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OctoMom: Confessions of a Babyaholic

3/12/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention Target shoppers: There's a special on OctoMoms in aisle fourteen.

Nadya Suleman took time out from being on "Dr. Phil" to buy some diapers for her 47 children on Wednesday.

A mutha's work is never done.


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Like.. Can you all, PLEASE stop having stories of OctoMom! Let her 15 minutes of fame disappear quickly!

2014 days ago


Ok she just needs to stay out of the news! TMZ stop giving her attention. She is a disgusting human being and should not be in the spotlight for what she has done! I feel so sorry for her children and they should be taken away from her. We all need to stop giving her attention!!!!!!

2014 days ago


Why is it that she is always pictured without any of her kids. I had two kids and was barely able to go to the store by myself. If she's such a terrific mom shouldn't she be around her children!!

2014 days ago


"M" - I'm totally down with what you said.
"idaho potatoe" - Has anyone ever brought her race into question? Who cares what race, color or religion she is. SHE'S A WACK JOB!!! Why are you turning it into a race thing? Oh! You're one of THOSE PEOPLE. The ones that think EVERYTHING comes down to race and religion. A RACIST!!!! What I want to know is why doesn't anyone get a pic of her going to the hospital to see her children she's living off of?

2014 days ago


Shouldn't she be shopping at Sam's Club for all of those!?

2014 days ago


Leave her alone. People do care about her and her children are ready to help, are helping, and will continue to help. You "Pillow Biters" need to back off the story and let her be. What dotn you stick to worrying about Prop 8 so you can get back to trying to get married. You are the true waste of space, you need to look in the mirror stop spewing hate at her.

2014 days ago


ONCE again........NO CHILDREN WITH HER! She's on the phone and who has her children???

2014 days ago


@ Gina. Shouldn't you be standing on a street corner in high heels??

2014 days ago

wasting time    

Of course she's not shopping at Costco or purchasing in bulk. She has not concept of money. Besides, buying small packages of diapers takes more time, therefore more photo opportunities. She's not as stupid we think she is.

2014 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Where did she get those beaks?

2014 days ago


I just don't get it. I feel so sorry for those poor children who really are victims.

With her current income, will those of us working have money taken out of our check to support her ? Will she make enough money to disqualify her for welfare in its' various forms?

Our government guantees the pursuit of happiness. It does not say anything about housing, etc. Churches and volunteer organizations should bear the burden. We may see less irresponsibility in behavior and a more focussed work ethic if people did not see a free ride for a lifetime from the taxpapers.

Glad I do not live in California.

2014 days ago


Why isn't she buying diapers at a Costco or Sams Club or even Walmart? Unless she has come into some money, Target's diaper prices are way higher. I would think she would want to buy in bulk and buy at the lowest price she could find. Now, there are always two sides to every story, so perhaps, someone gave her a Target Gift Card and this is why she is buying the higher priced diapers at Target.

2014 days ago


WHY is ANYONE but CPS talking about her?? WHO CARES?? She isn't a celebrity, she's a nut who had kids she shouldn't have. SO WHAT!!

2014 days ago

Bite Me !    

What a free loading, Joker Ho's face, shameless Biocht

2014 days ago


She is so disgusting! Dr. Phil is telling his viewers to "Be American, and make donations to this woman", and I can't beleive that she actually think she deserves everything that is being handed to her!!! She walks around like she's a star (having her nails done, wearing $200 ballerina shoes, $200 sun glasses, nasty lip injections that make her look awful and a nose job that is going to look like Michael Jackson's in a few years) and it is hilarious that she can't buy her kids designer diapers cause she sure as hell is buying herself designer things these days... Somebody should seriously do something about this, her kids are in danger and it looks like Glorious Gloria Alred has cowered down from making things hard for Nadia Sulleman... Why do you think the house ($600,000 house in La Habra) was put into her crack pot father's name? Cause she doesn't want Medi-Cal coming after the house and putting a lien on it! She's a very crafty con artist and wants to continue to get California tax payers to foot all of her bills.... I think Gov, Arnold should look into this and FAST!!!

2014 days ago
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