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Chris Brown Won't Hit Books at Norfolk State

3/24/2009 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownDespite his affinity for combat, Chris Brown won't be a Spartan anytime soon -- as in the kind who attend Norfolk State University.

Brown was spotted on the campus grounds in his home state of Virginia this weekend. But TMZ has confirmed Brown was only there as a "support factor" for his cousin, who is a prospective student.

Brown, his mother and his cousin spent their Saturday taking the First View campus tour -- a guided, private trek through the entire Norfolk campus, including the dorms, the offices and the classrooms.

We're told some people recognized Brown on the tour, but sources close to the situation tell us, "People know what's going on with him and they were not paying him much attention at all."

We're also told Brown has "not applied," has "not enrolled" and is "not interested" in attending NSU at this point.

Too bad ... dude has a lot to learn.


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@ 86. shawn O,

So you as a grown ass man want to continue crucifying a teenage boy?
Are you so perfect?

None of you care about Rihanna, you are just so bitter, evil, judgemental and twisted that you want to stone a teenage boy (he is a teenager) instead of hoping that he gets help, asks God for forgiveness and moves on with his life.

God is watching you and Karma is a bitch.

2037 days ago

Fyuk Yiu    

Seven reasons to believe CHRIS CLOWN is lying (One for every day of the week)

Mon.CHRIS CLOWN wears a Fake shiny smile every other pic.
Tues CHRIS CLOWN has the same dance on every dance.
Wed.. CHRIS CLOWN has NO MMA SKILLS, I thought he knew karate? Must be a Pink Belt.
Thur. CHRIS CLOWN has comment number 15 as a Fan!
Fri. The great TMZ pics.
Sat.The black eye on Rihanna.
Sun. If Oprah and Gayle don't like you then somethin' wrong baby.

CHRIS CLOWN is the New IKE TURNER. But What's Love got to do with it?
He's gonna hit the books alright!
TNOK Big Bad,California

2037 days ago

hate her    

All of you who refuse to befieve that Rihanna is the abusive one, I don't even care anymore. The report will truly tell the story. You people on here never even heard of Chris Brown before this incident. But the people who are familiar with Rihanna and Chris Brown know how jealous, possessive and violent she is and how kind and sweet he it. It doesn't matter what you think. There are only 88 comments on here, and most of them are from you few nuts who still believe in her.

Oh, there's another point. It's very strange that you people think that he left her for dead in a RESIDENTIAL AREA WHERE ANYONE COULD FIND HER!!!!

A few more points to add:
1. How could he think that she was dead if she was screaming like a fool?
2. How was she almost unconscious when she took the keys out of the ignition and sat on them?
3. If she was almost unconscious, then looks to me like he could have thrown her out of the car OR thrown her in the backseat, found his keys and rode off somewhere.

But no--She wasn't that incoherent, Not enough to let him get those keys--There would be none of that-because she was determined that he wouldn't answer that booty call!!!

The affadavit says that she pretended to call her assistant after he allegedly started punching her!!!!That makes no sense!!! A man who is punching you would knock the phone out of your hand dumbasses!!!!

Read the Affadavit on CNN (a reliable source) Look and that picture!!!Then sit and look stupid when you realize that the report she made is not consistent with the picture that we saw. And it doesn't matter when some other pictures were taken, what we saw is what her injuriea were!!!! There can't be any truth to this!!! Her nose should be broken, her jaw broken, her eyes swollen. You all just fell for the Okeydoke!!!!

2037 days ago


Chris Brown is a violent criminal who belongs in prison. Only the sort of enabler described in Columbine101: Lesson One would believe otherwise.

2037 days ago

shawn olsen    

By looking at the situation, What planet do you live on? Give me a break, maybe someone will beat you upside the head one day and you will know what it is like, you are pathetic, Brown is quilty.

2037 days ago


Just thinking, get over yourself nobody can clearly answer those questions but Rihanna and Chris. We are just receiving information ,we are not detectives ok. Everyone is in titled to their own opinions and so be it. He isn't as hopeless as you think , and he hasn't suffered anything yet so lets just wait. :::::Evil grin:::::

2037 days ago


WOW...I feel sorry for some women here...actually defending this animal. hopefully he'll end up with one of you dumb chickenheads who think just because he's "cute" and rich and famous that he is incapable of acting like the animal he has proven to be. maybe if you get your @sses beat and your faces punched you won't demand that THE VICTIM defend herself instead of the abusive animal who hit her. I'm so disgusted right now...WOW. I guess Rihanna should have shut up, gotten out of the car so HER MAN could go screw some low life skank and bring an STD home to her...HOW DARE SHE question him about his fidelity? doesn't she know that asking your boyfriend to be faithful warrants him kicking your face in? stupid girl. ***please not sarcasm, some women on here have lost their damn minds***

2037 days ago


I just have to comment...

I cannot believe the outpouring of support for a guy who beat up a little girl. People who are convinced she's lying...etc. Wow...

Guys who beat up women are the most pathetic worthless loosers...there is NO excuse. A real man would NEVER have to use physical violence on a worman for any reason at all. Seeing all you people support this guy just goes to show why women will stay in abusive relationships for so long. You want to believe in this image you have of him...and believe any POSSIBLE excuse...even if he hasn't offered it yet...but the fact is there are two types of guys....guys who will hit women...and guys who never will. This won't be the last time he's hauled behind bars for beating up a little girl. And it won't be the last time all you codependant looser types come out saying "But he couldn't have done anything wrong...he's such a good looking boy"

2037 days ago


Thanks let the truth set her free, I couldn't have said it better (post 88)

So you all want to continue crucifying a teenage boy?
Are you so perfect?

Instead of throwing stones and bashing a teenage boy, lets all hope that he gets help, asks God for forgiveness and moves on with his life.

2037 days ago

Had enough    

I am sick and tired of you people blaming Chris Brown for Rihanna's mess, she is a liar.that is the bottom line
so leave him alone and mine your bis.Tell TMZ to stop making up stories and pictures.

2037 days ago


You people won't be happy until this child kills himself or something, will you? I do not advocate hitting women, but there is a lot suspect in this story. How was he driving the car with one hand and kicking her a** with the other? Why she was looking at his text messages? How has she gotten into a new relationship already if she is supposed to have been so traumatized by her relationship and beating by Chris? I know women who have been true abuse victims, and women who have thrived off the attention they get from pushing a man to the point of hauling off and beating the bricks off them. I'm praying for both of them, that he gets himself together and gets the help he needs to control his temper, and that she matures and learns it's not cool to incite a man. All the women saying it's no excuse he shouldn't have hit her are probably the women who do all that fat-mouthing to men and hit t hem first. Oh, and by the way, I am a woman, a grown one at that so I am not one of these little teeny boppers in love with Chris Brown. I'm a woman who knows right is right.

2037 days ago



2037 days ago


If this was Justin Timbrlake doing this to Jessica Biel, the media would be saying that he needs therapy. The mediais so racist, making him into an image of an animal and her as a saint. I m sure that they NEVER loved each other. This relationship is over. Who will remember these two togther as a couple? NOBODY.

2037 days ago


There are some preachy people out here. The thing to remember about Chris AND Rhianna is that they are human. They are young adults evolving into more mature adults. They will learn or not learn from all the mistakes along the way. Individually they both have to be able to look in the mirror in the morning and confront the person staring back at them. This is nothing new, it has been like this since the beginning of time, and some of you should go back to your mirrors and look again.

There are MANY things that people can do that are deemed unacceptable behavior, and I am sure a lot of people who have posted here have done something in their lifetime that was not right. I don't know, and the reason I don't know is because WE do not have our lives lived in the public eye. I have a friend whose husband was an abuser, she forgave him, they went to counseling, and it never happened again. The outcome can be different for someone else based on THEIR actions and how THEY take responsibility for their actions. I can't judge because I would do one thing different. The wonderful world of message boards came about and people use it to pass moral judgments on others, which is not the worse thing. The worse thing about it is that they pass harsh moral judgment freely. When did word come down that anyone besides GOD can judge and determine who should get forgiven for their wrong doing? What site is that written on?

Chris and Rhianna have both had to learn, or I hope they did, a lesson about what can happen when you do something without thinking. For them the reality is that when they do something deemed unacceptable, it isn't between them and GOD but apparently it is between The World, Them and then GOD based on all the judgments coming from people who are no more human or better than anyone else. And for the record I do not believe in domestic violence but I do believe in the First Amendment giving all of us the right to free speech. I just watch what I say and think others should do the same.

2037 days ago


not judging using the discerning spirit we were all given....

judgments coming from people who are no more human or better than anyone else. And for the record I do not believe in domestic violence but I do believe in the First Amendment giving all of us the right to free speech. I just watch what I say and think others should do the same.

Posted at 9:11PM on Mar 24th 2009 by MommyFrazzled
I rather someone scream for help if they saw me getting hit by an abusive person! get your head out of the sand, and quit handing out flowers at the airports...

2037 days ago
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