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Bush Would Have Been Skewered for Obama Joke

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama made fun of the handicapped last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He was making a joke about his bad bowling skills, but here's the question: If George W. Bush had said the same thing, would people be lashing out more? If so, why?

Barack Obama: Click to watch
By the way, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor from Michigan, has bowled three perfect games of 300. Yes he can!

UPDATE -- The Special Olympics has released this statement.


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All you people who are now slamming Obama, it was just a joke, get over it. If Bush had said it, you'd be saying the same thing, to lighten up. I hate when people compare democrats to repulicans on things that aren't important life changing issues.. We're all human so we all make mistakes. At least Obama didn't start a freaking unneccesary war.

2042 days ago


OneHungLow and Noboma...

I completely agree! Well said!

2042 days ago

Rich CT    

Its so blantantly obvious that the media is biased to the left!!! 68% of media people when polled said they were liberal!!! There is no honest and fair reporting anymore. these communists in the media got Obama elected and they will do evrything to keep him there and all his handouts to the lazy and useless! PS I am not a Republican, and I am not lazy enough to be a Democrat!!!

2042 days ago


All the people that want to make a big deal of this I would say, don't put so much sugar in your Kool-Aid. People try to use humor and sometimes it doesn't cut it. He wasn't trying to be mean nor belittle anyone, so it's the intent of someone that counts. President Obama is a man of integrity. You need to look at someone's character before you jump to conclusions.

2042 days ago


@ #55 Flyby
"Sad it has come to this, but the left set the standard on how to treat a President that you didn't vote for. "

This is so true. All those "informed" punk voters with their "Not my president" shirt that had a picture of Bush. I have really have nothing against Obama as a person, but I am gonna do exactly what they did to the last president.

2042 days ago


Why is he going on talk shows? I heard his wife went on Paula's Party. How much of my tax dollars are going into funding these trips to do these shows?

2042 days ago


As we struggle to keep our jobs....

Obama flew his wife to a private Valentine's dinner in Chicago and they are now appearing all over the media circuit!

Hmmmm... I wonder how many thousands of dollars each trip on Air Force One costs the taxpayers???

2042 days ago


i like his PROMISE to bring home the troops in 6 months when he was on the campaign trail, NOW its almost 2 years before thay start to come home!

2042 days ago


It's not just a joke. It's making fun of people's abilities, people who can help it.

2042 days ago

Mountains out of molehills    

Isn't Obama fortunate he has 2 perfect children? He owes us an apology!

2042 days ago


Give me a break, the 'Obama decepton'? You have to look it up and find it, and then think about it? With Bush it was so obvious & easy, all we had to do was read the news to know he was deceiving everyone! Give the new president a chance before you slam him, geeze.
BTW Obama IS being skewered for what he said on Leno, so don't worry, TMZ!

2042 days ago


i think the african americans who voted for him because HE WAS black, os not pissed off because now that he is in washington, he turned white!

2042 days ago


Obama is an idiot. He is still treating the presidency as if it is a game. He is spending massive amounts of money and in reality HE HAS NO CLUE about being president. He is abnoxious. It's gonna be a long 4 years.

2042 days ago



Give me ONE example of how Obama has shown that he has integrity? Just one! He is not a man of integrity...he did and said what he had to do to get where he is! You can't just say you have character and make it so...your character is how you live your life, the people you associate with, what you do when you think no one is watching.

2042 days ago


Bush and just about anyone else would've been crucified for saying the same thing....yet another example of the Media & general population giving Obama a pass.

2042 days ago
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