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Congressman Schock Can Sure Stomach It

3/23/2009 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So all this talk about Congressman Aaron Schock and his mystery abs ... well, the gentleman with the steel midsection from Illinois has the floor.

Aaron Schock

We raised the question who would win the 6-pack-O-Rama: The Prez or Schock. Debate closed.

By the way...the pic is not Photoshopped. It's the real deal. Photo was taken in 2007.


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You know, he looks MUCH younger in this photo vs. current, even for 2 years ago.

Fake or not, he looks better back in the day.

Congress ages you fast damn it!

1950 days ago

Mike M.    

Stand clear of Barney Frank, Congressman. I'm sure he's licking his lips over this picture. You whooooo!!!!!!!!!

1950 days ago


He looks like a goon

1950 days ago

Lovesick Billy    

Gay, photoshopped, and clearly packing some heft.

1950 days ago


#13. Jon said:
Gay men usually do take a great deal of pride in their appearance.

Obama takes a great deal of pride in his appearance. So, are you saying................??
Mar 29th 2009

1949 days ago

Joe Bellows    

He shaves the hair from his chest and stomach to show his pecs and abs better. Anyone with a brain can figure that out. He's got hairy legs, and his chest and stomach would be hairy too if he didn't shave them. He's showing off the body which he has a right to, he's worked for it. He won't get the gay vote or the straight friends and families of gays because of his anti-gay marriage stance. Peoria or not, times are changing and the republicans will have to come around. They can't keep acting like it's the 1950s and no one but white straight people have basic human rights. The photo is from 2007...Look at **** Chaney with a gay daughter, the mayor of San Diego was against gay marriage and then his Lesbian daughter came out. I can go on and about how many republicans and democrats have gay families and especially children who are gay. Wake up Schock, wake up American, wake up the world. Get your heads out of the sand and Mr. Schock stop using your "Good 'ole boy down to earth christian upbringing and morals" to hide behind as part of your campaign re-election platform and your quest for the Presidency.... No one believes it, no matter how many times you say it on camera or in print.

1486 days ago

Gator 76    

This guy is totally gay, and in denial. Another hypocritical repug. I don't find him buff at all. Obama wins hands down.

1486 days ago


As Margaret Cho would say, "You have to suck **** to have visible abdominal muscles." ;-)

1486 days ago


A closeted homosexual is one of the worst type of people to lead. He must be removed. The face on him is staged, the photo purposely put out no doubt to make all the girls swoon when the facts are the guy is a gay man who hates himself. He is an obstacle toward equality for all.

1486 days ago


Some conservative -- sitting pool side with a woman "bean bagging" his head. Perhaps someday we will that photo made in to stained glass in a church somewhere.

1485 days ago


humpy, but STILL a republican, no matter what---could be a real closet case.....anit-gay rhetoric and voting, but.....tortured?

1484 days ago


He most definitely is gay. You can take that to the bank. he's been seen in the bars.

1437 days ago


They're OK. I have just as nice at 47 and at 57. Let's see if he keeps them that long. I bet he doesn't ride a bicycle 200 miles a week to keep greenhouse gases from the environment like I did while working for 33 years(I've since retired) but STILL ride.

1181 days ago


I'm sorry, but the conservative American formula still remains:
HOT GUY + NOT MARRIED = Homosexual (which I think is great because he's a good looking guy!) Hopefully the next this this Poly-Sci guy is caught without a shirt on it's not from Craigslist - "Men Seeking " - NSA Personals Forum!

1176 days ago
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