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Neverland Was Filled with Sculpted Boys

3/12/2009 9:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has fired off another legal attack in the hopes of keeping his personal creepy stuff from Neverland off of the auction block -- but these legal papers come fully equipped with an item-by-item breakdown of every bizarre, disturbing item on his property. Warning: It gets weird...

Michael Jackson -- launch docs
Here's a sample of some of the various works of art on the 2,952 item list: "boy with accordion," "boy sitting on bricks," "boy w/ baton and hat w/ feathers," "two boys on swing bar," "two boys with ladder," "boys sleeping on bench," " boys milking goat," "boy on a toy car with girl," "boy pulling, 2 boys on a bike," "boy lifting girl," "2 boys sitting on a sunflower," "little boy with turquoise overalls on a stand," "bronze boy and girl hugging," "bronze boy carrying a fruit basket," "boys catching fish." And it goes on and on and on and on ....

Jacko also has an item described as "child's upper body mannequin." In fact, he has two of those.

Check out the documents. Discuss among yourselves...


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While its creepy that he has lots of little boy statues... he also has lots of little girl statues..... The scariest part, he is a parent.

Neverland Ranch is a creepy creepy place.

2053 days ago


If you actually read, it is "Conductor Boy" and whatnot... in the train room... and there are also GIRLS as well... very misleading, trying to manipulate peoples minds to think the wrong idea...

2053 days ago


Boys milking goat? WTF? hahahahahahaha

2053 days ago


Those are some very beautiful sculptures
and there are boyr girls and over 2000 items

TMZ's Motives are very questionable _ looks
like they are trying to promote hate against MJ
2 bad 2 bad ...

There are 2 kinds of people in this world
MJ fans and loosers .. :)

KING OF POP Breaks more records
with the 02 Arena Concerts

The biggest audience ever to see an artist in one city.
The most amount of people to attend a series of arena shows.
The fastest selling ticket sales in history.

10 showss have been expanded to 50 shows due to
public demand for tickets. By the end of the 50 concerts,
over 1 million fans will have witnessed one of the greatest
musical events in history.

2053 days ago


theres lots of GIRL stuff too.. why just list the boy stuff

2053 days ago


Although it is kind of weird, I think it's just his own perception of himself... the boy that never wanted to grow up... plus he's dealing with child abuse issues that present themselves in this manner... For him, the ideal life would have been to have had a loving family, where he was loved and not beaten... So I say that this fascination is just a reflection of a lost little boy... all of the surgeries to become something that was far from what he was born... such is life.

2053 days ago


Nothing new here, what we all knew all along, he is a effing pedophile. Him and his melting jacked up face nauseates me.

2053 days ago


Even if the pedophile has no children, his home is usually child-friendly, with toys, books, video games, computers, bikes, swing sets, skateboards, rec room, pool, snacks - things to attract children to his home and keep them coming back. Usually the items reflect the preferred age of his victims.

NEVERLAND and the Amusement Park, Petting Zoo and Video Arcade was set up MANY MANY YEARS before he had his own children.

2053 days ago


Popular with both children and adults.

Appears to be trustworthy and respectable. Has good standing in the community.

2053 days ago


Finds different ways and places to be alone with children.

Are primarily (but not always) male, more religious than average, (JESUS Juice anyone) choose jobs allowing them greater access to children.

Hey, I'll think I'll oen up my own private Amusement Park and invite others to it.

2053 days ago


Don't you dare start this crap again TMZ! This is why he won't do shows in the U.S. anymore. Idiots! Leave him alone!

2053 days ago


Goes to great lengths to present him/herself as an exemplary person; developing a persona of goodness above reproach, thus thwarting any suspicion of wrongdoing —especially against a child, whom they have judicially professed great care and concern.

Michael Jackson is society’s emperor with no clothes.

2053 days ago


Well, there are tons of statues of girls and all kind of adults among Michael's possessions. But, of course, it is not that "sensational". It is very "surprising" and "shocking" that Michael had childrel-related statues in a ranch called "Neverland"

Now, Michael has currently two live boys -- his sons (and a daughter). Will TMZ just please jump off the bridge in the OMG-shock from that? :lol:


So, basically, it looks like Michael seeks about everything Juliens Auctions took out of Neverland? Thousands of items.

2053 days ago


Is usually non-violent and has few problems with the law (pedophiles are more often than not respected community members).

And Folks, There is a Difference between a Child Molestor and a Pedophile.

A Pedo doesn't always have to Molest children, but does think about it often.

2053 days ago


Pedophiles Like Child-like Activities:

He is often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities.

He will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptives like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated.

He has hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models.

A Lot of this has been curtailed since his last criminal case but he may be coming out of his self-imposed excile..

Come on kiddies, Join the fun at my upcoming concerts. We might be handing out some backstage passes.
We'll invite a few girls too, just to make them all happy and less suspicious.
It's been so long since I've been up close and personal with new boys.
I just need to pet your hair and have a photo taken with you.

All real innocent. (but helps the Bed Time Fantasies for me.)

2053 days ago
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