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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Together ... Or Not

3/11/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Together or Not
Sources connected with Rihanna and Chris Brown tell us there's friction in the two camps -- over whether Rihanna and Brown should be seen in public together.

Rihanna's people are on high alert to make sure no one gets a photo of the alleged victim and the alleged felon together. They believe at this point it would be "extremely damaging" to her career. That may explain why we got video a few hours ago of Rihanna leaving a club at 4:00 AM without Brown.

On the other hand, Brown's peeps want nothing more than the shot showing that they're tight.

And then there's this ... a number of people who interact with Rihanna both personally and professionally want her to cut Brown out of her life for good. They resent him and are outraged at what he did.

Relationships are complicated.


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Michael Madsen    

I support HMP too.

2019 days ago

Sue Wong    

Rhianna needs to put up a picture to look at what Chris did to her when he calls or comes crawling back. Then she puts one up of Chris Brown and throws darts at his ugly face. Put a picture of Tina, the manager beside him. That ought to get the loser out of her system. She should avoid him thereafter.

2019 days ago


Kevin in Atlanta ~ Law suit please! You might want to go look the word "alledged" up before, you make an assinine staement again!

2019 days ago

hate her    

Nobody on this site knows what they are talking about. Rihanna is the abuser in this relationship, and Chris is taking all of the fallout. She thought that she had a free pass to beat him until he finally had enough. With two people fighting in a car injuries can come from anywhere, like hitting your head on the dashboard, the steering wheel, anything. Rihanna lied through the entire police report. If the evidence so overwhelming, then why did it take so long to charge him. It's all based on her testimony full of lies, but don't worry, the truth will come out.

2019 days ago


Its funny how one minute your career is going so well and your "fans" are with you were you up, but then something happens and you are no good or just a bad person. What brothers me is this - We have two people young adults who's career were going so well before all of this stuff comes out. On one hand people say they are a cute couple and then on the other hand she should break up with him and he's no good and all of that. The media are looking for rating and a good story to keep their business up and don't care about who they hurt in the process. Yeah it was wrong for what happen but we don't know what really happen only they know. We need to be "praying for them both" who wants their name out in the public eye thrown in the mudd. If you were "true fans of them both" then pray for them. This why we have so much mess up stuff going on now the world. Chris and Rhianna needs better "people" in their circle because they should have tried to keep this more private about their lives. I'm going to continue to pray for them both.

2019 days ago


How is a photo of them together damaging BUT them singing a song together issnt ?
RiRi is ruaning her career. If she would just take a stand, her career would sky rocket and Chris Brown would really pay for what he did. By her taking him back she's saying it's ok for him to hit and abuse her. SHE'S TAKING ANOTHER HIT FOR HIM !! A HIT ON HER CARREER

2019 days ago

Michael Madsen    

YOu might want to learn how to spell "alleged".

2019 days ago


I used to like Rihanna but after letting her fans down, I am not buying her music anymore.

2019 days ago


The only reason they're still together is that Chris Brown threatened to KARATE KICK her in the chest if she left him!!!!!

2019 days ago


Every so often the celebrities need and go through a poster couple of abusive lovers (dysfunctional) This is "the new and improved " Whitney and Bobby Brown, it is the second coming of acceptable trashiness. This is also a reminder that no matter how much people say they want to have a better life there will be some who just cannot see the tree from the forest. She will have to pop out babies and ruin their life with a poor excuse of a male? before she gets some sense. In addition she needs to stop being the loud black girl who slaps a man in the face because of another woman, it the schmuck had another girl calling and he was receptive to it get the hell out of the car and dump his ass.

2019 days ago


Nick needs to pull Chris Brown from the March 28 awards show. What kind of message are they sending to the children.

2019 days ago


she is his punching bag and door mat!!

2019 days ago


#32 one incident is not domestic abuse!? How dumb are you? guess you like abuse to huh? In the state of Mich. one slap is domestic absuse, 93 days in jail!! Once is to much! We take domestic abuse very serious!!

2019 days ago


He is only a teenager? He was sleeping with his 40 year manager before Rihanna? He beat Rihanna bloody because she was jealous of his promise to meet up later with his ex? Chris Brown has all of the characteristic of a closeted homosexual. The fixation with an older woman and obviously anger and hatred towards women as an abuser. In need's to go to prison, be someone's bitch, and take it where he has wanted it all along.

2019 days ago


As someone said before, they are KIDS. People want this girl to be a role model for young girls...nooooo that's the parents job. All I know about Rhianna is that Rhianna isn't her real name, she's an ok singer and what her p.r. releases to the media. In my book that's not enough info for someone to be a role model. Chris Brown is a child who clearly needs support from men who know the difference between right and wrong. The people around these 2 are in it for the money and could give a rats azz with what's really going on. Give it time another so-called celebrity will get to skinny or too fat or call their kid hurtful names on tape, or molest or od or drive drunk and kill someone. Just another day in the life.

2019 days ago
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