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Jacko Faces the Cameras, Turns Kid Blue

3/24/2009 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unmasked and flashing the remainder of his reassembled parts, former King of Pop Michael Jackson left his home away from home -- a Beverly Hills medical building -- shielding one of his doomed kids with a surgical cap on Monday.

For safety, the 50-year-old held on to his child with his human hand.


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Give me a break    

Are you sure this isn't his wax figure??? lmao

2009 days ago


Poor kids. Whis guy is really weird. Even weirder than the fools who keep writing "First!" on blogsites.

2009 days ago


That's a sick thing to do to your child!! How does he get away with this kind of abuse? Enough!!

2009 days ago


Im not going to follow the typical white evil that manifest itself when talking about MJ. What i will remind the readers is that TMZ and other Jewish owned media outlets have been saying MJ has been broke for the last 20 years. Enough that naive white people actually believe it. You know, if you say something over and over stupid people start to feel that its true. But MJ has/had a skin disease and white people that spend money tanning all year round still finds time to pick on his skin disease.

Here is the crux of all of this. MJ has more money than Woody Allen who married his daughter and TMZ still finds time to trick you into thinking he is broke, he turned white with drugs and he is molesting kids. The devil is really powerful!

2009 days ago

Papa Bear    

You can tell so much by subtle signs. Look at how MJ is "holding" that kid's hand. Actually holding it so that his skin doesn't touch the kid's skin. There is NO feeling what so ever between them. The child's hand is empty...MJ is just putting his hand on the child to lead him away from the PAPS..A real and caring parent would be actually HOLDING the child's hand..not placing a hand over the jacket part of where it's touching the arm. MJ can dictate what those kids say now....but wait until they become adults...they will tell the world how it really was...and I"m sure it goes beyond "odd"/ MJ took his daughter from the vagina 20 seconds after she was born...put her in a towel and rushed her to his waiting car outside and took her home. The kid was on it's way home while the mom was still being stitched up! Doesn't anyone find this strange or inappropriate? The doctor only had time enough to say she had a healthy heart beat before he took her away..blood and stuff still all over her. Someone needs to step in and save those poor's so sad what he must do to them .

2009 days ago


if someone today saw a man with a child with a lunch lady cap covering the damn kids face, CPS would be called in an instant. He's a weirdo and I do not understand how he hasn't had those children taken away. not to mention the claims of sexual abuse. Odd.

2009 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Jacko is as crazy as OctoMom. What a couple of lunatics. They should both be institualized. Hope Jacko was serious when he said he would retire after his concerts in London. He doesn't have enough fans in the USA to fill even one concert. As far as OctoMom is concerned, she is a hideous human being. She should cover her face with a veil like other Muslim women.

2009 days ago


Quetou...racist much? Good lord. Must be tough walking around upright with that big old chip on your shoulder.

2009 days ago

mellon bruse N    

TMZ is just crying because DARKMAN won`t hold thier hand.*note it isn`t holding his kid`s bleep bleep LIKE TMZ keeps saying over and over and over.

2009 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

There is no denying that the Jackson clan is messed up. Joe Jackson was - at the very least - a bully with his kids. Most accounts say he was abusive. Also, there are no Mensa members in that family. Just listen to some of them talk in interviews. You can hear the little hamsters running on the wheels in their heads. Then there is the plastic surgery, the weird decisions, the dodgy talent .

Yeah, I said it. The Jacksons are not all that talented. Janet and Michael are the only ones of note. She has a really weak voice and no sense to cover it via engineering and production. He is nowhere near as remarkable as people have fooled themselves into thinking. Prince is much more talented and noteworthy.

Those poor kids. Nature or nurture, they are doomed either way.

2009 days ago


Actually, when these kids grow up they will only have good words to say about their dad! Unlike what some know-it-all readers and Pandoras prpphesize here! And good for him for masking the kids in public places! With other celebs their faces would be blurred, but not with Jackson's kids! Double standards of course.

2009 days ago

Thinking out loud    

TMZ...say what you will about Michael Jackson but have you stopped to contemplate that perhaps he's shielding them from you? Who wouldn't go a little bit off the deep end if they were hounded by folks like you day in and day out? Hmmm...perhaps the child might not be "doomed" as you say if by some miracle you and your photographers left him alone?

2009 days ago


anybody notice that Micheal's skin is (sorta) white and the kid is yellow?

2009 days ago


I just wonder how he explains these things to the kids. "You are going to walk out of the building with a surgical cap over yoyr face, but don't worry, Daddy will guide you! If you are lucky, I won't hang you over a balconey!" It makes me wonder though if the kid was getting plastic surgery on his face, Usually Michael has all three kids and he just puts hats and sunglasses on them.

2009 days ago


I just love it when people pity celeb kids... not just Jackson's but in general. From the Beckhams to Tom Cruise's. What poor kids? I think they will be more balanced and happy than many kids around the world! Btw, there's a reason MJ's kids are covered in public, they have received lots of death threats and kidnapping threats constantly in the past.
And what "subtle signs"?? Give me a break!! Some experts we've got here! Haha!

2009 days ago
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