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Tim McGraw

Lunch Date Romeo

3/10/2009 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There isn't a single profanity, drunk, drug reference, panty flash or crime committed in this video -- it's just hard not to like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: Click to watch


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People who obviously love each other. How refreshing!!!

2052 days ago


Very refreshing indeed despite her being a bitch. A very pretty bitch though!

2052 days ago


eeewww. phonies.

2052 days ago

Wanda W.    

Theres a reason that there has been no scandals with these two................................. THEIR BORING, BOTH ALONE AND TOGETHER!!!!!

2052 days ago


Totally cute couple... a REAL couple that will withstand the test of time.. pure class! I loved them before they were a couple and loved them more when I found out they were together. Nothing but good things from them and their cute family!

2052 days ago


Awh they're so cute!! I love real couples...they're the kind of people that would invite you over for beer and bbq...LOVE IT!! maybe chris brown should take advice from tim mcgraw. Tim can show him what a real man is

2052 days ago

Ms. X    

Don't be naive. There's some skeletons in their closet. He's a hot head. I wouldn't doubt if some Chrianna action has gone on.

2052 days ago


We know he is bald, why does he continue to wear these old lady cover ups on his head every time he is without a cowboy hat? Or those awful Burt Reynolds toupees - YUCK! His mother's biography has several pictures of their wedding and he is completely bald. Enjoy your bald head Tim ... be proud!

2052 days ago

Ya Think    

Yes indeedy...there are some skeletons in the closet and the folks in Nashville have known for years. He's a hot head with hair plugs and she's a coke head with breast implants (exactly why was it that the last kid was born so early????)...and they both think they're royalty for some reason. Hollyweird, you can have 'em!!

2052 days ago


It is well known around here that these two are both crackheads. It is a known fact around Nashville. And before their psycho fans come and jump down our throats, it isn't jealousy. These two are arrogant and pretend to be so wholesome. Their youngest daughter was born early because Faith chose to continue drinking and doing drugs. They have been in rehab but it hasn't done any good. And Tim is known to have a temper and there have been rumors of abuse for many years around here. These two would make for good reality tv if they weren't so fake. The only down side would be their kids aren't really "tv" friendly. These two for being so nice looking have fugly looking kids...two out of three at least. The youngest is cute but the oldest has a weight problem (hire a nutritionsist) and their middle one looks like a boy. No wonder they keep them hidden away. Not very nice kids either from what I hear.

2052 days ago

Feeling So Hollywood    

I love how certain "insiders" in Nashville are stooping so low as to insult children. I am sure you are just jealous because they are successful and own beautiful homes in Nashville, Brentwood, and Leipers Fork and you probably live over in the slums by TSU and LP Field. You "insiders" are probably low life country singer wannabes who couldn't cut it in Nashville and now wait tables for a living. Say all you want about other adults because you are unhappy in your own life, but leave the kids out of it. It just proves how lame you really are.

2052 days ago


you people are so full of sh*t. druggies and hotheads and ugly children. have you ever been told that if you can't say something nice, then don't say it AT ALL. you think you're all high and mighty and you believe you're any better then the people you're talking sh*t about? yeah RIGHT. it's funny how you're judging someone so badly, but you never thought to think how rude and stuck up you sound. so shut your f*cking mouth. ALSO, calling someone ugly, ESPECIALLY a child, shows just what kind of person you really are. it's easy for you to call someone ugly as you're cowardly hiding behind you're computer in secrecy.

2052 days ago


Here come all those psychos. Everything I said is FACT. And I said Fugly not ugly so please get it correct. As for the I am successful without being a druggie. Top music execs will tell you all about the Mcgraws.....just walk around and ask!

2052 days ago


to losers-

go f*ck yourself. honestly, you're worthless and no one cares about your so called "facts". have you seen tim mcgraw become a hot head, have you personally seen them smoke crack? didn't think so. you're like every teens worst nightmare in highschool. spreading rumors about people you don't even know. GO GET A LIFE! and a better personality.

2052 days ago


awwwww and your so classy yourself. Sorry to have taken them off that pedestal you put them on. Have I seen it? No but people I know have. You sound like a teenager, not quite articulate.

2052 days ago
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