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Tina Davis Denies Sex Texts with Chris Brown

3/11/2009 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Davis & Chris BrownTina Davis, the woman TMZ identified as the person who sent Chris Brown the text message that ignited the infamous fight with Rihanna, is firing back at suggestions the text was of an "intimate nature."

Davis just issued the following statement through her lawyer, Marshall B. Grossman:

"The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship. The rumors in circulation are false. There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports.

If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken. Given the nature of the legal issues affecting Mr. Brown, Ms. Davis will not be making any further statements."


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THIS IS NOT TRUE, ITS SO RIDICULOUS, to you the media (in general) stop with the fake rumors cause they are just getting ridiculous, PEOPLE think about it, if it were true theres no way rihanna would of have been back with him knowing that, chris probably has the contact of his manager in his cell phone like rihanna or like any other artist would, so if it would of been her texting since rihanna saw the text she would of known it was her because the name would of comed out in the screen so the manager rumor is definatly FAKE, i think the media is lying about this and are using her manager to say she was the one who send the text message because there was once a rumor about it before but was clarified & NOT TRUE, JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE, & again to the media just stop making fake rumors cause they are getting ridiculous already, I GIVE MY SUPPORT TO CHRIS AND RIHANNA!!!

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Its really tiresome to hear over and over how this is all Chris's fault cos he snapped and bit his girl. You got gals like Oprah, Tyra and Perez going on and on stereotyping all men as abusers. I wish more guys would stand up for Chris and ask the most obvious question-- "what made you snap, what made you loose your mind???". Its pretty obvious that this gal is very needy, clinging, paranoid type of woman. Chris needs to dump her and move on & she needs to let go too, I hope Chris's mgmt team does help him on his long road to redemption what with society's 'pre-conditioned mind'. I hope some male celebrities stand up for him and encourage him to become a role model for all men of his generation who are trying to have a committed relationship. Enough with the male bashing!!!!

2054 days ago


The statement is NONSENSE... it is VERY well-known in the industry, that T. Davis was sleeping with CB when he was a child @ 16 yrs. old! I would like to know where the hell was his mother when ALL this was going down?????

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These people are lying bastards and bastardress. he-he

They want to be technical so their statement is "There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports."

But the thing is it was not an email but a "texted message." A text message would not qualify as an email because it just ain't. I hope they subpoena her f--- g ass and we'll see who is lying.

Now, eat that s--t!

2054 days ago


@# 50- But whether she texted him or not, she is not responsible for his insanity. She IS responsible for trying to "spin it" or cover it up in the media, if she has done that.

Posted at 8:28PM on Mar 11th 2009 by Georgia D

---- Actually thats incorrect. People who are sexually abuesed are mentally and emotionally destroyed. All most everyone who has been abused sexually has been guilty of violent rage of all sorts. It would make good sense that at fifteen( a child) a regular sexual experience would have been with a saggy stretchmarked woman instead of someone his age. Yuk- just think of it of the time, if ever a time, that you accidently saw your mom naked- ew. Now think of the nude mother figure doing sexual things to the person( sick). So now you have this young man who has a twisted partially grossed out mentallity towards women, but will stll sleep with one sine he has a sex drive, smh. I believe she did it, I believe he has some issues with women because of it, I believe that because he is adept to the maturity of a GROWN WOMAN, that a little girl like Rihanna and her antics would be an easy irritant to him, especially since he is already mentally screwed from being molested into the music industry. He has no life ( career that is) without Tina Davis. And every pedophles threat is that if you tell they will do something to hurt you etc. To tell on her would have meant to loose his career( to be assumed since young people are easily manipulated). He needs to tell on her NOW. And they put poor Rihanna in the mix to cover up the rhumors, he was never intrested in her, and they used her a a pawn. Chris needs to tell on Tina( if its true, and I believe it is), he needs to go to a sexual therapist and work on some things, stay away from Rihanna since he obviously is not that interested. And, RIHANNA NEEDS TO SUE THE TINA DAVIS COMPANY FOR USING HER AS A PAWN AND GETTING HER INVOLVED IN THEIR LITTLE COVER UP WHICH RESULTED IN HER GETTING HER HEAD BUST!!!! Poor child just got used all the way to tha dam hospital! SMDH...

2054 days ago


TMZ has been pretty accurate with info regarding most of their celebrity news stories, and they have "connections" so I wouldn't be surprised if Davis is really the one who sent that text message. And police can obtain phone records pretty easily. This story actually makes sense especially with Rihanna claiming to have pretended to call her assistant making sure police were there when she got home. After Rihanna finding out who the text was from knowing how big this scandal was, made Chris panic because it would be pretty embarrassing for something like this to get out to the public. He probably thought that she really did make that call. All parties involved would be pretty humiliated.

2054 days ago


Yeah right blah blah blah. OF course they were doing the wild thing, you can bet 95% chance on that.

2054 days ago


This entire situation makes me sick. At the end of the day, Chris Brown still BEAT HER! PERIOD. The rest of this bull CB's camp keeps bring up means nothing. I hope goes to jail....and if he gets off, its only because he owes the big boys BIG MONEY!...after they get there investments back, he's done! Shame on them for making Rihanna the fall girl. Shame on her camp, family and friends. Getting a BEAT DOWN and going back for more is sick, embarrasing and down right sad, I mean where does your self worth kick in? gezxzzzzz disgusted with them both. He's running around like its all good, insisting that Rihanna started it....STILL...that BEAT DOWN was out of order dude and I do hope you pay for that...then just maybe you will be forgiven

2054 days ago

Left broken wing    


2054 days ago

Left broken wing    


Nobody is bashing men.
We are bashing neanderthals and cannibals.

2054 days ago


I heard it was BEYAWNCE and her little sister SAWLANGE who were sex texting Chris Bobby Brown because they totally hate Rihanna....and BEYAWNCE thinks that Rihanna was going to replace her somehow.............either way tired of hearing about it...maybe Riwhatever should move back to where she is from so we dont hear about her anymore

2054 days ago

Left broken wing    

Maybe Tina is the one that bit Rihanna !

2054 days ago


your the same f..kers who say he should drop out and now he pull his self out. ur saying he is a spotlight attention seeker. leave him alone.

2054 days ago


If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken. Given the nature of the legal issues affecting Mr. Brown, Ms. Davis will not be making any further statements."

Ohhhh, how intimidating.

i agree with # 13.She's a molester.Guilty.and the truth will come out, lawyer or not.

2054 days ago
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