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OctoMom's Massive Coverup

3/15/2009 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman did a lot more damage than we thought at the MAC cosmetic store. How's this taxpayers -- SHE BLEW MORE THAN A GRAND!


We reported she made a modest purchase during a recent trip to MAC. Turns out she returned to the scene of the crime for moisturizer, primer foundation, powder, blush, lip stick, lip liner, clear lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, face wash, brushes, makeup remover ... in the end, the total came to more than $1,000.

True ... she's making money hand over fist right now. The whole "rainy day" thing has clearly escaped her.

Someone remind this chick -- she has 14 kids. Then again, she's gotta look purdy for Dr. Phil.


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well, despite the media's efforts to make this woman look like a fool, a looser, a swindler, seems to me when i've seen her talk on interviews, she is managing to keep things in a good perspective considering all of her responsibilities. i doubt very seriously anyone at tmz could handle the pressures this woman is under any better than her.

she seems like a pretty strong person. i have no doubts though, if the media keep on with the negative campaign of this woman, something will give. she and her children will suffer the most. not tmz or the other negative media out there. can you not give this woman a little credit for trying to do the right things. guidance and help is what she needs. those innocent babies did not come into this world for no good reason. please give her and them a chance. she is young, she doesn't have a spouse, a helpmate, a husband and it seems like her own mother is angry at her, and she needs and deserves a little credit for trying to do the best she can. even with the nanny help, any mother would be weary as all get out from taking care of that many children on a daily basis. please find it in your hearts to help do something constructive for this woman and her children, besides throwing rocks at her every chance you get. we do not know what her education level is, or if she has a christian faith or not. she and those babies need our prayers most of all and for her to be able to succeed, not fail in her efforts to raise her children.

2046 days ago


Seriously TMZ, get over it. The more you splatter her face on here, the more infamous she is getting. You should take a trip down to the local Social Services office and see how many other people are scamming the system with their cars and rims and WIC coupons.

2046 days ago


Ok the pity train has just DERAILED!! She has a GRAND to spend on Mac make up? Ummmmmmmm some one wack this wack job over the head. SHE HAS BILLS!! HELLO 14 KIDS?? Um ya nice to let us know just how our tax dollars are being spent on this GHETTO chicks less then attractive face! Hay I only have 4 kids can I have a grand or more to spend on my face? Cheez what a chowderhound! I AM so sick of her!! PITY NO MORE!!!

2046 days ago


Look... this lady is a fraud, but more importantly, mentally unstable and when ALL those babies come home, all he@@ will break loose. Her 6 now are going to go the qualified professionals coming into her home will see what a lunatic she really is and report it to the state. You can't hide your crazy in your own home.

2046 days ago


Hey OCTO-MOM is making 1.6 to 1.9 MILLION in the next 6 should be saved for her kids, but you all know you would go out shopping too!

2046 days ago


This makes me so angry!!!!! I am a single mom of ONE child and have always worked to provide and eventhough I may have had that kind of money to spend on makeup I would have NEVER shown my child something so selfish and ridiculous as that when times are tough for our country and we have been SUPPORTING her!!!!!!

2046 days ago


You can thank all those that donated money to her!
This woman is playing everyone for fools and coming out looking like the stupid, selfish, reckless woman she is. How dare she go off on spending sprees when everyone is watching her. How dare she be allowed to use "public funds" to make such purchases in the first places. If she were smart, which we know she isn't, she would stay at home and mother her brood before the newborns arrive home. Once this happens I think all media should cease reporting about her and then perhaps she would stop acting like a fool!

2046 days ago


Geez, and her mother was just on tv claiming the public isnt sending her enough money for diapers and formula. Those babies need tp be put up for adoption!

2046 days ago


Ms. Suleman made the choice to have all 14 children without a husband. And why? What man in his right mind would put up with her antics? $1000 on make-up. I looked at a tube of L'Oreal lipgloss costing $8 the other day and walked away. I worked all my life, no government supplements and here we see a grifter of the highest spending $1000 on make-up. But I must congratulate Dr. Phil Blowhard...he said that after watching her on his show we would all change our minds concerning Ms. Suleman. He sure as hell changed my mind and I was already outraged by her. Ho'w it working for ya" Nadya? Pretty damn well it looks like...a $500,000 home which is being remodeled at no cost to her, 24 hour a day 7 day a week day care, expensive shoes and clothes.....all on a no job. And 14 kids. For those of you who think we are jealous...that is a crock! For those of you who have the nerve to call us haters...another crock. It is all very simple. She made the choice to have all these children. To fulfill a need she claims. I cannot even imagine what the hospital bills must be for the octuplets, much less the other 6 she already has. The majority of folks are damn near killing themselves to keep their homes and stay afloat in these terrible times and she is laughing her silly ass off on national TV, shopping and having the biggest meathead the world has known telling us we will think differently of her. All I see are 14 children who are doomed for a tragic life and millions of taxpayers being sucked dry because of #@!%^* like her. Damn right I am angry. Whether the children are removed from her care or should I say lack of care is not the question...they are doomed to begin with. i agree, within a year the house will be gone and she will have more babies on the way. Nadya Suleman is the Grifter of all times!

2046 days ago


TMZ, okay, this is gone too far. it's only speculation on your part. where's the receipt? the one with Nadya signature? why no picture of mom with a shopping bag with the so called items? you guys usually have a picture of the purchase with the subject out the door. oh wait, that's right. this information is heresay. Harvey, shame on you. a lawyer using heresay for news. really pushing it......

2046 days ago


Federal Agents are investigating Sulaman.

2046 days ago


Come people!!! You're surprised she bought make up for herself???? I'm still wondering when ABC is going to kick in and build this woman a house. This is the sad state of affairs we all live in. There are those who work and pay, wonder where their next meal is going to come from, worry about the bills and then trudge their a$$ back to work. Then there are those who work at nothing, get everything and when the $ runs out, get knocked up, recieve more $ and appeal to people's sense of charity.
You people that feel sorry for her should wake up to the fact that she INTENTIONALLY did this! She was even given a chance to correct things and she said NO! She went to a doctor had those eggs fertilized and implanted. She did this knowing that she didn't have enough to support them. She did this knowing she was on welfare. She didn't worry about it because she knew from seeing prior experiences that people would feel sorry for her and give her money!!! Why? Because everytime some woman has more than 4 babies at one time, they get donations and nurses and plenty of help to sustain them for the first few years. Some even get college scholarships! The more babies you have at one time the the more opportunities come your way. Wow, she has 14 now! CHA CHING!
I say cut off her welfare, make her pay those hospital bills and make her work like the rest of us...hope she gets a good job cause kids are expensive! I'm sure she has no idea how expensive because so far everyone else has been paying her bills. Including her mom who lost her home!
We're the dumb ones. She's actually very smart, look everything she thought would happen did and no matter how much we bitch and moan about it, nothing is going to change. She's still going to get deals, she's still going to get donations and the state will allow it to continue because the kids look healthy happy and fed. IF they decide to take the kids from her right now based on the fact that she may have used welfare money to fund her baby factory, it will become a public relations nightmare for them and they sure don't want that to happen. People like her get away with these things because people like us allow it.

2046 days ago

Thank Kate Gosselin!    

Thank the queen of greed, entitlement and child exploitation- KATE GOSSELIN for being such a roll model for all the lazy scam artists looking to fertility for multiple cash cows!

2046 days ago


I wonder if she paid cash or used a credit card?

If she used a credit card, what do you bet she stiffs the bank when the bill comes?

2046 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Okay, again, this woman has 14 children, who is taking care of them? If she wanted 14 children (and obviously she did), didn't she expect to take care of them? I just can't get over her actually having the time to go to the mall to shop for makeup, talk on the phone, shop for clothes, PUT ON MAKEUP, Okay, everybody who is reading this, stop for just a minutes and think: IF YOU HAD 14 CHILDREN ALL UNDER THE AGE OF 10, WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO BE SITTING AT YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW READING THIS OR WOULD YOU BE LISTENING TO AT LEAST ONE SCREAMING CHILD, NEEDING TO CHANGE AT LEAST ONE DIRTY DIAPER, CLEANING UP MESSES, ETC, ETC, ETC, AND SO ON AND SO ON AND SO ON..................................... When does she take care of her children???? You know, the ones she so desperately wanted and needed? This does not make sense to me. We all complain about the white, black, mexican, and other people in this country who sponge off the government but we keep letting it happen. Lets get rid of ALL people in office right now and replace them with 4 year terms for EVERYBODY in office. That way they may not be in "long enough to know the ropes" to get your community all they have in the past but they also won't be in there until they die. (IE: Ted Kennedy) Food stamps and WIC should only be available for 1 year maximum and only 2 times in your life. If you can't find a job in 1 year and get back on your feet then you need to change your way of living. If you have 4 children you should know you need the money to feed and clothe them. If you don't, grow a garden, learn to sew, and fend for them like people did in the old days. You know before you start popping out babies how much it cost to raise them. If you don't have a job then obviously you can't afford one. Wait until you can! I could rant on all day long about this but I don't have the strength to keep it up. I have a job and I need to get ready to work at it. I may just work at McDonalds and I may just clean the toilets, but I do my best and I raise my family. Now it is time for other people to do the same.

2046 days ago
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