna, mixed in with resentment/hate/anger. He could also be using her. One thing is certain. Oprah is right, he WILL hit (her) again. Rihanna should stand back and let Brown seek the help he needs -- alone, out of the spotlight. A real man would remove his name from any public voting polls right now, telling the teens and young people not to vote for him, but to wait until he gets help and deserves their votes when he is a stronger more trustworthy person.

2052 days ago


None of the bloggers here were ever CB or rihanna fans. Just a bunch of outsiders who think they know the couple and feel that an emotionally damaged young woman who may just be immature and confused should be called every name in the book and not given caring advice. Oprah and a few other celebs are the only sincere ones in there expressions of caring. Everyone else is just talkin cause its the topic of the day. They dont really care about women's issues or about Rihanna. Hence the bitter hateful, nasty comments directed towards her. If she was making a bad decision and had to read these types of comments, no wonder she will block everyone out and want to make her own decision, perhaps to her detrement.

2052 days ago


Rhianna's career will also tank if she keeps on going around with Chris Brown like this.

2052 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Rhianna is as big of a Nut Case as Crazy Chris if she truly goes back to him. He's paying her a ton of money to keep quiet. Why would she even want that Lout, anyway? Love is blind but this is way too disgusting and alarming. Run, Rhianna, Run, before it's too late.

2052 days ago


I can not believe what I read day after day. Seems to me, they take the advice about the careers and that's it! That is all he cares about-HIS career. As far as she goes, will someone please, JayZ, B, ANYONE, get her away from this thug so she can think for herself?? This is f###### Horrible!!!

2052 days ago



2052 days ago


Chris B. is alienating her away from her family and friends! He is going to kill her. He is only playing lovey dovey and nice to her, because of the arrest and future trial. He is going to kill her! He only bought her the $50,000.00 ring to control her into believeing he really loves her! HE DOESN"T! He is going to kill her! This is all about him trying to get away with jail time! He is going to kill her! Rhianna love doesn't hurt! What he did to you is not an accident! And it's not your fault! Mark my words........HE WILL KILL YOU IF YOU STAY WITH HIM!
Do as Oprah said. Get some help! Don't listen to P.Diddy. He is a PUNK!

2052 days ago
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