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TMZ's Wastey Face Contest -- The Finalists!

3/15/2009 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These trashed treasures are going to wake-up with one hell of a hangover ... but the pay off could be well worth it!

Wastey Face : Launch Photos

The winner of the $250 Wastey Face Contest will be announced on Monday, hopefully the ca$h will be spent wisely -- HAPPY HOUR!

BTW -- If you think these pictures are bad, think about the ones we couldn't show you!


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how high do you have to be to be that wasted? what ever brand of alcohol she was drinking should give her a commercial .proving that buying that perticular brand of booze will surely get you plastered.
blame it on the henney
blame it on the al al al al al alcohol
blame it on the al al al al al al al

2026 days ago


thats what you call s^*tfaced. next time fall on your ass-sets its eazier to get up as^hole
plus your friend who took the picture should of caught you dumby

2026 days ago

ex lax    

the police pulled here over an told her to break dance out of the car an put her boobs on the ground! so she complied

2026 days ago

ex lax    

the pic ya cant see is what she had to blow on for her breathalyzer test!

2026 days ago


Okay, TMZ, the puke ones were 100% unnecessary. So utterly gross. Having said that...the rest are damn funny. The guy on the broken toilet is a classic. And for everyone getting all worked up - were you NEVER young once? I'm 42 with three kids, a happily married woman that rarely drinks nowadays...but all I can say is thank God there were no camera phones back in the day!

2026 days ago

Hugh Jass    

I like poster girl number 158.

2026 days ago



2025 days ago


SHAME ON YOU TMZ FOR GLORIFYING AND REWARDING "DRUNKENNESS" OR "DRINKING TO EXCESS"!!!!! Yet, you wonder why people are getting arrested to DUI and killing innocent people because they where DWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you teaching young people about alcohol to till they are drunk or past out due to intoxication???? ARE YOU TEACHING THE PUBLIC THAT IT IS "FUNNY" TO DRINK YOURSELF INTO A DRUNKEN-STUPPER??? ARE YOU TEACHING THAT YOU WILL GET "REWARDED" FOR THIS IMMATURE, RECKLESS AND SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR??? HARVEY, SHAME ON YOU! YOU'RE A LAWYER, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. ACT YOUR AGE! I'VE SEEN THE TMZ TV SHOW, YOU ACT LIVE A GIGGLY FRAT BOY AND I BET THAT YOU OVERINDULGE IN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN THAT CUP YOU'RE ALWAYS HOLDING. I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO A PSA (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNMENT), about the repercussions of over-drinking alcohol AND being legally intoxicated while operating ANY TYPE of vehicle. Even though the people in the photos you post aren't driving a vehicle, YOUR CONTEST IS STILL REWARDING EXCESSIVE DRINKING!!!!!!!!!! STOP THIS, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2025 days ago


Can't expect more from stupid white trash people...

2025 days ago

Buck Farack    

I hope all these people have been enrolled in rehab. Sorry, didn't find any of them "funny".

2025 days ago


Just goes to show that there is never a shortage of drunks and hoes

2025 days ago


ok..what a stupid stupid waste of my time...and I only went through about 20 pics....nothing funny here..just kinda pathetic....stupid people for doing stupid things, stupider TMZ for having such a stupid "contest" and stupidest ME for even spending one sscond on this

2025 days ago

Jet Baker    

Y'all look purdy. You should be proud. Ya got your pic on the internets on the TMZ where the famous peeps are. Email all yer buds. You're famous. (and pathetic drunks). Seriously instead of being proud, you might could be emarassed. I'm actually concerned. Ask yourself the hard questions. Do ya think ya might drink too much and maybe it's a problem? I have seen the light y'all. No booze for me. I only puff weed.

2025 days ago


To Emily, 11:04am on 3/14. You are piece of work. So you think only conservatives find most of these pictures revolting and should go back to Fox News? There are three Emilys so don't know which one you are but I am thinking the poster you attacked was right. Bet your parents are real proud you got your picture on the internet. And that your deployed husband was happy he had a drunk wife back home who doesn't have enough sense to put herself out like this to the public.

2025 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

Can anyone tell me if it's too late to submit a pic?

2025 days ago
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