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Charles Manson

'Memba Him?!

3/19/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Manson is notorious for leading the depraved Manson family, who committed the heinous Tate/LaBianca murders in 1969. Guess what he looks like now.

Charles Manson


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Manson was convicted of conspiring to commit murder. That is fact. The others actually commited the murders. That is also fact. Why no one has truly done studies on his mind/brain is what I really wonder about. I'm not talking about doing interview & writing books about him...I mean thoroughly study him. He was able to use mind-control to make other human beings believe in him, follow him, trust him & carry out his beliefs/wishes. While they were definitely cruel & is still amazing to me how quickly people say things like "Oh he made people do things" did Jesus did did your did/do your teacher(s), minister/preacher/rabbi, employer(s), police, politicians, etc, etc.
I guess I just put a lil' more thought into comments and for those who are disgusted by this posting by TMZ...remember this...there are a few generations who don't know much about the man, if anything at all. Without something like this, those who were needlessly murdered are quickly forgotten and those who commited the murders (not Manson..those incarcerated family members...can you name them all?) are also quickly forgotten about.

2001 days ago


No Susan Atkins has not died - and I am not a fan of what happened 40 years ago, but since those murders think about all the others that have happened and how much worse they are and Charlie is still looked at as the most evil?? When he wasn't even there when the murders happened. He initialized the thought of them - - - the rest was up to the real killers and they are the guilty ones. Believe it or not Charlie has a lot of good in him too - just no one wants to see or hear it.

2000 days ago


Just a thought........
Roman Polanski may be a great director but as a person...that's a different story! He raped a 13 year old and thinks it's fine. He programmed his late wife, Sharon Tate, to believe open relationships, lying, drug use (even being pregnant) was fine... Sharon lost her self to another type of Manson; Roman. Then the Folgers.... devil worshippers...nice! They ended up paying millions as hush money when Abigal was killed. They didn't want the world to know their secrets. Jay & the others.... drug pushers, users... no morals. Manson had some dirt cleaned away by his kids. Not a huge loss if you ask me.

1995 days ago


yes set him free to live on an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by a electric fence in shark invested waters, with all of the child molesters and killers and he have some nerves wanting a black man to let him go free, his worse nightmare has come true helter skelter top to bottom side to side enjoy your life

1299 days ago
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