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OctoMom -- First Your Money, Now Your Man

3/21/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman flashed the press some shoulder during a trip to the mall in L.A. yesterday. Looking like she's shed more pounds, it seems like it's just a matter of time until Brad leaves Angelina.


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Come on you gotta agree she pops out the cutest kids.Shes getting hotter every week.Lets see 14 kids-food,schooling.clothes etc plus her needs ahhh forget it. Bill Gates couldnt afford her.

2011 days ago


Anyone who thinks she's not in it for the fame just needs to take a look at Radaronline video diary tape today. She's laying provocatively on the bed, answering the questions in a very flirty "I'm going to tell you about the dad - no I'm not, please beg me" way. It's a 150% tease, though she does slip and say he's in California, not American and is already a father.

She's very giggly, silly and flirty like she's really enjoying all of this attention she complains about.

She also said that if she could, she'd apologize to the father "FOR ALL OF THIS MESS." Bulletin!!!! These are children you created in a lab, not a mess.

She's really a 100% certifiable nutcase.

Exactly what I said would happen is happening -- she has all of the AIW help and has parked her fat @ss infront of the camera every day, is out and about shopping and making her public appearances and has AIW doing all of the dirty work involved.

She publically brags about the lecture she got from the hospital about the night the babies came home, YET NOTHING HAS CHANGED. CAMERAS ARE STILL IN HER HOME AND SHE'S STILL NOT TAKING CARE OF THE BABIES.

AIW will tire of this crap sooner than later and leave her out in the cold without her kids and without the free EVERYTHING she's getting.

2011 days ago


Looking good??

Betcha she has more rolls "down there" then the Michelin Man!!
Even with a C-section

2011 days ago


105. Her actions are one thing, but the hideous nature of the 'haters' who comment on every aspect of her being is another. Where's the love? Posted at 5:44PM on Mar 21st 2009 by peaceANDlove

Where's the love? Far far way from the crazy scamming OctoNut.

Every aspect of her is outrageous, disgusting, nauseaing and sickening. Every action she takes is breeding more hatred for her, so much so, that she's putting herself and her children in danger. She started off just irresponsible but her greed and addiction to the media and D-list fame is now endangering her children, which she obviously had only to exploit for money.

Unfortunately, it's going to take something tragic for the authorities to wake up and remove the children from her "care."

2011 days ago


See Octo's new video thing on Radar online, where she talks about the father of her litter. Does anybody else think she looks stoned?

2011 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Good point E Gwyn, and only about a handful of others, about how we should be more compassionate towards "Octo-Mom."

Nadya is a Mother and deserves more respect than what we all are showing her. Sure she lives her life like a circus freak, doesn't
work except for TV appearances, uses her defenseless children as media bait, knows how to fill out a state disability and assistance form, spends thousands of dollars on makeup (that won't make her any better looking) and is probably the most selfish and ungrateful person currently living on the planet (aside from Paris Hilton). But that doesn't keep her from being human and deserving of the proper recognition and designation as a super-baby-maker.

Since Nadya actually has FOURTEEN CHILDREN, we shouldn't give the other SIX KIDS a complex by using the moniker "Octo-Mom" and excluding them from their mother's insanity, I mean, brood. Please, let me be one of the first to make the announcement.



That's much more mathematically appropriate, 14 to be exact, and actually a somewhat regal super-baby-maker moniker.

Nadya should be proud...of something other than her uterus.

2011 days ago


Not all of those kids with Nadya are her own, only the one shown in the black t shirt is hers. They are probably her daughters friends.

2011 days ago


#91 Where did you see that???? Also The guy Denis that said he donated sperm and maybe the dad and he wan'ts a DNA to see if he is. Hee is also White and Black not African American. The kids come come out looking either way or a little of each. A lot of mixed kids get mistaken for Mexican all the time. I personally think the second child the girl and few others look very similar.

# 68 to yes you may have been able to take your new born out on the first day. Most parents do not for a few weeks or more and sometimes a couple months. But she could not do that as they are premature. She and everyone has to wash and use santizer before touching these premature babies. Also the Hospital did not want the babies exposed to other people as much as possib;e.

2011 days ago


MAD MAN where did you see that interview????

2011 days ago


Aimee Phillips, co-owner and president of Uptown Flooring and Design. Their Whittier business is donating vinyl flooring and carpets. She said McGraw approached her about the donation. When I ask McGraw what he is personally donating he said "My time". To reach Aimee, type in Uptown Flooring and Design at Google. She said as a good Christian, she will provide house painting, flooring and carpet for anyone in need.

2011 days ago


OMG. She looks like she is drunk or high or on some good pills on the new interview on Radar online. The interviewer probably drugged her to get her to talk or took advantage of what ever she is on to get her to talk while she was on it. Also what is up with him and her talking while she is on the bed? This is the 2nd or 3rd time she has done an interview laying on the beed sitting up a little. DANG. I know she said she missed men but, looks like her and him are getting a little cozy. Also she is starting to really open up to hi. Another thing is she always said she wouldn't tell who the dad was but today she gave a lot of huge clues, She doesn't lie well and you can tell when she says no comment that means yes that is the answer. She promised him she wouldn't tell and here she is saying he wasn't born here, he is not a civilian so he most be in the service and basicallysaid he is Mexican, then said he looks just like her son. If the father see's this he is going to get scared. She is letting to much out. She said before basically the dad is married and has kids and said again today he has kids. DID you hear the son asking what his name was? He want's to know too. If you are not going to tell your kids then don't tak about him in front of the kids.

2011 days ago



2011 days ago


I saw that interview at Radar. Please listen to the interview carefully and you will realize I am telling you the truth. She trys to skirt the issue of what country the father is from, but when pressed about him being Hispanic, she stops talking, and changes the subject.
I don't know what your asking me, but the sperm donor is Hispanic. Say what you want, but his identity will be revealed for the right PRICE.

2011 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Fraud Obama becomes Prez,
CEO's of failed banks becoming filthy rich,
Octomom getting away with flat out fraud,

Must be the decade of "getting away with it"

Either way, I don't think I'll be back for Octo until TMZ posts a mugshot

2011 days ago


108. Good point E Gwyn, and only about a handful of others, about how we should be more compassionate towards "Octo-Mom."...Nadya is a Mother and deserves more respect than what we all are showing her. Sure she lives her life like a circus freak...Posted at 6:12PM on Mar 21st 2009 by Miss Miss

You earn respect you don't expect or demand it. OctoSlut isn't earned anything but the bad name she's made for herself. SHE DESERVES NOTHING - EXCEPT TO BE SPIT ON AND SHUNNED FOR HER DISPICABLE BEHAVIOR AND ACTIONS.

What she really deserves is every for of disrespect and harrassment she is receiving, plus a lot more!!!!!

This entire saga is her creation. She wanted the fame and the money, now she has it, PLUS the harrassment and hatred.

2011 days ago
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