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"Sober House" Star -- "I'm Not Sober!"

3/17/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Dr. Drew was gearing up to hit "Today" and "The View" this morning to pimp out his new book, one of his celebrity patients was recklessly falling off the wagon.

Mary Carey: Click to watch
"Sober House"-mate Mary Carey was so tanked, she was hardly able to stand outside the Key Club -- struggling to keep her eyes open, shouting maniacally, and of course, making out with her lady friend.

Unfortunately, it's more tragic than entertaining .. especially the part where Mary shouted "I'm not sober anymore, but I love Dr. Drew!"


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how sad    

Oh my god. :(

1974 days ago

how sad    

Geez, Brandi is acting like SUCH a toxic "friend." Relapses aren't funny. And to think I actually felt SORRY for Brandi after Lacey told her to go scream at people like a 2 year old and got her kicked off charm school.

Even completely f***d up at least Mary is 200 times prettier than Brandi. I have no idea how Brandi did porn anyway. EW

1974 days ago



2025 days ago


Her Lady friend is the chick from rock of love.hahahahahaha skanks!!!

2025 days ago

grossed out    

Is it me or when I look at this chick it has STD written all over her face. SKANK

2025 days ago


Wow all that hard work down the drain....I guess once the cameras are off of her, sobriety is impossible. This girl is a trainwreck...such beauty wasted.

2025 days ago


Wow , that is sad.. Why do these people waste time trying to get sober? That is the girl from Rock of Love, and if she hangs around her no wonder she is drunk again. Bimbo's, bimbo's, bimbo's...

2025 days ago

Jilly Willy    

I think the "other girl" in this video is Brandi from Rock of Love. EWWW.

2025 days ago


this prostitute shouldnt even be alive..if aids hadnt got her yet..eating up publicity instead of cleaning life up ..Its all choreographed... and stiupid American public falls for it every time..,.,.,.,.,.,..grooss va-jayjay by the way..just sayin

2025 days ago


I don't know. I am in my 30's, married, mother of 3 and sometimes I think I am missing out on what society has to offer. I don't go out at night, I do a lot of family stuff with my husband and young children. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out. Then I see a video like this one, with this woman who obviously has a ton of issues (sorry, no tv, so I don't watch her show) and she's plastered trying to get attention. She reminds me of when I was like 15 years old and hanging out in a parking lot with a 6 pack of very expensive beer because we had to bribe someone to get it. After seeing this really wrong display and waste of humanity I feel ,like I am not missing out on much. I wonder though, all of these people who are so drunk or stoned to do anything about themselves, what would they have become if they didn't get lured in by the booze or drugs? Would all of our lives have been much easier if someone like this chick, became her true self ?

2025 days ago


What a couple of heifers.

2025 days ago


Sad, very sad!!!!

TMZ, why oh why, do you allow this spam on your site? thedrunkcanuck..........................PLEASE!

2025 days ago


Wow....a slutty loser hanging out with another slutty loser...brandi C....wonder where Megan was....thats trying to continue her life of tanning, booze and being a trophy wife by stealing from the Osbournes....yeah, I know, I know a lot about these have to admit the skanks are entertainment and teaches how not to be a woman

2025 days ago

the short chick in the back    

That's just... disturbing. Its one thing to go out & have a couple of drinks. Its a whole other thing when youre outside yelling & falling down with your boobs hanging out & kissing Brandi C.

I watched the show & Im disappointed, but not surprised.

2025 days ago


she is so messed up. She'll be dead before too long.

2025 days ago
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