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Cops, Drunk Chicks ...and Taylor Hicks?!

3/19/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Craziness exploded in Hollywood last night -- and it all went down mere inches from our cameraman ... and some guy named Taylor Hicks.

Taylor Hicks: Click to watch
The drama started after Taylor's show at the Roxy -- which the "American Idol" WINNER(?) performed in front of an audience of people who got their tickets for free because nobody would pay actual money for them.

The cops came, the cops helped a drunk chick, and then the cops got back in their car, flipped on the sirens and chased after something else. It was super intense, but we only caught bits of it ... because, for some completely unknown reason, our guy thought keeping the camera on Taylor Hicks would provide better material.

Even Taylor Hicks knew Taylor Hicks couldn't compete with that.


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Milliann Johnson    

I watch TMZ, Because I only get one channel, I do enjoy the relationship between the staff, but DO NOT continue to slam Taylor. He is a Good Guy he is talented and if ya'll come South, we will show your staffer what a "Southern Thang" called the Woop Ass really is......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor was given the shaft by AI specifically Clive Davis, but he must have had an excellant "up bringing" cause he has handled it all with such grace and dignity, he puts all you haters to shame!!!!

1991 days ago



2044 days ago

Michael Madsen    

It's truly painful to witness such intolerable stupidity. I'm extremely intelligent, but even with my vast profundity of knowledge, I cannot begin to define how one continues to exist with so little intelligence - this person is no more evolved than a bi-valve.
My god.....

2044 days ago


This was really amusing. Taylor handled it very well- BETTER OFF KEEPIN IT REAL

Too bad I couldn't be so lucky to just see him on the street. Love the Alabama terminology.

2044 days ago


LMAO LMAO LMAO. Tooooo FUNNY. The get out free jail card. That is the only thing he said worth listening to. Police didn't want to deal with a heavy passed out woman but still being out like that could get her injured. Notice no one cared who Taylor Hicks was or even paid to see him. The ones that did and found out the tickets were free later must be mad.

2044 days ago


Face it TMZ you were his bitch that night when he killed you with kindness.

2044 days ago


And that whole TMZ thing is a bunch of crap. The two people in front of me had free tickets from that place. What was it, Goldstar or something like that? I played dumb while they explained to me how they got their free tickets. Well, turns out this is what this place does! They do it all the time! They have like 60 venues on their web site. The free tickets are very limited, so they run out fast, and then they ask the people who went to write a short review for them.

2044 days ago


LOL. You guys are funny but mistaken. Some friends of mine were there last night and they say it was an amazing concert. Free tickets are available for many concerts in limited supply. The fact that there was a full crowd on a Weds. night for a concert starting after 10:00 is amazing. He is a fantastic live performer and having a some of Eric Clapton's backup band is not too shabby either. If he's any where close to me I go.

2044 days ago


HAAAAAA...Hicks made you guys look like the a**holes you ae. don't you think you would know how Goldstar operates before you "report" on it. New found respect for Hicks...he handled this so cool..

2044 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Taylor Hicks rocks. He seems like a cool guy and it's even better that he is from Alabama! He was nice to you guys after all the crap you have been saying about him. Why do you guys have to slam almost everybody? I'd hate to see a camera on you guys 24/7 even at your worst times.. Taylor has more fans than TMZ. Most of his fans are too classy to write on your post.

2044 days ago


TMZ ---You are the epitome of total erroneous reporting and I wish there was someway I could shut down forever your character slamming and other insidiouis reporting of some of the finest people around. My husband has even remarked when he sees the "Harvey" face on tv, what a poor substitute for a reporter. It is beyond my comprehension why you continue to slam Taylor, who continues to bring joy into sooooo many lives. I am so incensed I am just shaking so I will close by saying, go back to Mars or wherever you came from and just leave us alone, the multitudes that are going "The Distance" and doing "What's Right is Right."

2044 days ago

what a joke    

Of course they have to give tickets away for free. Who in their right mind would pay to see him? Maybe they thought if they got drunk enough, he would actually sound good. Little did they know, there's not enough alcohol in the world to make that happen.

2044 days ago


he handed this with calmness and dignity, I'm betting he's seen worse than this. don't be hating because he didn't attack you like some psycho. i love Taylor. kbye.

2044 days ago


Taylor gave TMZ his best FU smile. Good for him.

2044 days ago

Karma baby    

TMZ is Taylor's bitch? HAHA, don't make me laugh. I would reserve the bitch comment for the very unusual relationship between Taylor and Bill, who is never more than two feet from Taylor's side. The left over, drunk fans look like typical Soul Patrollers, poor Taylor. When you sell your soul to the devil, sometimes he wants to dance. Too bad Taylor can't even get paid for it anymore.

2044 days ago
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