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Jackie Mason -- How Dare You Say I'm Racist

3/16/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Jackie Mason was pissed Sunday as he left a gig in New Jersey, in the wake of criticism that he was wrong to have called President Barack Obama a "schwartza."

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TMZ posted a story yesterday about Mason's performance Thursday at Feinstein's at the Loews Regency in NYC. He referred to the Prez as a "schwartza" -- the literal translation in Yiddish is "Black" -- but some say it's a disparaging reference to African Americans, akin to the "N" word.

Mason repeated his frustration -- he believes "White people have no freedom of speech." He also says there's a complete double standard -- that Chris Rock can trash whites without apology or criticism.


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Hey, Im not a celebrity but I've got guts to. How is this for free speech: "Here is to old dude dying of a heart attack in hymietown, hopefully penniless after investing with typical greedy jew Madoff and getting cremated in an oven!"

1859 days ago


I usually don't agree with racism, but no one really knows what "version" of the word he meant to use. Also, GOOD POINT he makes about Chris Rock!! In my experience, pretty much most black comedians love to make fun of white people as if we are complete dorks and we never complain! Time to even the field!! If we cannot use certain words to describe other races, than neither can they!! No more making fun of "whitey"!! :)

1859 days ago


You've got to be kidding?
Could your comment be more condescending and racist? By the way, racism isn't only for non-blacks....blacks can also be racist against non-blacks..and it isn't called "reverse racism" either...that's a term the liberals (or an equally moronic group) made up to try and convince people it wasn't possible for people of color to be racist, before they coined the term. And who can't accept the "very shameful periods in our history"? Blacks are just as accountable as anyone else! Sounds like you're the epitome of an "angry black"!

1859 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ Bama Girl.

Not surprised at all that you are from Alabama after reading your comments. I can see that reading comprehension isn't your strong suit - so I will try to help you understand my post. I never said that blacks couldn't be racists. That is not the issue I was addressing. I was addressing one particular poster who stated that he could not be called racist because he has black friends - which is untrue.

Second - I NEVER use the term "reverse racism" and that phrase never appeared in my post, so I don't know why you are bringing that up. I'll just attribute that to the subpar public education you received in Alabama.

Can you explain "Blacks are just as accountable as anyone else." ? Not sure what you are referring to here either.

Honey, I am far from angry. Since the age of 24 I have been a practicing attorney, owned my own home and earned a six figure salary thanks to my own merit and NOT affirmative action. I have no reason to be angry. I am the American Dream. So deal with that! :)

1859 days ago


Mr. Mason is absolutely right, there is a TERRIBLE doouble standard.

1859 days ago


If blacks don't want the "N" word used then they should lead by example. Quit using it when you're talking amongst yourselves because you're just keeping each other "down". Quit putting it in your music and in your comedy shows. I personally don't use the word partly because I'm white and partly because it's not a very nice word. I will say, however, if the word is good enough for blacks to use then it's good enough for whites to use. You can't have a monopoly on a word people.
Interesting fact: Abraham Lincoln once said that blacks and whites would never be able to live together in harmony. He said that because of our cultural differences not because of hate. We just don't have anything in common with each other so it's easy to find the faults. I personally do not like the culture of many blacks. Nothing personal it's just something I don't agree with. I don't agree with (not all) their beliefs that they are African Americans. They are just plain ol'Americans. They weren't born there for one and if they did go back to the "Motherland" they would soon find out that MOST ALL Africans don't want black Americans identifying themselves as African. Besides that it further separates us as Americans when you try to put a "special label" on yourself. I don't like their music because most of it is violent and derogatory towards women. Now I have to give props to the pros like BB King and Chuck Berry and even Michael Jackson. When they got it they got it. I don't agree with the whole pants down around the azz thing either but that's just a fad for kids so I don't put much into that one.
So it's nothing personal because there are many black people in this country that do what is expected of them as Americans but there are others out there (just like white trash) that need to man up and quit being an embarrassment to your kind. Just like the guy who posted the message of owning a gun and wanting blacks to come out to the country. Yeah, you embarrass me.
Not trying to offend anyone...just my two cents for what it's worth.

1859 days ago


Logan......You have answered exactly as I anticipated . Your confirm, that which I have stated. I rest my case.

1859 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ Jodi. There are white comedians who make fun of Blacks. Louis C.K. springs to mind and he is freakin hilarious.

No one group in this country has the monopoly on ignorance and racism but pointing the finger isn't going to solve the problem. Only open and honest dialogue will allow us to heal.

@ Bama Girl - I think I understand your question now. My post didn't identify a particular group that needs to "accept and move on" because as I stated above - there are members of all ethnic groups in this country that are holding onto hatred and ideas of the past. The fact that you said "Blacks are just as accountable" speak to your own prejudgments about me and who I would be blaming. Think about that for a moment.

I think our society as a whole has to work to fix it. No one group can fix racism on its own.

And for the record, I don't think Mason is a racist even if he did mean the s-word in a negative way. I didn't hear him say it, so I don't know the context. But "a s-word" translates into "a black" and sounds funny to me.

I never ever heard Chris Rock call Bush a cracker. I call BS on that. If someone can post me a link to that show/article or whatever, I will stand corrected.

1859 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ Whatever.

In my humble opinion - You said a lot of good things in your post but I think that the whole problem is tolerance. I'm impressed that you have a definition of Black culture since we are so diverse within our own ethnic group that WE struggle to define it - but that is another topic for another day.

I don't think that you have to agree with what you perceive as Black culture to live in harmony with it. If the differences aren't hurting you (which I cannot imagine that they would), then you should just be able to accept them and move on/live your life - or at least - I would think you could do that.

I also don't understand the obsession with the term African American. Indulge me for a moment and accept that I am NOT playing the race card. :) Try to imagine that you only know your own lineage to your great grand parents and no further. Imagine that up until the 1960s you were by LAW a second class citizen. The term African American is not meant to separate us or make us something more OR less than American. It is SIMPLY an identification with a culture.

There are plenty of people (white and black) who believe that their heritage is one thing only to research it and find out that they are incorrect. Would my life change if I found out that my "people" are really from Cuba rather than Africa? No, because I have no real link with either. I consider myself American, but I also call myself Black or African American. I also feel that those who identify as African American do so because of our distinctly different history in this country. People of color - mostly from Africa- WERE the only group brought here as slaves as opposed to their white/immigrant counterparts. Identifying as African American is no different as identifying as Irish American or Italian American. Don't most people know or think they where they/their family are/is from in Europe/Wherever? Why is it so wrong for us? I really don't get it.

I would like for you to also think about the foundation of our country as well as how and why all these labels got started in the first place. I think we are ALL moving toward being inclusive/being ACCEPTED as Americans - but it doesn't happen over night.

1859 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Vita - you are so ignorant, honey. Black people don't need and do not make excuses - they are facts. Sad facts, but facts none the less. Racism is a problem in this country and it STARTED with slavery. That is why people bring it up. It started with slavery and continued into the 60s - which wasn't that long ago.

We have come along way, but we still have a little ways to go towards equality and unity. ALL of us. I cannot unite with you if I believe that based on the color of your skin that you are gonna be racist to me before you even open your mouth and you canont unite with me if you believe that based on the color of my skin I blame you for all of my problems in life (which I don't). :)

1859 days ago


Dwayne Mayor

Your post #145 was very interesting to me. I can logically see your reasoning and I have to admit that it makes perfect sense. What I want to know now though is when can we as Americans move forward? It seems to me that white Americans have put the issue of slavery in the past where it belongs but blacks hold onto it as leverage for todays problems. Are they justified in using racism as an excuse? I think so but how much longer can you use that? When will it be buried in the past and all of us move on with not only bettering our own lives but also looking out for our fellow Americans?

1859 days ago


You tell em Jackie! You're 100% right. It's about time someone said what we're all thinking!!!

1859 days ago

Junkyard Willie    

Jackie Mason Is Great! He is telling the truth about Obama!

1859 days ago


You've got to be kidding....

So, are you the official spokesperson for all things black? And what
does being from Alabama have to do with anything? You're talking out
of both sides of your mouth, my friend! So, you're better than me
because you're form New York? You sound pretty logical, and then you
say something like that!? You wouldn't be judging me, would you? That's certainly what it sounds like! All your time trying to articulate your
feelings was lost on that one statement. If you truly are as
accomplished as you claim to be, then you know the meaning of the
words, elitist and condescending! If not, look it up! People who
otherwise would have reflected on your comments, will think twice
once they see how condescending you are! Maybe you should think about
the way you present your argument. Insults are rarely a good way to
get your point across...but then you should have already known that.

1859 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

@ the use of the N Word. Don't understand the obsession here. Plenty of other ethnic groups use slurs within their own community and are not taken to task for it. Wanna talk double standards? Start there.

1859 days ago
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