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Octo 911: Get Out, Gloria Allred!

3/23/2009 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by OctoMom's nanny to try and remove Gloria Allred from the house.

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The call was made on March 17 -- the same day two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets came home.

Allred represents the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting -- which had offered to help Nadya care for the octuplets. Nadya fired them today. Coincidence?


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I think I see a pattern emerging....gloria allred gets thrown out, octolip's mother gets thrown out, aiw gets thrown out...guess Queen of Octoland wants to be the sole, sovereign ruler of her little chaotic, nitwit kingdom.....less prying eyes and ears who might relate things that shouldn't be occuring, or (perish the thought) comment on the way things are run....guess it's off with their heads time....wonder if California CPS will suffer the same fate....

2005 days ago

that's all    

Gloria alred is an old media whore, pro-aborthag, who represented horseface Amber Frey whom she represented to get publicity for herself and the ugly skinbag. She does not care about the eight babies only more media exposure, and as much as I dislike the crazy Octumom, I'm glad she had the old bag thrown out.

Ithink GA is a vampire that eats babies.

2005 days ago


Cuz we KNOW she can do this all on her OWN!

Sick @$#%^*&!

2005 days ago


Please take those kids away from that nut case. All the children are in danger.

2005 days ago


Do ya think Gloria Allred actually finally got enough sense to give Octomom a motherly scolding or two?

2005 days ago


If TMZ would stop chasing her around like she is a movie star maybe all the hoopla would stop. Quit giving her the attention!!!!

2005 days ago


Hellllllllo you fools who are dissing Gloria Allred..if it was not for her, Plunger Lips would not have round the clock care for her babies which is extremely expensive..instead of being grateful, the stunned b**** is playing the diva and running off everyone around her who does not agree with her or who exposes her as the NUTCASE she save your damn contempt for the true villain here: NADYA SULEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005 days ago


WHO CARES ABOUT THIS WOMAN....I mean serious. She popped out 8 kids and all of you suckers are posting stories about her so she can bleed the public dry. Seriously who cares.

I saw other stuff on this hefty woman at too.

2005 days ago


No worries Wyley..won't be long and that psychotic bitch will be making frantic 911 calls because she can't remember find one of the kids again.

CPS really needs to investigate this woman, and I mean fully investigate. If she made that many calls losing kids in the last year or so, WTF do they think is going on...obviously she's not watching them and the poor grandma can't keep up with all of them herself.

I just wonder how much is going to be enough before Cali CPS finally does something right by these children

2005 days ago

Steven Abdul    

"Makes me wish we could involuntarily spay someone. This freaky looking cheap ass Angelina Jolie knockoff needs her tubes ripped out and beaten with them." well said. First of all, there are a number of inconsistancies with OCTO-MOM since the 8 babies were born, such as if the dude on the birth cirtificate "David Solomon" is really the OCTO-DAD.
Regarding this issue, ok, I wouldn't want Gloria ALLRED, running my business either, but the NANNIES were FREE! You, the TAXPAYERS of CALIFORNIA, are paying for this fiasco! Why did she fire FREE NANNIES? She has OUT-OF-POCKET monies to hire her own? Probably her DAD's money, and didn't he file for BANKRUPTCY or was that her mom?

2005 days ago


Gloria Aldred??? At least have the courtesy to hire her daughter. MUCH better looking and presentable in front of the paps cameras. You know it. Haha.

2005 days ago


I wonder how it'll be before Michael Jackson offers to take her in...

2005 days ago

Crocodile Informanat    

It is insane that someone who chose to live with her parents for years and free load off them would FIRE nannies who are giving their time to children she has NO time for. The occasional hug and pat on the back is fine but all of these children need someone they can relate to for something. It sickens me that so many people want to know her story, she is ungrateful to her own parents so this just goes to show what type of children she will be raising. I pray someone steps into the picture and actually devote's time and attention to these kids who did not ask for a woman who thinks that $$$ solves everything. This is the type of parent that gets shot in their sleep because they raised a child selfishly and the child is only acting like the parent taught them. How the hell she thinks she will pull this off after admitting that LIFE is now hectic is beyond me, and she still have 4 babies in the hospital. Insane...that is what the state of California is for not stepping into the picture and taking the 6 others sooner after all the CPS were called before the octuplets made there apperance. I can only hope that grandma gets the break she needs and steps back into there life...that is the real mother and hero of the story. Octo-Greedy needs a big wake up call!

2005 days ago


i would like to know why octomom fire the nanny team!!? whats the scoop on that? HMM?

2005 days ago


Allred is a major media whore. Is there anyone that is in the media spotlight that she doesn't represent? I would have told her to leave too. She and that dumb ass bounty hunter Leonard Padilla love to pounce on the next hot story to get their faces on TV and in the paper.

2005 days ago
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